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  1. matthew

    Hard to really review an item that doesn’t fully work – well it does sometimes…HALF OF THE LIGHTS TURN OFF!This type of issue seems to be a recurring topic with this item.Purchase with caution .-sent mine back will likely re order

  2. Charlotte A Cahall

    I have only had it a week so no noticeable hair growth to date. Did relieve a headache.

  3. Irene

    Great. It works thankfully. So many times i order amazon deviced and they break. It is hard for me to return unless i am ssnt a code in which ups can scan. No printer. It is very annoying when i spend alot of money on amazon prkdicts and brkke

  4. Robert Fallin

    While I was certainly skeptical when purchasing this item, I felt, “I can afford to take the risk it doesn’t work.” I was already attracting beautiful women decades younger than I (one less than half my age). So, I thought, why not give them a more attractive man? The price is certainly right. My only complaint about the device, is that it is tricky to select all three cycles, even carefully following the instructions. Still, I manage, every day. I cannot believe I am getting noticeable hair growth so rapidly. I highly recommend the red light therapy head cap.

  5. David

    I am using this product to help with my Parkinson’s disease symptoms. It has helped with my tremors according to my wife. It has only been two weeks, but I am continuing to use it 2 times per day and will give it a proper go before making a judgement regarding its effectiveness.

  6. Joyce May

    So I seldom leave reviews. I purchased this product to help with the extreme difficulties I sometimes experience mentally due to post menopause hormonal issues. Anyone who walks thru the extreme case knows what I mean. I read up on photomodulation ( I think that’s how it is spelled) and the effects of red light therapy on the brain.At first I tried to use the near infrared setting. I used it for twenty minutes. Bad mistake. I should have started out with 4 minutes and then built up the time. I felt totally weirded out.The next evening I then set it on the blue setting for 4 minutes. I was amazed at the soothing effects to my brain. So relaxing! I use it ever other day on the blue setting. I have not gone back to the near infrared setting yet. It has helped so far.

  7. Rebecca M Fitzsimmons

    Great value! Works well! Simply plug in USB, press button twice to turn lights on, and place on head while watching TV etc. Built in timer- so no need to set. Working great. My hair was thinning so I began using 3 to 4 times a week. Spouse’s hair hd thinned and he’d developed light bald area atop back of his head. So I began treating him everytime, after myself. Been about 6 to 8 weeks max. My hair is already thickened and growing again. Thought that would never happen. Spouse light bald spot has almost completely filled in with new hair growth. It’s amazing. In past he had used pills and tablets, vitamins, shakes. Spent a lot on things that never worked. Then I found this along with my other light therapy we’ve been using. And we’re amazed. They work great! Impressive! Highly recommend! 5 STAR ?!

  8. Dylan Robinson

    This seems to do similar things as much more expensive options do! Seems very bright and you can feel the IR warmth. But that’s part of the problem, gets warm! They should have used a breathable mesh, not neoprene or added some vents? And having the ability to set longer and shorter times, not just the preset 20 minutes would be a nice improvement. But overall I think it’s a great option at this price point. Not sure I can tell if it’s helping my hair at all yet, but it’s going to take time to see if it helps or not.

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Head Cap with Red Light

Scienlodic's Red Light Therapy Hat promotes hair growth and relaxation.

Head cap with red light for precise therapy. 60-day return policy and 2-year warranty. Customized treatment anywhere.
- Hands-free illumination

- Limited brightness
- Short battery life

- Convenient and portable
- Adjustable strap
- Not waterproof

- Lightweight and comfortable
- Long-lasting LED
- Easy to operate
- Limited range of motion


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Scienlodic’s Red Light Therapy Devices, Head Cap with Red Light 660nm and Infrared Light 850nm Wavelength, Led Hats Care Scalp for Men Women, Relax Scalp is a cutting-edge product that offers a painless and effective treatment for hair growth, scalp health, and relaxation. Equipped with 120 LEDs and 120 chips, this device allows for swift and non-invasive penetration of the scalp and deep brain tissue. The convex light beads enable precise and targeted therapy to the root of the hair, accelerating cellular metabolism and promoting overall treatment.

This red light therapy hat comes with 3 different modes – 660nm red light, 850nm infrared light, and 10/40Hz pulse modes. These modes cater to various needs such as relaxation, balancing scalp oil, relieving headaches/insomnia, and photobiological regulation. The device can be customized to meet individual requirements, making it an ideal option for people of all ages and genders.

The device features a 20-minute auto power-off function that prevents scalp burn and allows for customized treatment anytime, anywhere. This function ensures that the device is safe to use and can be used without any hassle. Additionally, Scienlodic provides a 2-year guarantee and considerate customer service to ensure customer satisfaction.



  • Best Swift & Painless Option
  • Offers a 60-Day Return Policy & 2-Year Full Warranty
  • Precise & Targeted Therapy
  • Updated 3 in 1 Light Therapy
  • Customized Treatment Anytime, Anywhere
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • // Q & A

    Does this have a battery, or does it need to be plugged in while in use? And what is the power source?

    There’s no internal battery. It includes a removable cord that plugs into a USB A outlet. You can just use a power bank for portability. Requires 1A 5V.

    Do you use laser led's? or just led indicators?

    Thank you for your question. Research shows that different wavelengths of red light have different therapeutic effects. Leds emit light in a different way than lasers, but at the same wavelength. And the regulation number of LED and laser is all 890.5500 on FDA's website. Our products are illuminated by safe LEDS with wavelengths up to 660nm and 850nm.

    Is this eligible for hsa/fsa?

    Yes. Red light therapy devices for pain are eligible for hsa/fsa. They don't need to be certified. You just apply to your hsa/fsa account directly. There are also a few stores that are hsa/fsa qualified. I got a similar device for back pain. Remember to list it for use for pain management. If you accidentally leave out the word pain, they will reject it and you have to apply again. It's even better if you can get a doctor to prescribe red-light therapy for pain management but not necessary.

    The cap is really big! dose not stay on! is this how it's suppose to fit?

    Not working not function

    How effective is the device for men that are as bald as an egg?

    Not working not function

    // SPECS

    Package Dimensions11.5 x 7.64 x 2.64 inches, 1.48 Pounds
    Date First Available2022, January 21
    Head Cap with Red Light
    released on January 21, 2022

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    Keep your hands free while illuminating your surroundings with the Head Cap with Red Light. Easily attach the cap to your head and activate the red LED light for a long-lasting and bright beam. Perfect for outdoor activities, night-time repair work or camping, this head cap is an essential tool for any adventurer.

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