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8 Reviews for Timex Women’s Metropolitan R

  1. Shari G.

    love this watch brand new series got to love a actual watch brand making a good solid smart watch.For elderly that are not tech savvy this is perfect its not as sophisticated as a Apple watch in its navigation this is more like a everyones watch the OS is super simple pretty to look at and if my 90 year old grandmother can use this SO CAN YOU!You can disable all notifications to make this less intrusive +battery life increased. For elderly you want a smartwatch that tells you your heart rate sleep tracking nothing will make you confused is so simple to control!

  2. Check

    The Timex Metropolitan R AMOLED Smartwatch with GPS & Heart Rate 42mm – Rose Gold-Tone with Blush Silicone strap is a beautiful, feminine smart watch with great functionality for athletic activities. As a distance runner, I’m very familiar with GPS watches, and have owned several Garmin devices, and also a Fitbit, but this is my first time using a Timex smart watch.SET UP: Out of the box, this watch was half charged, and ready to set up straight away. I had to download the Timex Smart Watch app, and create an account. Since I chose to use my Google account to log in, I also had to connect it to the Google Fit app. There are other methods of logging in and creating accounts on the Timex app that don’t require syncing to the Google Fit app. With my Garmin watches, it’s always been possible to take the device out of the box and use it for a workout right away, without any set up required (optional to later connect the watches to an app.) Unfortunately, not the case with the Timex. This watch wouldn’t let me advance past the set up screen without connecting it to my phone using bluetooth, so don’t expect to be able to use it as a regular watch unless you’re prepared to first go through the set up stages (which only took about ten minutes total, including when the watch had to download some updates to get itself current and ready to use.)FEATURES: The Timex Metropolitan R is packed with useful features. Keyword: useful. Not so many features that it becomes complicated to use, but just enough to give me all of the information I could want and need. I can check the weather forecasts for my local location, track my workouts and steps, receive phone notifications (like text messages), and even change the song on whatever music I have playing on my paired phone at the time. This is a really great watch that has everything I need available conveniently at my wrist, which is great when I’m out on a run and don’t want to pull my phone out of my zipper pocket.DISPLAY: The display is great. I have to say, it’s the best I’ve experienced so far. The screen is full colour, and has strong contrast so that I can read it in a variety of light conditions, including sunlight outside while on a run. The running workout screen itself is laid out incredibly well, with time, distance, pace, and heart rate available all on one screen, labelled and in an easy to read font. This is a welcome upgrade from my Garmin Forerunner 35, which was a cheaper watch model that showed numbers in different positions on multiple screens in run mode, without units or labeling (I had to memorize which numbers meant what as far as different paces, distances, etc.) The main watch face can be customized in the settings to show two different views (the one shown in the main product photo is one option, and the other option is the watch face displayed in the product photos for the men’s version of this watch- the one with the brown straps that shows three small dials in the centre of the watch face.)Overall, this is a really good smart watch for the price point, and it’s great for runners. I think it’s beautiful to wear day to day as well. A good cross between an attractive casual watch, and an athletic watch. The one drawback for me personally is that I am so used to syncing my data and records on other apps, and I like to track my progress over time. When starting out with a brand new watch like this one that has its own separate app, it’s like starting from scratch. If there were one athletic app that could sync to every watch on the market, then I’d be more than happy with this watch. If you don’t care about that kind of thing and aren’t already glued to any apps that are provided by other companies and their devices, then I would definitely recommend this Timex watch and the Timex app. I think the price point is really good for what you get. This is a high quality product that looks great and performs beautifully.

  3. Oswaldo

    The one thing my girlfriend complained about was that on days where she put on her watch later on in the day, it did not sync up her steps from her health app on I phone onto the watch. She went through the Timex app to sync it, & once synced, nothing was updated. She makes sure to wear it as soon as she wakes up in order to make sure that the steps are counted for that day.Besides that issue of not having the health app and Timex app synced, she loves the watch. She loves seeing the blue circle around the watch screen and trying to get it filled each day. In the app, you can set an exact amount for the step goal. Default was 4K, she changed it to 5k. (Blue circle represents steps taken that day- red is calories).She also has an alarm for when she has to take her meds. Often she doesn’t have her phone on her, so the watch is a good way for her to remember in the middle of the day. This is also beneficial for text messages. She often does not carry her phone on her because she either has no pockets or her pockets are too small. With the watch, even if her phone is far away, she will be notified of the text on her watch. She may not respond right away, but at least she sees it.She tested out the battery life. It lasted around 3-3.5 weeks on one charge. She likes that the watch screen only activated when she brings her wrist up. You can have it set to 24-7, but it would drain the battery faster (she hasn’t tested it yet, but is not interested in having the watch on 24-7). The watch will let you know when it is low on battery, so be mindful and charge it every couple weeks.She had never worn watched before, but she was very happy with this one. The interface is easy to use after messing around with all the functions. Also, it takes about 20 seconds for it to read heart rate & you do not have to have the watch on super tight for it to work (lesson learned).NOTE: if you set an alarm, you have to hold one of the 2 buttons down for almost 5 seconds. She thought clicking it once would deactivate it, and the watch vibrated every 10 minutes for an hour and a half for the first few days. She was livid (funny) until she realized that the buttons must be held down for a long time to deactivate the alarm.

