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Myovolt Knee & Leg Wearable Recovery Massage

Use the Myovolt Knee & Leg wearable massage device for soothing vibration therapy to help alleviate sore, stiff, painful leg muscles and Joints. The Myovolt offers quick relief and recovery from sprains, arthritis, and ligament injuries.

  • WEARABLE MASSAGE THERAPY: Engineered to Reduce Soreness, Increase Flexibility/Range of Movement and Increase Circulation around the knee, calf and thigh muscles helping you to Recover Faster. Used by professional athletes and physios.
  • CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY: Digitally controlled clinical vibration device for wearing comfortably around the leg (knee, calf, thigh). Patented soft and flexible award winning design.
  • BACKED BY CLINICAL RESEARCH: Warm up, loosen, relax and recover sore/stiff leg muscles and joints. The intensity of the vibrations are gentle and do not cause intense thumping like a percussion massage gun. Myovolt leg kit is clinically proven to impact and cause relief in the affected areas. One size fits most.
  • DIGITAL CONTROLS: Allowing you to select from three physio designed treatment programs that are effective for Warmup, Soreness relief and Recovery. Embedded Lithium battery power lasts up to 10 treatments without recharging.
  • FAST RESULTS: Get results in just a 10 minute treatment and very easy to use. The leg massager is ideal for pain relief surrounding Sprains, Knee joint pain, Torn Ligament relief, Runners Knee, Arthritis, Shin Splint, Injuries, Post surgery recovery and also for pre/post workout recovery. Portable, Cordless, Lightweight and comfortable to wear anytime, anywhere under or over clothing. Use it at Home, Gym, Work or while travelling.

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Myovolt Vibration Massage Wearable Knee Kit
Myovolt Vibration Massage Wearable Knee Kit


The Myovolt Knee Wearable Recovery is the perfect solution for those in need of a reliable and effective way to recover from knee injuries. This cutting-edge device is designed to offer a range of benefits that are specifically tailored to help you recover faster and with minimal pain. Thanks to its advanced technology, the Myovolt Knee Wearable Recovery is able to work deep within the muscles, promoting faster healing and increased mobility. This device allows you to become more active during your recovery process, which can help to speed up the process and get you back to your everyday activities in no time. With its comfortable and easy-to-use design, the Myovolt Knee Wearable Recovery is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an efficient, effective, and affordable way to recover from knee injuries. Whether you're an athlete or a regular person, this product is sure to help you achieve the pain relief and recovery you need.



The Myovolt Knee is an innovative wearable recovery device designed to help athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals with knee pain recover quickly and efficiently. This compact device is worn like a knee sleeve and uses a combination of vibration therapy and thermal therapy to alleviate pain and speed up the recovery process. It comes equipped with four built-in vibration motors that can be easily adjusted and controlled to deliver deep, penetrating vibrations to the knee area. The device also features a heating element that can be switched on to provide soothing thermal therapy that increases blood flow, relieves stiffness, and promotes healing. The Myovolt Knee is ergonomically designed and made of high-quality, breathable fabric that fits comfortably around the knee without restricting movement. It is easy to use, rechargeable, and comes with a range of adjustable settings that can be customized according to individual preferences. Overall, the Myovolt Knee is a highly effective recovery tool that can help reduce knee pain and stiffness, improve mobility, and speed up the healing process.


Brand NameMyovolt
Item Weight1.21 pounds
Part NumberKT1008
SizeOne Size
UNSPSC Code53100000
Myovolt Knee Wearable Recovery
released on November 6, 2017


Myovolt Knee & Leg Kit

Myovolt Knee & Leg Kit US$130.00 This cutting edge wearable massage device uses vibration to warm-up, loosen and relieve sore or stiff muscles and joints. For the left or right knee, quad, aducter and calf muscles.

Myovolt I Wearable Vibration Technology for Sports ...

Myovolt is as comfortable to wear as a sports strap, but here's the breakthrough, get your warm-up and recovery delivered direct to your body, anytime, anywhere. Myovolt is the lightest, most portable vibration technology available. This treatment is hands-free and won't slow you down.

Knee & Leg Strap - Myovolt®

Myovolt, pioneers of Wearable Vibration Therapy, an advanced sports recovery technology engineered for post-exercise muscle and joint soreness and stiffness relief. Clinically validated to prevent DOMS and improve range of motion. Wear Myovolt anywhere, anytime for fast targeted vibration treatment post-exercise.


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3 Reviews for Myovolt Knee Wearable Recovery

  1. Marshall Bartlett

    Excellent product. Customer service is top notch and hassle free. With a sore MCL I have felt a noticeable improvement over two weeks of daily use.

  2. Ivy

    great product and seems well made.I get amazing stiffness relief on my injured knee with this. using it 3 times a week now

  3. Lis

    This myovolt knee & leg kit was a poor product. Only used this twice and it doesn’t work….get tired of sending stuff back to amazon. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this item to anyone …I really needed this for a sore knee joint.But instead I’m very disappointed and disgusted.

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