Kempler & Strauss W PhoneWatch 1

Kempler & Strauss W PhoneWatch


Kempler & Strauss W PhoneWatch
Finally a solution to the phone watch is here. And I am happy to report that its thorough. This cost effective set rings up at a scant $200. But good luck finding one. This tri-band GSM kit comes with a bluetooth headset, touchscreen watch, microSD, and camera. Impressed? Me too. Way to go Kempler & Strauss, the W PhoneWatch is the solutions we have expected plus more.

Main Type: SmartWatches
Features: Bluetooth
Technologies: Display
Tags: SmartWatch

// Kempler & Strauss Company Profile

Kempler & Strauss is a new company paving the way in the design and manufacturing of innovative mobile devices and wireless technology products. Inventables is a hyper creative company from Chicago that tracks little known materials and technologies and develops concept designs around them. – View Profile

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