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  1. Wendy

    T23 smartwatch reviewThis smart watch is sensors and features packed for a low cost.I only have iOS 14.x running on my iPhone and iPad. Initially FitCloudPro doesn’t work with iOS 14.x. A few days later, I found out it has a fix and setting it up is easy and straightforward.Pro –Appearance – nice looking, light weight with large display.Comfort – the band is soft, smooth and comfortable. feel more like silicone than TPU,Battery – decent battery and charged fastCharger – I like the small magnet charging connector. Very small footprint.Waterproof – nice one, even Apple Watch is not waterproof.Display – large clear display, touch screen is very responsive even with original package plastic film on it.Sensors – measures HR, BO, BP, temperatureUsability – straightforward and intuitive. Just try different gestures to navigate. After all with touch display besides swiping up, down, left, right and press-hold, what else can you do?Sleep tracking – a nice touch to show deep and light sleep.Price – Price is good with all the features.There are many other features like activity tracking, reminders (drinking water, standing up), alerts, playing music, take photos and etc. are all nice and convenient.Con –BP accuracy – may not be accurate which is completely understandable. Even the over $400 Omron BP watch is not accurate. I had only compared a couple of times with Omron wrist and Omron arm BP. It’s about 10 points lower. I haven’t done enough sampling to confirm the difference is constant. Some other smartwatches allow calibration (enter a reference measurement) to get more accurate measurements.Improvements –Firmware –Battery usage – add % besides the usage bar.FitCloudPro –Data usage – Since this smartwatch is equipped with a few sensors, a lot of data collected can be utilized. Or exported and shared by other apps. HR and BO data can be used to do AFIB and sleep apnea analysis. There are some potentials here.Watchface – kind of limited. Only 1 digital watch face available. It seems additional watch faces can be added but no instruction on how.Overall it’s a nice watch with great value.

  2. ts320

    Maybe my bad got it Monday and charged it , Wednesday charged it turned off notifications and sound set 1 alarm with vibration, Friday night recharging again will now turn off push notifications and see how it goes

  3. TooHonestForSensitivityFilter

    I kind of love this watch. It has all of the features I wanted: blood pressure, body temperature, pulse ox and heart rate. It also does fitness tracking and sleep monitoring. It is also cheaper and easier to carry around than I would be a blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, and thermometer. This is not a high-end watch. It’s display is not stunning but it’s sensors seem pretty on point compared with my other health data collection tools. The watch and the app work well together.The failure of this watch is the backend of the app. The fitcloudpro app will not sync all the data it collects with Google fit. leaving all the data the watch collects floating in the ether of the fitcloudpro app which I cannot get out and I cannot download in a CVV file. I could manually record all the data but, again, that’s why I bought a fitness tracker. I also wish that the app can only support one device.This watch has every feature I wanted except it is enormous. I have purchased some of their other items. The watch face is so large, it looks foolish on my wrist, I ended up getting an extra long band and putting it around my ankle.I’m absurdly pale with translucent skin, I do not know how the sensors work on more melanayed skin, or less translucent skin. But skin is a thing.I will report back on its status as IP67, waterproof rating. (update, did not get tested beyond a shower but still working post)The battery life is great, I do not have messages or notifications coming through my phone on the device, one day leaves about 80% of the charge. I saw a complaint that this watch does not monitor blood pressure continuously. It most certainly does not, but there is no way to continuously monitor blood pressure, numbers would be seriously skewed if you tried. A BP check and other individual checks like heart rate, pulse, ox and temperature can be initiatated individually on the watch and the app. You can also initiate each individual test on the app or all of the tests at once on the app. (it takes about 60 seconds to populate all the fields)This really is a very no frills device with a lot of great sensors. It’s biggest failure is connectivity to Google fit and inability to customize the display. as I stated, I wear it on my ankle, but the watch faces available are abysmal. 90% of them are faux analog with no data points such as heart rate or steps displayed. Only the ugliest of dials have digital display time, 2-3 offer heart rate and step count. The customizable face is a little laughable as you can choose your own picture and then decide where on the face the digital time will go, but you cannot add any additional data to the customizable face.really? what this all means is that this watch doesn’t even need a face. It would probably be better without it. it’s ugly. it looks cheap. but it’s sensors are on point and to make it work at all you need to have the connectivity of the app.I also ordered the morepro watch that is similar to this one except it does not take temperature. It also uses the fitcloudpro app but the watch is significantly heavier. I’ll review that one next.I have not taken the screen protector film off the face yet. Pictures would have helped me, so hopefully my pictures help you. I want to see watch backs as I have skin allergies to some plastics and most metals. I have trialed this watch for 3 days with no allergic reaction during the summer. I’m impressed. (2 weeks, still not allergic!)( I was not paid for this review but I’m guessing you can tell that just by reading)edit 6/15I have almost drained battery, and now the watch will not charge. I have cleaned the connections with rubbing alcohol and it still will not charge. I wonder if the achilles heel is magnitive charging and dead skin on watches. anyway, I have decided to return this item as I cannot harvest my data and share it with my drs and it’s not really a “valid” tool to help my doctor. anyway, I have decided to try a witherings watch which is designed to be a medical data collection tool. we’ll see how accurate and how well the app works. Review to follow.

