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GoPro MAX 360 Camera

GoPro MAX camera captures immersive 360 footage and audio.

GoPro MAX: 3-in-1 camera, hyper smooth stabilization, 1080p live streaming.

- 360-degree footage
- Waterproof
- Time-lapse video


- Expensive
- Limited battery life

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The GoPro MAX camera is a revolutionary product that offers users the ability to capture traditional Hero-style video and photos as well as immersive 360 footage. With its six onboard microphones, the camera delivers immersive 360 audio, making it the best sound GoPro has ever delivered. The camera also comes with a shotgun-mic for improved audio and a front-facing screen for vlogging purposes.

One of the most impressive features of the GoPro MAX camera is its MAX HyperSmooth technology which provides unbreakable stabilization through 180-degree capture. The camera also features Horizon Leveling which gives a cinematic look to footage in HERO mode. Users can shoot 270-degree distortion-free panoramic photos with PowerPano and choose from four digital lenses for capturing different types of shots.

The GoPro MAX camera also includes MAX TimeWarp which allows for super stabilized time lapse videos while in motion. Additionally, live streaming in HERO mode is available in 1080p. The camera includes a range of accessories, including a rechargeable battery and carrying case, making it the perfect companion for any adventure.

– Waterproof design for capturing footage in any environment
– Touch screen spherical 5.6K30 HD video and 16.6MP 360 photos
– Digital lenses for capturing different types of shots
– MAX HyperSmooth technology for unbreakable stabilization
– Horizon Leveling for a cinematic look
– MAX TimeWarp for super stabilized time lapse videos
– Live streaming in HERO mode available in 1080p
– Includes six microphones for true-to-life 360 audio

The GoPro MAX camera is the perfect tool for capturing any adventure, whether it’s a day at the beach, a hike through the mountains, or a family gathering. With its advanced features and accessories, this camera is sure to become a favorite among adventurers and content creators alike.


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GoPro Max 360 Action Camera - Black
GoPro Max 360 Action Camera - Black
GoPro HERO 11 Black 5.3K UHD Ultra HD Action Camera Bundle CHDCB-111
GoPro HERO 11 Black 5.3K UHD Ultra HD Action Camera Bundle CHDCB-111
(1) Genuine GoPro Shorty (Mini Extension Pole + Tripod) #AFTTM-001. If a problem occurs, we are happy to help you. Item Condition. (1) USB-C cable.
GoPro Max 360 Action Camera (WORKS GREAT!!)
GoPro Max 360 Action Camera (WORKS GREAT!!)


With the GoPro MAX 360 Camera, you can capture immersive 360-degree footage and relive your memories like never before. This camera is perfect for adventurers and adrenaline junkies who want to capture every moment from every angle. It’s incredibly easy to use, with simple touch screen controls and voice commands. The GoPro MAX 360 Camera is rugged and built to withstand even the toughest environments, making it perfect for sports and outdoor activities. You’ll love how its HyperSmooth video stabilization ensures that all your footage is silky smooth, regardless of how rough the terrain is. Use it to take stunning panoramic photos or create a cinematic time-lapse. You can even live-stream your adventures straight from the camera. With its intuitive editing tools and the ability to export in multiple formats, the GoPro MAX 360 Camera gives you the freedom to create and share your memories however you want. Get yours today and start capturing your world in a whole new way – you won’t regret it!

  • Three Cameras in One
  • Max HyperSmooth stabilization
  • Live Streaming in 1080p
  • Horizon Leveling in HERO mode
  • PowerPano for panoramic photos
  • Premium 360 plus Stereo Audio
  • Four digital lenses in HERO mode
  • Max TimeWarp for time-lapse videos
  • Includes accessories and carrying case


    Item model number: CHDHZ-202-XX
    Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
    Date First Available: 2021, April 16
    Manufacturer: GoPro
    Country of Origin: Mexico
    Package Dimensions: 9.06 x 5.98 x 3.07 inches
    Item Weight (pounds): 1.03
    GoPro MAX 360 Camera
    released on April 16, 2021
    Is it easy to upload to Instagram? And what is needed to do so

    You can use the GoPro Quik on a compatible mobile device to share your GoPro media from the app. You can share your 360 videos from GoPro Quik directly, but different social platforms will have different length limitations for your videos. That’s because 360 video sharing is a resource-intensive activity. It not only demands a lot from your mobile device but also from the platform to which you are sharing, so either the platform or the operating system limits the length at which 360 videos can be shared via GoPro Quik. If you try to share a clip that is too long for a given platform, the app let you know how much needs to be trimmed.

