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  1. Portia

    I recently received this wireless unit. Unlike the other reviews so far, I wanted it primarily for the EMS mode. It is a highly rated unit but there are a couple things you should know before you buy it.Pros:-Incredibly versatile! You can customize the stim so many ways to fit your needs. The stim levels go so high, it is unlikely you will ever need the highest.-It comes with a manual that is thorough and easy to read. Read it through once and you have it.-Works exactly as advertised.-The wireless version is worth every extra dollar. No wires, very discrete. Wear the receivers under your clothes and toss the control unit in your pocket or purse.Cons:It can be almost impossible to snap the electrode pads to the receivers! You may have to put the pad and receiver on the floor and push with all your weight through your heel many times. One snap was so impossible, I almost sent the whole thing back after 30 minutes of trying to get the pad to snap into the receiver unit. It finally gave way and I hope it loosens up.-The manual says the electrode pads only last for 20-30 uses. So before you buy this, make sure you know the investment continues. Four more pads costs $30 and you can go through 20 uses very fast. These pads aren’t sold on Amazon right now but at the moment, the U. S. gets free shipping from the manufacturer.-It comes with a nifty carrying case in which the control unit and charger fit but, oddly, the receivers don’t fit with the pads attached. I guess that’s what baggies are for.So if you are willing to overlook a couple of quirks and if your wallet can afford the continuing investment you really get your money’s worth out of this product.UPDATE:Just an update on the company’s “20-30” uses of the electrode pads before needing replacement – I have used the pads significantly more than 30 times and they are still going strong. The key is that after use, be sure to put the plastic shield back on the pads and smooth out any air pockets. This way they don’t dry out.Also, they have just come out with channel 3 and 4 receiver units. If you have a lot of pain spots on your body, you can have 4 of these babies going at once. Just be sure you order the electrode pads with the receivers because they don’t come with them. Just a tip – after you set your program and start the stim, turn off the hand-held control unit to save battery.They don’t have a “dollar electrode club” for the pads yet, as they do for the smaller one. I certainly hope they offer this soon to help defray the cost.Finally, I have dealt with customer service a couple times and they are friendly and helpful. They seem to be really excited about their product, which is important.For these reasons, I am updating my rating to 5 stars.Update 10 months later:I now use the TENS and EMS modes equally. No complaints at all. I have had to replace the electrode pads much less frequently than I originally thought I would. Also, my original con about the snap problem only happened that one time and I never saw the issue on any other pads.

  2. Val

    I’ve used TENS units before – and when necessary gifted them – and the traditional wired units have two major disadvantages, wires, and batteries. The standard settings on the less expensive units are a 30 minute automatic shut off, with the signal frequencies set to a general pain and spams setting. This unit offers a wireless option and is rechargeable. It also has the ability to set your unit directly from the unit so you can change your settings according to your immediate needs. The only ding I have on this unit is that the pad placements being wireless require you reset them individually which is find if your able to see them. But when something is positioned so that you can barely reaching it much less see it, resetting them for another cycle can be tricky. A very good buy for the price, just know your limitations.

  3. Jessie Mc

    Pros: no issues with charging/long lasting battery. Liked being able to place them as needed and capability to add more “pucks” later.Cons:- Didn’t stick well, especially on curved areas like shoulders. Doesn’t bend well because the round puck is obviously flat/straight, which hindered the sticky pads from getting a good stick- This unit does not have NEARLY the power that my small,l $25 Tenker unit I got from Amazon. At full blast, it was just “ok”. With my Tenker… I don’t even go halfway up the power settings! In this case, dealing with the wire leads will be worth the power increase.- Others mentioned that it’s a pain to press the “on” button on the pucks, especially when on your back or hard to reach. I thought “duh, just press ‘on’ before sticking it and you’re good!” no. If the timer runs down or at other random times, the pucks will turn off. You cannot use the remote. So, after your 15 minutes or whatever you pick, you have to completely UNstick the pucks, and the on/off buttons are finicky to deal with. After several times holding the power button down, it’ll finally turn on, then time to re-stick everything… to find that the remote is now off. It’s just a huge hassle!!!I plan to keep my $25 Tenker from Amazon and sell this one back. Highly disappointed for the COST of the item! It does NOT have the power.

  4. Robert G

    This is a really good product, just wish it was easier to get the additional pod add ons the same way I got the main unit, on Amazon. Instead you have to go to their website. What is cool is that you can buy larger second had pads that actually work.

  5. Christy

    This is the third TENS machine I have bought. I have a wired version which works wonders but I got tired of the wires. This one works pretty good for pain relief but it is not as strong as my wired one. The fact that it does not have wires is a big plus for comfort and convenience so I recommend it for that but don’t expect it to be super powerful.