  4. TooHonestForSensitivityFilter

    Bought this watch specifically to help monitor my vitals throughout the day and my sleep patterns at night. Was concerned that the blood pressure function might not be accurate. So, while I was at my doctor’s office, I took my blood pressure on the watch as the nurse was taking it on the office machine. My BP at the time was 117/70. The watch recorded 118/69. That is accurate enough for me. But, to make sure, I had them take my BP twice more and the watch always came in just as accurate.Also, blood O2, heart rate, respiratory rate are all accurate according to professional medical devices.Sleep data seems to be slightly less accurate than my CPAP machine but still close enough to be meaningful.I also love the watch face options. I downloaded a picture of my wife to my watch face.The app is simple enough to operate though, overall, I would rate the app at only three stars due to lack of functionality. However, the manufacturer has stated that they intend to add more functions over time. Hasn’t happened yet, but we will see.First charge on the battery lasted over a week but after that it has averaged about four days between charges.I love this watch so much, I am purchasing another one today for my elderly mother.

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LCW Fitness Tracker Watch

LCW Fitness Tracker Watch helps you stay on top of fitness goals.

Smart watch tracks fitness, monitors health, and updates in real-time.

- Affordable
- Multiple functions
- Sleek design


- Inaccurate step count
- Limited battery life
- Not waterproof


in stock


Introducing the CHOKOVIE Smart Watch – the perfect health partner for anyone on-the-go. This fitness tracker is compatible with Android and IOS smartphones, including iPhone and Samsung, and provides accurate and real-time health monitoring. It’s an ideal gift for family members, especially seniors and pregnant women, who want to stay on top of their health.

With the FitCloudPro app, you can share all your health records with your family and friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The CHOKOVIE Smart Watch also features activity tracking, GPS sports and running watch, 24-hour real-time health monitoring, sleep monitoring, smart notifications, and sedentary alerts to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The watch automatically tracks your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen when you exercise, and measures your body temperature quickly within 10 seconds. You can view your health condition at any time and anywhere, making it easy to stay on top of your fitness goals.

The CHOKOVIE Smart Watch is equipped with IP68 waterproof technology, making it suitable for daily hand washing and swimming. It has a 1.3 inch HD clear color touch screen that allows customization of the watch face to reflect your personality. It also has a powerful battery life of 7-10 days and comes with a 12-month guarantee.



  • Advanced wearable device
  • Tracks daily fitness activities
  • Monitors health
  • Accurately measures heart rate
  • Monitors sleep patterns
  • Tracks steps and distance
  • Monitors calorie intake
  • Fitness programs for running, cycling, and swimming
  • Real-time updates on smartphone
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to use controls
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • // Q & A

    Does watch sync with any fitness app on phone?

    It is just sync the iphone's health App and the watch's own App, others App can not sync

    watch display time too short. is there anyway to adjust it to display the time longer?

    To adjust the display time, you just set up on the fitness watch directly. Please click the ‘Setting’ on the watch, next find the optional 'Bright screen display' on the smart watch, then choose 'Screen Time', then select the display time you prefer. The longest display time is 9 seconds.

    Can I change watchface ?

    You can change the watchface on the watch, you could change more watchface on the App's

    Does this watch waterproof

    Yes, the watch is waterproof, like swimming and diving is ok for this watch, Except for Sweat steaming

    how does the watch show the blood pressure ex 120/80

    The data show your High and low pressure values

    // SPECS

    Origin Country: China
    Model #: T23
    LCW Fitness Tracker Watch
    released on September 9, 2020

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    The LCW Fitness Tracker Watch is an advanced wearable device designed to help you track your daily fitness activities and monitor your health. This sleek and stylish device comes loaded with a variety of features that are specifically designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. With its advanced sensors, the LCW Fitness Tracker Watch can accurately measure your heart rate, monitor your sleep patterns, track your steps and distance, and even monitor your calorie intake. It also comes equipped with a range of fitness programs, including running, cycling, and swimming, that can help you reach your fitness targets in no time. What's more, the LCW Fitness Tracker Watch seamlessly syncs with your smartphone, giving you real-time updates on your fitness activities and progress. Its intuitive interface, easy to use controls, and long-lasting battery life make it the perfect fitness companion for anyone who wants to stay on top of their health and fitness goals. So whether you're a fitness enthusiast or someone who wants to improve their overall health and well-being, the LCW Fitness Tracker Watch is the perfect tool for you.

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