    Would this work well to film overhead diy craft videos? I make wreaths and want to film it from overhead

    Sure, it records in every direction so it would probably be unnecessary for what you wanted to do, I would get a regular go pro since it faces one direction but will record in a higher quality.

    is this a good for filming youth football games from the stands?

    You don’t need the 360 for filming football. Go with the GoPro that offers only the front camera. You’ll get better resolution.

    is there a special codec needed to view 360 video on my pc? go pro quick is not working.

    The Quik for desktop doesn't support the 360 or spherical media files of GoPro MAX. You can use the GoPro Player to view and reframe your MAX 360 footage. The link to the installer is available in the GoPro Player article on the GoPro Support Hub page.

    What's the return policy?

    It depends on the seller...Amazon is always great with returns...


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    The GoPro MAX 360 Camera is a high-quality camera that captures 360-degree footage. It provides smooth video stabilization and has six microphones for immersive sound. It can also be used for time-lapse and night-lapse shots. The camera is waterproof and durable, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. Its touchscreen display allows for easy navigation and viewing of footage. Overall, the GoPro MAX is a versatile and reliable camera for capturing all your active moments.


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    GoPro is one of the world leaders for wearable cameras. GoPro is based in San Mateo, and was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman. The aim of GoPro is to help people capture important moments in their life. – View Profile

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    5 Reviews for GoPro MAX 360 Camera

    1. Skindiver

      My son and i bought this camera so we could record in our plane. We used it for a entire week and some video we shot was 360 videos to the tune of 58 8 min videos. The rest totaling about 60 videos we shot on hero mode. The hero mode videos came out great and we were able to down load them onto our computer and watch them. The problem was when we tried to download and watch the 360 video. We tried for several days and never could get them to play. After about 6 hours of digging online and reading a crap load of forums we finally figured it out. So we downloaded all programs and set to download all our 360 videos. We started the download on saturday August 7 about 6pm. It finally finished 7 days later. Now before anyone says my computer is slow i own a very pricy and very fast laptop. As i have to use for my work. Also we stopped the download about 6hours in and tried on my sons gaming computer. Same outcome. So back to the laptop we went. So when the downloads completed we proceeded to watch the footage. The footage was great on the files that actually downloaded. Out of the 58 we downloaded on 37 actually downloaded. And the rest were nothing except sound. We bought this to video my sons first trip to Airventures and there were plenty of him talking about how excited he was to go also we have video from the outside of the plane that is now gone. So i gave this camera 3 stars because the Hero foortage is excellent and the 360 footage what we could see was good except it is jerky. So buyers beware. If you plan on doing 360 videos with this camera you can only use the gopro app to see the footage or use their worthless computer program to download. Or if i read right buy some big expensive program from a third party. I am returning this camera and getting the Hero 9 since we can download directly onto the computer.

    2. Skindiver

      I like the 360 mode for photos. The stitching seems flawless. The voice command is helpful and helps with quick photos absent a lanyard. I like the toughness of the housing and the plastic protection lenses for the lenses. I’m always hiking in rough terrain and I would be pretty mad if I tapped the bare glass lens on a rock. They stick out like all 360 lenses and are vulnerable. Make sure to push them all the way down to avoid stitching errors. I have used it under water, but the light play from waves and water don’t allow for equal distribution of light which again causes stitching problems. A large plastic globe may solve that problem, but the way the lenses are offset from the center would probably again cause stitching errors due to globe distortion. I believe it’s best to use on land in rugged situations. No direct link to Google Streetview, but the work around of downloading to the phone then uploading to the app maintains the GPS data. Overall this is my second Max, the first overheated when I accidentally charged it under a blanket. Definitely buy the underwater housing if taking underwater. It will take great standard photos.

