HP and Gilt Groupe show stylish smartwatch 1

HP and Gilt Groupe show stylish smartwatch


Computing powerhouse Hewlett Packard has partnered with online luxury shopping platform Gilt and designer Michael Bastian to create a luxury smart watch.

In a press release, Gilt has intimated that the watch will be able to display information about the weather, stocks, and sports in addition to pushing calendar reminders, showing text messages, and controlling music on smartphones.In addition to its technological capabilities, the watch will offer a 44mm stainless steel water-resistant design with three interchangeable watchbands in sleek black rubber, perforated brown leather, and olive green nylon.

The new watch is slated to launch in late autumn 2014.

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HP is a computer company that was started in 1939, and is currently based in California. HP aims to provide products that are innovative and interesting in the markets that it serves. HP is known in the wearable technology market for their watch prototype. – View Profile

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