HP shows off long-awaited Metal Watch concept 1

HP shows off long-awaited Metal Watch concept


HP shows off long-awaited Metal Watch concept 2

Last year, HP’s Phil McKinney showed off a teaser photo of the company’s upcoming metal watch design. Well, the watch is still technically “vaporware” but the fancy timepiece now has a video to go along with the teaser image.

This metal watch is an innovative design that, apart from being made out of metal(thus the name), is also an always-on connected device. This means it is mere nanoseconds away from interacting with your mobile phone, your laptop or just about anything else in your life.

The company insists it is just a research project, however the release of this concept video indicates it may be getting more serious about a consumer release. More on this as it develops.

Features: Bluetooth

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HP is a computer company that was started in 1939, and is currently based in California. HP aims to provide products that are innovative and interesting in the markets that it serves. HP is known in the wearable technology market for their watch prototype. – View Profile

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