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  1. Linda Craig

    Basically a very expensive tens machine

  2. Coltini

    I want to preface with, I have used a handful of TENS units in the past, all of which delivered an all around similar user experience. Being in the market for one now, I did my research, and landed on this unit. Kudos to the marketing team because I was sold. This was no small feat, as the device is easily 10X as expensive as top picks from credible sources (such as The Wirecutter).What made me jump– Sounds super powerful, digging way under the skins surface to get my nerve endings. More power will get me every time.- A company who has done their own research, and makes that research relatively easy to turn up.- I wanted to ‘invest’ in a quality product that would bring me years of service.- No gimmicks (which I personally have felt that traditional TENS unit makers have turned to, in an effort to differentiate their products, but sacrificed the user experience and over complicated their products.First Impressions — Comes nicely packaged.- A little surprising that at the pricepoint there was no included means of storing the unit with pads in a tidy manner.- The construction of the biowave unit, lacked the finesse expected at the price point. The plastics looked like they had been cut on a homemade 3d printer and the buttons were not perfectly aligned in the housing.- The pads looked quality, and I appreciated the reinforcement of the plug on the electrode and the units wires.User Experience- I bought the unit primarily for my neck and shoulders AND was intrigued by using it on my finger joints.- As instructed, prior to placing the nodes, I cleaned and dried the spots where I would place it. I do not have oily skin or body hair in those regions either.- After placing the pads and getting started (all of which was straightforward. The available iphone app was a breeze to use with the unit), any movement of my arms or head would dislodge the pads, resulting in not only the annoyance of the unit stopping, but beeping at an annoyingly loud level (a beep which cannot be disabled). What this meant was I ended up needing to reposition, then restart the session. To get through a session without interruption I had to sit still (something I have never had to do with prior TENS units, and again at the premium price point and with proprietary pads should not have to do).- Did I mention the beeping every time it comes loose? Try watching tv with family, only to be interrupted every 20 seconds when the pads refuse to stick. Bear in mind this lack of stickyness was problematic from the onset. I Imagine if you intended to only leverage it on flat body parts, no where near a joint (ruling out the neck, wrists, feet, fingers, etc) that it would be ok. Being someone that would wear something like this in the workplace or out to run errands depending on my situation, the annoying/unnecessary beeping is a deal breaker in itself.- I found that the sensation from the machine would favor one pad over another (meaning, if I had the pads side by side on a shoulder, separated by 1.5-2 inches, one pad would really deliver quite the sensation as power output increased, where as the other would be barely there, feeling wise (swapped the pad order, to see if it was a pad issue, and it wasn’t, so I suspect that is likely part of how the unit was designed to work. I just wanted to point it out for those that may be looking for an equitable or improvement over the experience with a traditional TENS unit.Did it alleviate my pain? To be completely honest, I was personally indifferent. I was looking forward to the relief while in use, but found that the annoyances from the pads killed the experience. I wanted to be able to relax on the couch or sit back in my office chair, while tuned out for some recovery/me-time. Instead I had to sit awkwardly, stationary, being careful to not let anything come in contact with a wire or a pad.Based on my user experience, and the premium price point, I cannot personally recommend the device. I am sure the required pads work beautifully for some people, evidence being in the positive reviews. So if you’re like me and are willing to roll the dice, go for it. The company encourages this, as they boast their 30 day satisfaction guarantee, which is a very rare stamp of confidence in today’s marketplace. If you’re looking for a guaranteed home run, I would keep looking.

  3. JGW

    I have used the BiowaveGo device for a couple of years because I have chronic back pain. I use it so much, that I need to replace it occasionally. It was not too bad, price-wise and I recommended it to many people. For $300 for the unit, and $30 for each replacement pack of 3 sets of pads, I could afford to replace it when it quit working. But now the prices have suddenly increased to $400 and $40 for these items. I can still afford it, but it seems like a lot of difference. If it means that the company survives, then that’s great. Also, it seems I have had more problems in that it beeps (meaning there is not a good connection) much easier than before, as I have to fiddle with where the lead wire connects to the unit, even taping it down. This company has had excellent customer service, and I haven’t contacted them lately, so there may be a good reason for the changes. This product does work for me. I leave the pads on most of the time, and move them to where my back hurts the most. You have to work up to at least 3 bars, so don’t expect instant pain relief, although for less serious or acute pain, that may work more quickly. Anyway, I find that after I work up to 3 bars, (it turns off at 30 minutes), then wait about a half hour, and repeat, going up as many bars as is comfortable, after about 3 times, the edge has really come off my pain, which is meaningful to me! Then, I move the pads to the next location where I have pain. Before BiowaveGo, I visited my pain doctor regularly to get cortisone shots in my spine, which didn’t really help that much, and decided I didn’t want to have it injected into me anymore. I wasn’t a candidate for an implanted device, because there wasn’t enough room, so he suggested that I try this. I have adult onset scoliosis, and have lost about 4″ in height. So, this product has kept me going, thank so much!

  4. Helene

    I think the BioWave is a great product. I used the BiowaveGO first and had a significant amount of pain relief on my lower back, so that was great. However, the batteries either didn’t work correctly or the type of battery didn’t last long, so I could barely get one use out of them before recharging. I checked the replacement patches and saw that they are $52, and calculated that would eventually be expensive, probably needing new ones at least once a month. I was fortunate to be approved for the prescription version by the VA, and it also includes replacement of patches. Would I buy this if I couldn’t get it from the VA or insurance? Well, I think the prescription version is a better deal, even if one had to pay out of pocket, because they work better and the batteries are better. But if that weren’t an option, I would buy this.

