This Magical Watch Never Has to be Set(Also Costs $10,000)


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You know what is annoying? Wearing a fancy watch, only having the battery die a few years down the line, thus rendering your watch unable to maintain its primary function(until you replace the battery, which is no big deal really.) In any event, that really grapes my graw(?!) What the bigwigs over there in watch land really need to do is design a watch that never, ever has to have the time reset. It’ll maintain perfect time forever, or until such a time when time is no longer a concept we participate in anymore. I’ll pay any amount! Even $10,000 or more for special editions! Wait, what is that you say? I can do just that? Well then.

VCXO, a speciality watch manufacturer in Switzerland, have just unveiled their newest creation, a magnificent timepiece that ties the time to a GPS button. All you have to do is push this magic button and the time will automatically set to wherever you are currently located. It might get tricky if you are actually standing with one leg in two time zones, but hey they can’t account for that kind of tomfoolery.

As stated earlier, to get your hands on the stainless steel version of this watch you are gonna need to cough up a whopping $10,000. Have even more money than that laying around taking up space in your Scrooge McDuck treasure vault? You can also nab a black ceramic version for $12,000 and a limited edition version for the astounding price of $45,000. Hey, also, you could just get a digital phone or watch that also has access to GPS technology and save yourself $9,500.

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