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8 Reviews for Timex Men’s Metropolitan R

  1. joe

    My timing was excellent on getting it cheaper than direct from Timex! Not too bad for being a copy of a Tikwatch and Timex’s first go at a smart watch. Always on display is still readable in bright lighting and the watch face you select as default; SEE PHOTOSI couldn’t give it five stars because it doesn’t come with a dual time function expected from a Timex.

  2. olie029

    1st this is not an Apple watch. The apple watch is a completely different device, basically an extension of your iPhone. That is why I switch to the Timex.I have an apple watch and I am simply tired of the daily charging, the heavyness and the fear that I will drop it and break it (Which I already have done) with how expensive they are.Come in the Timex! I just want the time, sleep tracking, workout tracking and the occasional notifications. This watch does all of that while being lighter and more wallet friendly. Also with out the display on I can get almost 2 weeks of battery life. With the always on display I get about 5 days.The battery life was the biggest selling point for me. I was able to take my fully charged Timex on a 4 day backpacking trip and track my hike, with out the display on, and I still had over 50% battery life left when we got back to the car.If you are looking for a reasonably priced smart watch that looks like a watch, with decent battery life, decent app and notifications. This is a great choice.Only changes to the watch have been changing the strap to a velcro strap, did not like the leather one. I also added a cheap screen protector to it.

  3. Pete D.

    Not there yet. Battery, -2. Accuracy 3.My biggest complaint is that as a health monitor, I’m not impressed at all. I originally purchased to track my sleep. Well, it fails pretty miserably. Logs start time correctly about 20% of the time. If you’re prone to using the restroom in the middle of the night, you will not be pleased. Last night I woke up at 1:30 am, used the restroom and when I checked my stats, it showed that my sleep was consider complete even though I went back to sleep for an additional 5 hours.This is not a once off. Been using nightly for just a few days under a month now and there has only been 3 nights where the result were even close to reality. Sure you can edit your data to replace those missed hours, but the defeats the point and those edits do not assist as they don’t count for sleep stages.A few pro’s:1. It keeps time well.Ok, that’s about it for the pros.Battery life is tolerable at best. If you turn pretty much everything off, you may get through a day, but if you use the features that actually make this watch different from a “normal” watch you’re lucky to get 8 hours, and that’s being kind.I could easily live with the short battery life as I do not use this as a daily wearer but just to track sleep and eventually walking (had reconstructive foot surgery).If you’re thinking about using it as your daily and would like to actually run the features be prepared to have it die before your day is over.I’m going to keep it anyway. Aestheticlly it is a very nice watch. There are limited downloadable faces, most of which are pretty ugly (to me at least) but a few are quite nice. Has a great feel. Heavy, but not obnoxiously so. Sleek and nice to look at. OLED is *black* when screen is off and is very good looking and with the high resolution, even text alerts sent to the face are easily readable.In summation, it’s a 6 out of 10. A 3 for functionality and a 9.5 for form.I’m going to wait 3 more years or so and give the whole “smart watch” thing another try.Just wish it would know when I’m sleeping and know when I’m awake…..

  4. graeme

    Very nice watch, band was a little narrower than I had expected but Im a pretty big guy so I guess that makes sense. Bought this so I can read my text messages at work and count my steps. Does both of those things well, but doesn’t have the features of other smart watches (message reply etc). Can however control your media, so if you are say listening to music while your phone is in your bag, then the boss walks in, you can pause it which is great.Also keeps track of steps taken, total distance walked and heart rate which is nice to have, and seems to have some programmable workout stuff which I havent played with but seems good.This thing has also helped me realize how awful my sleep habits are.All in all, great value for the money, great looking, and mine has survived some decent knocks against concrete floors and walls so reasonably durable.

  5. Will Goldsmith

    I really enjoy the watch, the band is horrible after one week it’s warping and digging into my wrist, I wouldn’t recommend the majority of the different watch faces they are really unappealing to the eye, not to mention there is a moon phase watch face that doesn’t change with the time of day so it’s always on the moon, very unimpressed with the presentation.Battery life is incredible, the heart rate and calories seem to be accurate.Anyway thanks for reading have a nice day.

  6. olie029

    Received the watch on Friday Apr 29th. I really like the style and fit. But I am only getting 8-10 hours battery life not 10-12 days. I fully charge the watch as suggested and you can almost watch the battery drain. I haven’t activated any App alerts or heartbeat monitoring, settings are all default. Maybe I got a dud.Got a replacement watch from Amazon and the battery appears to be good, almost 24 hrs after full charge battery only down 5% to 95%. So first watch I received was definitely faulty.