    3. Miles

      I ride dirt bikes and I’ve caught a lot I wouldn’t have caught with a normal camera, it’s durable I’ve had it fall off (my mistake with experimenting with different mounts) at a high rate of speed in dirt and the camera was fine, the clear lens protector gets scratched up pretty quick but I’m also rough on stuff, and it’s easy to buy the protectors after they get scratched (also it comes with the protectors) good camera

    4. Dar

      I’ve used this for both cross-country skiing, and more frequently for a bow-mounted kayak camera. I edit my footage on a PC using the software supply. The system works well for both the skiing and kayaking with a few limitations you have to accept and expect:1. Battery life is limited to about an hour’s footage. So if you’re hoping to capture a three-day kayak trip, forget it. On the plus side the voice command lets you stop and start recording so you don’t waste battery life recording the boring bits.2. When not in use, the battery charge declines noticeably day by day. Disappointing.3. I dislike the GoPro three prong mount – quite fiddly to attach to the three-prong receiver wherever you mount that.4. It’s a wide angle-lens. Does a great job on capturing the landscape around you, but don’t try to capture those swans or cygnets swimming in front of your kayak (or anything small). The image resolution is not good enough for that. You’ll still need a “real” camera for those shots.5. The GoPro Max comes with protective transparent domes to place over the fragile lenses. On occasion, I get condensation inside the domes which blurs the image. Possibly a result of a high-humidity day and then going out kayaking in cooler air on the lake? That aside, the waterproofing seems to work well. I’ve had the GoPro on the kayak while rolling the kayak and the GoPro survives that fine.6. GoPro also supplies protective, non-transparent, lens caps to cover the fragile lenses when not in use. Getting these off is fiddly and difficult. I’m tired of risking my thumbnails and now carry a small tool to pry these off.

    5. Jane

      I’ve used a lot of vr cameras- if you’re looking for a 360 budget option, this is it. Comparable to the 360 fly or Samsung gear but the software actually works and the picture quality is way better.

    6. Butch Elrod

      Much lower quality image than my old phone

    7. Raymond Kinne III

      360 degree footage is like a threesome with twins… great idea until you start to realize just how much work it’s going to involve as you justify the experience. There’s a ton of research you’ll need to do ahead of time. Software, editing technique, etc. it’s really important to remember that there is no desktop application provided by GoPro, so you’ll end up editing on mobile and that’s… well, that’s how it sounds. Imperfect and half-baked.Nice construction. Easy to use. Lots of accessories. Yada yada yada.

    8. Shaip Bakiji

      Great product

    9. Allyson

      Only thing is the battery life sucks and no one really talks about it. Lasts only a few hours. But overall pretty cool to rewatch you taking people to gapplebee’s

    10. Dar

      It does pretty good 360 pictures and video, but don’t expect the live streaming to work at all. At this point it will not work as a webcam, which would be awesome. The software and support from GoPro can be pretty underwhelming, but the self stitching works great and GoPro Player makes it quick and easy to export a usable video. At this point, I wish I had waited for the Max 2 to be released.

    11. James B

      Camera came without accessories and it looks like it was previously used. This is unacceptable.

    12. Kendra R. Stephens

      This is the best camera I’ve ever had. I ride a motorcycle & am getting some awesome footage with this. The best part is the 360 editing software is so easy to use & can be done from app on phone. I have had many many action cams & this is so much more quality.

    13. Jackie

      Great camera – lots of fun to use and has fantastic image stabilization out of the box.360° recording is dead simple, as is the supplied application for editing. With the right plugins, can also be done directly in Adobe Premiere after exporting the equirectilinear videos.I would HIGHLY recommend that you always use the lens protectors since the lenses protrude from the base enough that they become a liability. Better to replace a lens protector than to send a camera back for lens replacement!There are FAR better choices if all you want is a front-facing action camera. They won’t necessarily have as wide a field of view as the GoPro Max in “Hero mode” but they will offer modern video sizes (i.e. more than 1440 – seriously GoPro .. its 2021). Perhaps this can be a firmware update to push Hero mode into 2022 territory.This camera was bought for a very specific purpose, one that I am sure it will excel at given some serious simulation / practice. Awesome for 360° work where a moderately waterproof camera is necessary. I do not intend to do underwater work with this but wanted seriously “splash proof”

    14. Paul Colt

      The image and video quality are great for even large rooms, as is the audio capture so far.Definitely lives up to the rugged reputation.Also loves up to the support story claims about batteries. 1.5 months in, the stock battery is useless. Good news, there are many replacement batteries available on Amazon.Oh, this does not work with Matterport.

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    GoPro Max 360 Action Camera (WORKS GREAT!!)
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