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Google Clips Camera

Discover a unique camera that automatically captures short motion photos of your family, friends and pets. With Google Clips you can hold it, clip it or set it down to get memorable, audio-free clips from unique perspectives.

  • Hands–free capture
  • Motion photos are sent straight to your phone
  • Unlimited storage with Google Pixel
  • Easy to upload and share
  • Save the perfect shot

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Capture every moment seamlessly and without interruption with the Google Clips Wearable Camera. This device harnesses the power of AI to automatically capture and curate moments in your life, so you no longer have to do the hard work. Freeing up your time so you can relax and enjoy your life, Google Clips seamlessly captures personal interactions, all while ignoring the rest. Benefit from the reassurance of never missing a moment again. With its compact and durable design, this camera can be taken anywhere and is incredibly easy to use. Forget the need to constantly pick up your phone and miss the moment, Google Clips takes care of everything for you. Share your life’s memories quickly and efficiently, without the worry of missing something important. Take your first step towards hands-free camera technology with Google Clips.



The Google Clips Wearable Camera is a small, lightweight, and easily portable device designed to capture and record moments from your life in the form of photos and short video clips. This innovative camera features smart technology that allows it to automatically take photos and videos when it detects a smile, a pose, or an interesting moment, without any need for manual controls or input. The camera has a 130-degree field of view and can take 15fps photos or 1080p videos. The pictures and videos are saved to the companion app on your phone, where you can edit and share them with your friends and family. The Google Clips also comes with a clip-on stand that allows you to attach the camera to your clothes or other objects, ensuring that you capture every moment, without needing to hold the camera yourself. The camera also has a built-in battery that can last for up to three hours of continuous use. This device is perfect for those who want to capture special moments without having to worry about taking the time to set up a traditional camera.


Recording DefinitionStandard Definition
Country/Region of ManufactureChina
Google Clips Wearable Camera
released on February 27, 2018


Google Clips Review | PCMag

Google Clips is cute. It's a 2-inch square, 0.8-inch deep camera that weighs 2.1 ounces and fits in a little rubbery cover that has a clip on it, thus the name.

Google Clips Review: A smart camera that makes Dad proud ...

Google Clips, however, doesn't feature a ruggedized design, isn't waterproof, and has a somewhat simplified look to it. Instead, Google Clips is a $250 smart camera. At least that's what Google ...

Farewell, Google Clips – TechCrunch

Update: Google has confirmed that it will be discontinuing the device. The company tells TechCrunch, Starting with Pixel 3, we integrated Clips technology into the Photobooth feature, which helps ...


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Google Inc. is an American multinational corporation which provides Internet-related products and services, including Internet search, cloud computing, software and advertising technologies. Advertising revenues from AdWords generate almost all of the company’s profits. – View Profile

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11 Reviews for Google Clips Wearable Camera

  1. bumpadeek

    The camera produces wide angle shots of mid res quality. I have not experienced the AI features claimed for this product.

  2. Adnan Aziz

    Great concept, good picture quality & battery life but not smart enough.The idea is super-compelling, and I thought with Google’s AI technology it would be save the the hassle of remembering to take out my phone.The AI is mediocre, it takes the same shots over and over again, e.g., when we were in a desert, it captured dozens of practically identical images of sand and sky. The app is also kludgy, connection is not seamless.The build quality of the camera is decent but the enclosing case is feels cheap.The picture quality is surprisingly good, which is why I’m keeping the review at 4 stars.

  3. Mr. P.

    Amazing. Especially now with the new software updates.Captures so many amazing moments.

  4. abhishekreddcha…

    This is not at all worth the price. It doesn’t capture any good pictures. Battery on this device drains very quickly even without much workload. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. DOnt waste your money.

  5. advertis21ing

    really cool camera and easy software to take pictures and moments anywhere!

  6. Hugh Mungous

    Getting this to a position to take good photos is exceedingly difficult. Takes pictures of empty space when nothing is happening.

  7. Justin Oxentine

    I absolutely love the Google clips camera. You just said it and forget it and it will capture your most memorable moments.

  8. an outdoors guy

    I have never given a four-star review to an item that only lasted me 5 minutes before it was gone for good, but I find myself in that curious situation right now.It’s a little pricey, but picture quality is great and it takes selfies automatically. My plan was to mount it next to the cat’s drinking fountain to get some great pictures of them drinking their water and splashing and such. But first of all I just set it out in the open up on a bookshelf.The actual item is so darn small I love it, but I was a little worried it might get lost leaving it with my cats alone, they are very mischievous.My silly goose thinking at the time, was that I’ll go ahead and risk leaving the camera out in the open, and if a cat smacks it or knocks it behind furniture, I should get a picture of the feline perpetrator mid crime.I only got one picture. My huge Maine Coon cat smacked it aside and I don’t know how far it flew but I’ve never seen it since. The picture posted with this review is the only picture my clips ever gave me, before my huge cat ate the camera or hid it somewhere where I still can’t find it now many months later.Yeah I know, real funny. :-(Great little camera though. Very, very mischievous cats.

  9. Jegathesh

    waste of money. poor customer support for any google clips related issues.

  10. Jacob Connell

    It is great design and easy to setup. The problem was the camera didn’t take pictures based on motion and I lost alot of pictures that I thought was being taken.

  11. Davis Akasaki

    Does exactly as intended.

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