  4. Ron Ruybal

    I’ve had an Apple Watch for 3 years and wanted something different. This watch isn’t as “high tech” as the Apple Watch, but does what I need/used the most…receiving notifications (although can’t respond) and fitness tracking. Love the look of it.

  5. jeskalrn

    low battery life

  6. Oswaldo

    It takes a licking but keeps on ticking!

  7. FemaleJaysFan

    I really liked this watch but have returned it. I could not get email alerts to connect. I went back to my normal timex watch. I don’t like being told to get off my butt all the time nor do I need all the notifications. This watch is excellent for the price but I don’t need a smart watch.

  8. 7

    This would not show my text messages, it did not work as I expected so we returned it

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Timex Women’s Metropolitan R

Timex Women's Metropolitan R watch: fashion-forward, versatile, functional.

Stylish Timex smartwatch with second time zone and countdown timer. Water-resistant and durable.

- Stylish design
- Water resistant
- Easy to read


- Limited features
- Not very durable
- Small display



in stock


Upgrade your lifestyle with the Timex Metropolitan R AMOLED Smartwatch

The Timex Metropolitan R AMOLED Smartwatch with GPS & Heart Rate 42mm – Rose Gold-Tone with Blush Silicone Strap is a must-have for those with a busy lifestyle. With a battery life of up to 12 days, this smartwatch is designed to fit your needs. The AMOLED display is customizable with over 25+ dial designs, making it easy to personalize your watch.

This smartwatch includes 24/7 activity and sleep tracking, on-board GPS, and an optical heart rate sensor. The watch also features notifications for SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Email, music control, phone finder, and over 25 watch faces to choose from. The blush silicone strap has Quick Release spring bars, while the aluminum alloy case has Gorilla Glass and a pink ceramic top ring.



  • Sleek and stylish analog watch
  • Rose gold-tone case
  • Black dial with black leather strap
  • 36mm case size
  • Second time zone
  • 24-hour countdown timer
  • Second hand
  • Water-resistant
  • Indiglo night light feature
  • Durable quartz movement
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Versatile timepiece
  • Sophisticated and convenient
  • // SPECS

    Department: Womens
    Origin Country: China
    Model #: TW5M43000
    Timex Women’s Metropolitan R
    released on March 20, 2020

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    TIMEX Metropolitan R 42mm Smartwatch Pink Silicone Strap Women's Watch TW5M43000
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    Timex Metropolitan R AMOLED Smartwatch with GPS & Heart Rate 42mm – Rose Gold-Tone with Blush...
    Timex Metropolitan R AMOLED Smartwatch...
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    The Timex Women's Metropolitan R is a sleek and stylish analog watch that is designed to fit modern women who are always on the go. It features a rose gold-tone case that is beautifully paired with a black dial and a black leather strap that complements any outfit. The watch has a 36mm case size and is perfect for individuals with small to medium-sized wrists. The Metropolitan R boasts of advanced features such as a second time zone, a 24-hour countdown timer, and a second hand, which helps the user keep track of their daily activities effectively. The watch is also water-resistant, allowing the wearer to splash around without worrying about damaging the watch. The Indiglo night light feature allows the user to read the time, even in low-light conditions. The watch uses a durable quartz movement, and it comes with replaceable batteries that can last for years. The Timex Women's Metropolitan R is a versatile timepiece that offers sophistication and convenience for the fashion-forward woman who values both reliability and elegance in her accessories.

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    Timex is a clock and watch company that was started in 1854 as Waterbury Clock Company. Timex is known for creating a number of classy yet affordable clocks, and they are known in wearable technology for their watches, especially their GPS watches. – View Profile

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