  6. Frankie

    Fantastic to be free of cords & outlets. This is the difference between your cell phone and an old landline with a rotary dial. Big improvement over “cordless” models that still use wires to power the electrodes.

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iReliev Wireless TENS

Pain relief on-the-go with wireless wearable device.

iReliev Wireless: Advanced pain relief. Wearable TENS unit. 14 preset modes.

- Wireless
- Portable
- Multiple modes


- Pricey
- Battery life
- Limited range



in stock


The iReliev Wireless Wearable TENS UNIT is a medical-grade device designed to provide relief from pain and discomfort. This product is manufactured by iReliev, a company known for producing high-quality medical devices.

The iReliev Wireless Wearable TENS UNIT is a compact and lightweight device that can be worn discreetly under clothing. It features wireless Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to control the device from their smartphone or tablet. This TENS UNIT is rechargeable and can be used for up to 10 hours on a single charge.



  • Wearable TENS UNIT iReliev Wireless
  • Advanced pain relief system
  • Wireless technology
  • Ideal for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and people with chronic pain conditions
  • 14 preset modes
  • Versatile and customizable options
  • Electrotherapy
  • Blocks pain signals from reaching the brain
  • Adjustable timer
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Wireless: freedom of movement
  • Portable, efficient, and user-friendly
  • Trusted solution for instant pain relief
  • // Q & A

    Description states 2=3x5 pads but pictures shows 4 Lg. pads & 4 small pads?! How many reusable pads come with this system?

    Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us. This system, through Amazon, comes with two (2) 3" x 5" oval electrode pads. Thanks,

    Are pads reusable?

    YES, Pads are re-usable! THERE IS A PROCEDURE YOU MUST FOLLOW BEFORE STICKING THEM ON YOUR BODY! 1/ Skin MUST be washed thoroughly with soap and water, cleaned properly from lotions and natural body oils. If you don’t bathe and use soap and water, you have a whole different issue I can’t help you with 2/ An alcohol wipe or rubbing alcohol on a paper towel SWIPED over the CLEAN area where the pad is going to go 3/ a very SMALL amount of conductive gel is advised…..applied directly on the pad. iReliev sells tubes of CONDUCTIVE GEL. My tube has lasted 3 years and I use 4 LARGE PADS 5x a week. YOU'RE USING A PEA SIZE DROP ON THE PAD 4/ After pad is used, pull it off and stick it right back on the plastic paper you pulled it off of. MAKE SURE PLASTIC IS FREE OF DUST AND DEBRIS, WIPE IT WITH RUBBING ALCOHOL 5/ STORE PADS IN REFRIGERATOR, can’t stress this enough I subscribe to the iReliev “Dollar Club” for LARGE Pads. They cost $16 for 4 large pads. You can set this up to ship every 30 days, 45, 60, whatever. I’m an athlete, I use my unit, it DOES NOT SIT COLLECTING DUST Once you become proactive with this unit and stop the procrastination, you’ll enjoy it that much more. Any negative review of this TENS/EMS UNIT is because you don’t know how to use it. Most problems are the user, not the products

    I am getting ready to run a half marathon. i have had soreness with hip. i tried sport massage, but when i start run is hurts again. will this help?

    It helps as long as you are using it on clean skin. Wearing during a marathon would produce heat and moisture that the pads cannot withstand. I have a unit and I really like the flexibility with wireless, but am very disappointed in the pads that are advertised to work for 20-30 times actually have only lasted me max 10 times and if I do a 5-mile walk in warm weather, the pads are often worthless after the first use.

    Compre el producto y requiero el manuel en español como puedo conseguirlo

    Desafortunadamente, no tenemos un manual en español. ¡Gracias!

    How does the unit stick to the pad? Is a magnet involved

    The unit snaps to the pad

    // SPECS

    Part NumberET-5050
    Is Adult Product
    Size1 Count (Pack of 1)
    Discontinued: No
    iReliev Wireless TENS
    released on June 30, 2017

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    The iReliev Wireless TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is an advanced pain relief system that operates on wireless technology. It is designed to provide unparalleled relief from pain and muscular fatigue, making it ideal for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and people with chronic pain conditions. With 14 preset modes, the device offers versatile and customizable options to address specific pain and discomfort areas. The TENS uses electrotherapy to non-invasively stimulate the sensory nerves in the affected area, effectively blocking pain signals from reaching the brain, triggering the body's natural pain-relief mechanism. Additionally, the device features an adjustable timer, allowing users to set treatment sessions, and adjustable intensity levels that can be controlled with a simple dial. Its wireless features provide freedom of movement, allowing users to carry on their daily tasks while receiving pain relief without having to worry about tangled wires. The iReliev Wireless TENS is portable, efficient, and user-friendly, making it a trusted solution for people seeking instant relief from chronic pain or muscle tension.

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