  7. Johnny Ferro

    Happy I picked this up. It doesn’t the flair or most of the features of the Apple Watch, and instead only has a few. Fortunately, the ones it has are the only ones I care about…so I love this watch.Pros:Not expensive compared to Apple Watch.It looks and feels much more like a regular watch, and isn’t crazy heavy or bulky looking.I got a leather band that makes it feel even less smart watch like.The battery life is fantastic, I set the heart rate monitor to 1m intervals for sleep tracking etc and it still lasts for a week on a charge.Text alerts are simple and solid for what they are.Workout tracking is good enough for me, but I’m really only into that for walks/runs/steps.Cons:Could use a bit more watch face customization, that’s really what’s missing for 5 stars IMO.The app is a little wonky sometimes and doesn’t load things right away.There’s an option for an always on screen, what confuses me about that is the screen that’s always on is a specific one…and not your watch face. So you see the Time on the always on face and press the button, only to see your chosen watch face showing the time. Weird decision.Overall:If you don’t expect too much from it, it might be the perfect thing for you. If you want an Apple Watch, you’ll definitely be happier with an Apple Watch.

  8. Ashley Lawless

    I really like this watch. It’s great for me. I wish there were a software update.

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Timex Men’s Metropolitan R

Timex Men's Metropolitan R - stylish, durable, and functional watch.

Timex Metropolitan R Smartwatch: sleek, durable, and functional. A must-have for the modern man.

- Sleek design
- Water resistant
- Affordable price


- Limited features
- Basic display
- Not suitable for sports



in stock


Looking for a smartwatch that can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle? Look no further than the Timex Metropolitan R AMOLED Smartwatch with GPS & Heart Rate 42mm in Black with Brown Leather & Silicone Strap. This versatile watch packs a punch with its impressive AMOLED display and 24/7 activity and sleep tracking.

The Timex Metropolitan R AMOLED Smartwatch is equipped with an array of features, including on-board GPS, optical heart rate sensor, and customizable notifications. With over 20 watch faces to choose from, you can easily switch up the look of your smartwatch to match your mood and style.



  • Exceptional timepiece for modern man
  • Sleek black dial with silver-tone hour markers
  • Three sub-dials display date, chronograph seconds, and stopwatch timer
  • Case made from durable stainless steel
  • Strap crafted from comfortable black leather
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • Dependable quartz movement for accurate timekeeping
  • Sophisticated design and functional features
  • Impeccable craftsmanship and robust construction
  • Must-have timepiece for modern man
  • // Q & A

    Isnt this simply the same as the amazfit gtr?

    Yes it is. I think it looks better with the bezel numbers and the timex watch faces. However they are both a good buy.

    does the app synch with google fit?

    I have a Timex Metropolitan R. As far as i can tell the watch will only synch with the native Timex smartphone app and that app doesn't appear to have an integration with any other apps or environments.

    Any place I can get decent watch faces for this? The ones in the app are okay if you're 5 years old but some of us are kinda older than that.

    currently, as far as i know, the only place you can get watches faces for this Metropolitan R is from the smartphone app. That said, Timex has continued to add smartwatch versions of various attractive traditional Timex analog watchfaces.

    Will the watch ever support Arabic notifications ?

    That's up to Timex. Currently it does not. Just English.

    Can you replace the band for this watch?

    Yes. It has releasable pins to remove the band.

    // SPECS

    Part NumberTW5M43100
    Release Date2020-06-25T00:00:01Z
    Department: mens
    Model #: TW5M43100
    Timex Men’s Metropolitan R
    released on March 20, 2020

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    TIMEX Metropolitan R 42mm Leather and Silicone Strap Men's Smart Watch TW5M43100
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    TIMEX Metropolitan R 42mm Leather and Silicone Strap Men's Smart Watch TW5M43100
    TIMEX Metropolitan R 42mm Leather and...
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    Timex BluetoothTW2P92300 Metropolitan+ Dark Brown Stitched Leather Strap Watch
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    Timex Metropolitan R AMOLED Smartwatch with GPS & Heart Rate 42mm – Black with Brown Leather &...
    Timex Metropolitan R AMOLED Smartwatch...
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    Timex Metropolitan R AMOLED Smartwatch with GPS & Heart Rate 42mm – Black with Brown Leather &...
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    The Timex Men's Metropolitan R is an exceptional timepiece designed for the modern man who requires a watch that balances style, function, and durability. The Metropolitan R features a sleek black dial with silver-tone hour markers and three sub-dials that display date, chronograph seconds, and a stopwatch timer. The watch's case is made from durable stainless steel, which provides long-lasting resistance to scratches and tarnishes. The strap is crafted from black leather, which complements the dial's elegance and provides a comfortable fit for everyday wear. The Metropolitan R is water-resistant up to 50 meters, enables the wearer to engage in water activities without taking the watch off like swimming or snorkeling. This watch is powered by a dependable quartz movement that ensures accurate and reliable timekeeping. With its sophisticated design, functional features, and high-performance capabilities, the Timex Men's Metropolitan R is a top-notch watch that can keep up with any man's busy lifestyle. Its impeccable craftsmanship, robust construction, and handsome design make it a must-have timepiece for every modern man who desires both form and function in his accessories.

    // Timex Company Profile

    Timex is a clock and watch company that was started in 1854 as Waterbury Clock Company. Timex is known for creating a number of classy yet affordable clocks, and they are known in wearable technology for their watches, especially their GPS watches. – View Profile

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