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Myovolt Shoulder Pain Wearable Massage

Use the Myovolt Shoulder wearable massage device for soothing vibration therapy to help alleviate sore, stiff, painful shoulder muscles. The Myovolt offers quick relief and recovery from frozen shoulder, bursitis, and other shoulder injuries.

  • WEARABLE MASSAGE THERAPY: Engineered to Reduce Soreness, Increase Flexibility/Range of Movement and Increase Circulation around the shoulder muscles helping you to Recover Faster. Used by professional athletes and physios.
  • CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY: Digitally controlled clinical vibration device for wearing comfortably around the shoulder. Patented soft and flexible award winning design.
  • BACKED BY CLINICAL RESEARCH: Warm up, loosen, relax and recover sore/stiff shoulder muscles and joints. The intensity of the vibrations are gentle and do not cause intense thumping like a percussion massage gun. Myovolt shoulder kit is clinically proven to impact and cause relief in the affected areas. One size fits most.
  • DIGITAL CONTROLS: Allowing you to select from three physio designed treatment programs that are effective for Warmup, Soreness relief and Recovery. Embedded Lithium battery power lasts up to 10 treatments without recharging.
  • FAST RESULTS: Get results in just a 10 minute treatment and very easy to use. The shoulder massage tool is ideal for pain relief surrounding Frozen shoulder, Bursitis, Stiff Shoulder, Injuries, Post surgery recovery and also for pre/post workout recovery. Portable, Cordless, Lightweight and comfortable to wear anytime, anywhere under or over clothing. Use it at Home, Gym, Work or while travelling.

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Myovolt Wearable Vibration Technology For Movement & Recovery - SHOULDER
Myovolt Wearable Vibration Technology For Movement & Recovery -...


Myovolt Wearable Recovery Technology provides a drug-free solution to alleviate shoulder pain. It offers immediate and long-lasting relief through medical-grade vibration therapy that penetrates deep into the muscles, increasing blood flow and loosening tissue tension. You can simply wear it under your clothes and continue your daily activities without any interruption. The technology is non-invasive, lightweight, and rechargeable. With its portable design, it is perfect for use at home, work or on the road. By using Myovolt, you can reduce the severity of your pain, improve your flexibility, and prevent further injury to the shoulder. It is an excellent alternative to expensive and time-consuming visits to a physical therapist or chiropractor. Don’t let shoulder pain limit your daily life, Myovolt Wearable Recovery Technology can help you get back to your normal routine.



The Myovolt Wearable Recovery Technology for Shoulder Pain is a cutting-edge solution designed to provide relief to people who suffer from shoulder pain. This innovative therapy system comprises a compact, portable device that delivers targeted electrical stimulation to the shoulder muscles to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and promote relaxation. The device features a range of customizable settings to cater to each user's specific needs and preferences, offering ample flexibility to adjust the intensity, frequency, and duration of the therapy as desired. Moreover, the device is equipped with smart sensors that monitor the user's muscle response and adjust the therapy accordingly, ensuring optimal efficiency and safety. The Myovolt Wearable Recovery Technology for Shoulder Pain is easy to use, lightweight, and discreet, making it ideal for use at home, at work, or on the go. With this technology, users can overcome chronic shoulder pain, speed up their recovery from injuries or surgeries, and improve their overall shoulder health and mobility.


Myovolt Wearable Recovery Technology for Shoulder Pain
released on November 6, 2017



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7 Reviews for Myovolt Wearable Recovery Technology for Shoulder Pain

  1. chris gouveia

    I got this for my son, who has already had one shoulder surgery and now has to have the other shoulder repaired also. He has to handle heave battery cables on refrigeration containers on ships and its very hard on your shoulders. He has a tear that has to be surgically repaired, so this device can’t fix that, but it does give him relief until the surgery is done. He also uses it on the shoulder that has been repaired to keep it healthy. He likes that it molds over the shoulder and stays put unlike a heating pad or ice pack. Just an FYI if you’re considering buying this, the strap will not fit on a big guy so make sure you order an extra strap. I was going to return the device, but the seller sent me the strap and now it fits great. This is a very professional seller with great customer service.

  2. TheMag7

    Quite honestly, just take your smartphone, strap it to your body with some velcro and set it to vibrate for 10 min. You’ll likely have the same effect.I was a sucker to fall for the marketing. Glad I could return.

  3. Woinshet Negi

    I got rilife after I was bought this prodact!

  4. Ryan Murphy

    Was skeltical bit Seems to actually work. Have more range of motion in shoulder after using. Batter life is decent.

  5. Ms. TRULYN

    I liked how vibrations help my sore muscles.

  6. tookewl

    I bought this from elsewhere and I am totally disappointed. It has very light vibration, that doesn’t do anything. Not even sure it gets below the first layer of skin. I think 20-30 $ massage units do much better than this.

  7. Clara B

    Gimmicky, not worth the money. Not even close.

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