  5. ThrillReader

    I am a nurse practitioner, and the maker of the BioWave Home device came into my office and let me try one for my husband, which has chronic pain of his cervical and lumbar spines, R knee and foot. He tried it for a week and LOVED it, but the pricetag was too rich for us, and it is not covered by private insurance. So, he told me about this BioWave GO, and we purchased it on Amazon. It works just as well, but only reaches about 75% of the pain reduction as the Home device. That was enough for hubby, and I purchased this for Father’s Day for him. The only drawback is that there are only two pads included, and they are special for the device. They are the standard pad material, and it would be better if it was the same attachments that other TENS units use to be more cost effective. We did buy a reorder pack of pads, but that only included 6 pads for $30 which is very pricey. So, I anticipate some day when an innovative engineer makes a fitting that allows the use of standard TENS pads for this. Otherwise, though, the technology is amazing, and it outshines the standard TENS. For those people that cannot tell the difference, they should stick with a $30 TENS unit. Once your pain is greater than a TENS can help, this is the next best step!

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BIOWAVE GO Wearable Pain Management

BioWaveGO provides drug-free pain relief with long-lasting benefits.

BIOWAVE GO: Wearable pain relief. Clinically proven, no programming required. Safe, portable, and superior to TENS.

- Drug-free pain relief
- Portable and wearable
- Non-invasive


- Expensive
- May not work for everyone
- Limited battery life



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Introducing the BIOWAVE GO wearable pain management device – a clinically proven and FDA-cleared solution to chronic and acute pain. This drug-free, safe, comfortable, and easy-to-use device delivers therapeutic electrical stimulation, providing long-lasting relief and stopping pain signals from traveling to the brain.

Unlike traditional TENS units and PEMF therapy machines, BioWaveGO’s effects continue long after use, resulting in a significant improvement in quality of life. The personalized phone app allows for customized pain relief therapy, ensuring that individuals no longer have to suffer in pain.



  • Delivers electrical stimulation to source of pain
  • Immediate, long-lasting relief
  • Clinically proven
  • No programming required
  • Safe and comfortable to use
  • Superior to traditional TENS and PEMF
  • On-demand pain relief for up to 24 hours
  • Small and portable for pain relief on-the-go
  • No medication or surgery required
  • Useful for chronic pain management
  • // Q & A

    Other than about 230 bucks, whats the difference between and my current tens unit? my $30 unit seems to have nore features and better battery...

    BioWave is not a TENS unit, it is a patented smarter pain blocking technology. TENS units only deliver electrical signals across the surface of skin. As you turn up the intensity of a TENS unit, a noxious twitchy sensation forms at the surface which MAY act like a distraction to the pain, but the TENS signals never get to the pain nerves inside the body that are conducting the pain signals. BioWave is a patented high frequency neurostimulation pain blocking technology that delivers therapeutic electrical signals through skin into deep tissue right to the surface of pain fibers. The electrical field that forms around the pain fibers blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain. The mechanism of action is similar to a chemical anesthetic like Novocain, except BioWave is blocking the transmission of the pain signal electrically instead of chemically. Because the pain signal is blocked at the nerve inside the body, a 30 minute treatment can provide up to 24 hours of continued pain relief. And there is a cumulative benefit with multiple treatments.

    I see there's a 30 day money back guarantee. But is there a warranty on the machine?

    BioWave offers a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty on the product

    What is the difference between the biowave and the actipatch pain device

    ActiPatch: ActiPatch it is small OTC PEMF devices - they create a pulsed electromagnetic field and have to be worn for 24 hours. It claims to increase circulation however the magnetic field they create has no direct effect on pain nerves. Biowave creates an electrical field inside the body that encompasses pain nerves and blocks the transmission of the pain signal at the source so the pain signal can’t travel up to the brain. BioWave’s electrical field also increases circulation in the region of the area being treated. Because Biowave blocks the transmission of the pain signal directly at the nerve inside the body, a 30 minute treatment can provide up to 24 hours of continuous pain relief and functional improvement. Multiple treatments can provide a cumulative benefit. If you have additional questions contact the concierge desk at 203-807-5802.

    Can this be used near area with metal implants, screws, cervical fusion plates and screws specific?

    BioWave can be used directly over any orthopedic hardware including plates rods, screws, anchors and clips.

    How long to you see results? Is it right after each use or does it take a few treatments?

    Depending on the type of injury or condition, you may get instant results. Some continuous treatment helps for long lasting effect

    // SPECS

    Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
    Product Dimensions1.8 x 3.7 x 2.43 inches, 1.76 Pounds
    Item model numberBWG-S_UK
    Batteries1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
    Date First Available2018, May 8
    Model #: BWG-S_UK
    Discontinued: No
    BIOWAVE GO Wearable Pain Management
    released on May 8, 2018

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    The BIOWAVE GO is a wearable device that helps manage pain. It uses electrical signals to stimulate nerves and block pain signals. The device is small and portable, allowing for pain relief on-the-go. It is easy to use and does not require medication or surgery. The BIOWAVE GO may be a useful tool for those with chronic pain conditions seeking non-invasive pain management options.

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