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Perfecore Leg Massager for Circulation
Perfecore Leg Massager for Circulation
Perfecore Leg Massager for Circulation


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3 reviews for Leg Massager for Circulation

  1. AR

    My boyfriend just got out of a hip adjustment surgery on his right side. Being unable to use his leg from the surgery, he has seriously developed numbness on his calves and thighs. I bought this for him to try out as it says it assists in proper blood circulation everywhere below the hip area where he really needs to focus on as he isn’t using much of his legs yet. He has tried it today and he was so happy! He loves it and describes it as the perfect blood flow circulation tool especially for his conditions now.This is amazing for him and thumbs up for this!!

  2. Cassidy D Kirk

    I purchased this item for my dad. He is a Vietnam veteran with Parkinson’s disease. So far, the disease only affects the right side of his body. He’s been dealing with lots of leg cramps from it so I thought this might be worth a try. It arrived this morning. Today has been a rough day for him so I rushed it to him. It’s just the first day, and he says it’s really helping! He says it helps to alleviate the tremors. This is great! He also noted he’s seen the VA doctors use these on some patients.The product is made of great quality! It has several modes and intensities which is nice! It is packaged nicely in a box with instructions! Ships quickly! Thank you!

  3. Really COOL MaN!

     So I tried my leg compression massager out in my office chair. (and as you can see in the video) the tile floor was slick and that chair I was not the most comfortable starting place to enjoy the benefits of this leg compression massage machine. It was nice to see how this massage machine feels on my legs when it is fully inflated.For when I am using my massager in the future. I found out it is best to find a comfortable spot 1st thing. I prefer a spot on a carpeted area or somewhere you won’t slip. My tile floor is like slippery butter when wearing these leg compressions sleeves. So if you have hardwood floors or tile, like me. Please be careful and avoid slipping.Now because that is the case does not take away from how great these make my legs feel, and I would like to let you know that overall my favorite use for this massagers has been using them while I sleep in my bed.I have had issues with circulation from my younger days as a needle junkie. When I lay down for over an hour my limbs fall asleep and I would have to slowly sit up and allow blood to flow before I could walk. But now if I wear my new leg compression massager on while I rest. I am able to get up and walk right after a long rest. Without issues with my circulation and my legs are ready to go at any moment. I love the feeling of blood pumping through my legs.Plus no dead legs.

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