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7 TheiaPro Camera Glasses are App Enabled Eyeglasses

The Theia PRO is a beautifully crafted DIY cross-over of an ultra-portable full HD recording device with your wearable glasses/glares that also come with an amazing concept of replaceable temple, letting you convert almost all of your glass/glares into a portable recording device. The TheiaPro Camera Glasses clip on camera, is not only is it Convenient, Simple and Fun, it’s also the safest way around to record all those special moments without compromising on your safety by not keeping your hands busy holding a hand-held recording device.

  • TheiaPro is equipped with a state of the art HD Camera. No more pulling out a device, opening app and focusing on camera to capture an image. Just look and capture with a press of a button.
  • Comes with a built-in flashlight, letting you make the most of your travel expeditions. Be it hiking or just a backyard night-out you can now focus on it, and not worry about searching flashlight or your smartphone app
  • Theia Pro comes with 3 MP Camera, 1080p FULL HD Video Recording, Wi-Fi Remote Control (10m), Expandable Memory (up to 32 GB)
  • Ergonomic Design and easy DIY installation with your existing glasses or shades

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7 TheiaPro App Enabled Eyeglasses Camera(Black) New
7 TheiaPro App Enabled Eyeglasses Camera(Black) New
Description Product Description The Theia PRO is a beautifully crafted DIY cross-over of an ultra-portable full HD recording device with your wearable glasses/glares that also come with an amazing concept of replaceable temple, letting...



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TheiaPro Camera Glasses
released on January 31, 2016


7 TheiaPro App Enabled EyeGlasses Camera Review

The 7 TheiaPro comes stocked with plenty of performance in this area with a 3 megapixel camera that’s capable of taking amazing pictures. This is despite the lack of …

7 TheiaPro App Enabled EyeGlasses Camera(Black)

Manufacturer Description The Theia PRO is a beautifully crafted DIY cross-over of an ultra-portable full HD recording device with your wearable glasses/glares that also …

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8. 7 TheiaPro App Enabled EyeGlasses Best in class for video recording, these smart glasses are perfect for hiking, traveling, and attending sporting events. 7 TheiaPro …


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8 Reviews for TheiaPro Camera Glasses

  1. Henri Savin

    The intentions are great, the implementation not that much.Let me explain…The idea is to have a reasonably priced wearable camera that could be adapted to various frames. So this HD camera is delivered with the cable to attach it to a computer USB port for charging (no wall adapter) and with a screwdriver to attach the camera to a different glass frame. They even added the standard left branch in case you want to use these glasses for any other use :)Unfortunately, although the concept is very nice, the implementation failed with many points.Let me start with the three most obvious issues I spotted:- This camera should have been conceived as a clip-on because the branch is not compatible with any of my standard glasses, viewing glasses or sunglasses… In consequence, in order to use it I have either to have to suffer from the sun as these are no sunglasses and I cannot use them while wearing my corrective glasses.- Pretty much every picture I took was blurry because of the movements of my head.- The buttons are of poor quality so you have to fumble with them to respond. To expand a bit on this, the manual says that you have to press the button twice fast to take a picture but it never worked for me. The sensitive feedback is very poor so I end up clicking madly to try to get some response….One workaround is to use the app to control the glasses and then the camera respond well. This also helps you to figure out exactly what you are taking as a picture but the drawbacks from this approach are also many:- It uses the Wifi to work so forget your standard Wifi- It sucks on the battery- The worse though is that you have to look at your screen to figure out where is the button to take the picture and then you are not looking at what you tried to capture anymore. It is ok for a video as it takes but a second but it is enough to mess up a nice picture.In consequence, I do not see myself using this camera much except when I am indoor and I am wearing my contact lenses. This may be fair enough while shooting my video games… That’s something I am going to try tonight but that’s about it as far as the uses I can imagine for the moment for it.However, I have also my doubts about it because the camera arm is consequent and certainly not compatible with my headset.Some other observations:- The commands are confusing. The same button has many functions depending on how you press it.- The arm gets a bit hot after a few minutes.

  2. rockisgeorge

    A hands free way to record and take pictures without strapping a video camera to your head. What a great concept, but I think TheiaPro still needs to work on it. Out of the box the glasses fit my head perfect, so I did not need to replace the non-camera arm to make adjustments. The first thing I though was, what if someone that required glasses wanted to use this? The camera side seems a bit heavy to be able to be attached to a real lighter set of glasses. The other thing that popped into my head was, I will have no protection from the sun if I use this outside.Setting up the app was easy enough and connecting the app to the glasses was also easy. The indicator lights on the camera are a bit confusing and unless you are using this on a constant basis, you will need to refer to the instructions every time. There is no hard drive space within the camera. You need to buy a mini SD card. They really should include on. You should know that the camera runs hot. You will feel it on the side of your head. Not so hot it burns, but warm.So, pictures and video. You’re not going to get a straight picture. Your head has a natural tilt. Despite previous reviews, the quality is fine. You have to download the picture from your SD card, to the app, to your phone. Kind of a pain. Taking pictures with the button on the camera is not convenient. You can’t tell what you are shooting unless you are looking at the phone app. You might as well use the button on the phone app. Actually, it’s really much easier to take the picture with your phone and forget about the eye glasses all together.The video recording is just strange. The camera only records in 1 minute increments. Instead of one continuous video (over 1 minute), it’s up to you to join them together with any editing software you might have. Once again you have to download from the SD card, to the app, to your phone. It really would be easier to take out your phone. You have to have it out already to see what your recording anyway. Looking for some sweet POV footage? The camera is a little to far to the left for that. Quality is excellent and clear once you download it to your phone. Watching it on the app it appears to be grainy. Using it for about 10 minutes drained a third of the battery.

  3. authorfiction3

    It’s cheap but it works well

  4. scott bourque

    Bluetooth does not work but WiFi to your phone works cons: gets hot when in WiFi pairing … beware!!! you can record without pairing either way its great for under 10 bucks 16 gb 4 hours i suspect 32gb card 8 hours 10 bucks im buying another…….. update i got this on deals and it was 10 bucks now its 33 bucks not cool bad reviews are probably correct but i got mine for $8.98 on amazon deals and for that price and operations on device very good.. and i must say so far so good

  5. Levi Quackenbush

    I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for these terrible glasses claiming to have video capability. After countless attempts and frustrated with the amount of time spent trying to link camera to phone, I sought out the help of the internet and eventually friends. The lack of resources for this item leaves me to believe that it is a scam of a product. The only positive reviews I can find are copied directly from the description and have little comment feedback. I’ve never felt as though I need to come back and leave a negative comment on a product, despite how terrible it might have been, but once I saw that the camera was back up to full price, I couldn’t stand the idea of having to pay full price!!! If the manufacture stands by their product then I challenge them to reply with a link that can walk me through a successful step by step instructions, or video, on how to connect my otherwise hunk of junk.

  6. Reymond

    works well for my needs-I run a manufacturing unit and it helps me record everything when i need as things can go crazy at times with a lot of moving parts. slightly heavy but functionality is very cool

  7. Zack Ogur

    Waste of money, the baterry overheats and the side with the camera slants due to weight.

  8. Mike Lewis

    Died after two uses

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