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Wireless Eye Massager

Relieve eye fatigue & strain, improve sleep, reduce puffiness/dark circles.

RENPHO Eye Massager - Relieves stress, reduces puffiness, 5 massage modes, built-in speakers.

- Relaxing
- Portable
- Adjustable


- Pricey
- Limited battery life

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RENPHO Wireless Eye Massager

This wireless Bluetooth shiatsu massager can help relieve fatigue and eye strain, leading to improved sleep. Using a combination of heat, air pressure, and vibration the eye massager can also help alleviate dry eyes, dark circles, and eye bags.

  • Your Trusted Eye Masseur – Gently massages the area around your eyes with consistent air pressure and hot compress technology to relieve stress and tension. With regular use, this lightweight and portable massager can also help reduce under-eye circles?dry eye and puffiness.
  • Ergonomic Design – Devoted to give your eyes the best enjoyment with easy one-click operation, breathable leather, 180 degree foldable design and a simple USB charging. It is lightweight for comfortable wear and easy travel. You can fold it up and easily put it in a travel bag.
  • Five Different Modes – ENEACRO eye massager operates easily and offers five different massage modes which you can choose from for the most desirable air pressure, vibration, and warm compress massage to relax and refresh the eye area. Using 15 minutes before sleeping can relieve fatigue and help you enjoy a deep relaxing sleep.
  • Bring Your Eyes and Ears Comfort – the eye massager has built-in speakers with pre-recorded nature sounds or enjoy your own music from your devices via Bluetooth.


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Eneacro Wireless Eye Massager For Dry Eye Dark Circles Eye Bags With Heating,Air
Eneacro Wireless Eye Massager For Dry Eye Dark Circles Eye Bags...
ENEACRO Wireless Eye Massager, Heating & Music
ENEACRO Wireless Eye Massager, Heating & Music


Ease the tension in your eyes and alleviate headaches with our Wireless Eye Massager. Our user-friendly design offers easy control settings and a comfortable fit, allowing you to relax and experience the benefits of a revitalizing massage in the comfort of your own home. The massager's advanced technology employs gentle air compression, heat, and vibration to soothe and stimulate pressure points around the eyes. The warming function alleviates fatigue and reduces puffiness, while the vibrating massage increases blood circulation, thus reducing dryness and promoting healthier skin around the eyes. With its compact and wireless design, you can take our Eye Massager wherever you go, whether it's to the office, the gym, or when traveling. With our Wireless Eye Massager, you can feel the immediate relief and relaxation that your eyes deserve.

  • Your Trusted Eye Masseur - Relieves stress and tension, reduces under-eye circles, dry eye and puffiness
  • Ergonomic Design - Easy one-click operation, lightweight for comfortable wear and easy travel
  • Five Different Modes - Choose from 5 massage modes for desired air pressure, vibration and warm compress massage, can be used before sleep to relieve fatigue
  • Bring Your Eyes and Ears Comfort - Built-in speakers with pre-recorded nature sounds or play music via Bluetooth
  • Revolutionary High-Quality Eye Care - Delivers gentle eye massage to stimulate blood flow and reduce eye fatigue, adjustable heat settings, portable and wireless, rechargeable battery, effective for digital eye strain


    Wireless Eye Massager
    released on September 11, 2019



    The Wireless Eye Massager is a revolutionary device designed to provide high-quality eye care and relaxation. It works by using advanced technology to deliver a gentle massage to the eye area, which stimulates blood flow and reduces eye fatigue. The device is equipped with adjustable heat settings, which help to relieve eye strain and soothe tired muscles. It also features a built-in Bluetooth speaker, allowing users to listen to their favourite music or meditation sounds while receiving treatment. With its portable and wireless design, the eye massager can be conveniently used anywhere and at any time. Its rechargeable battery can run for up to two hours on a single charge, depending on the heat setting selected. The massager is perfect for individuals who spend long hours working on computers, reading, or driving, as it helps to alleviate the symptoms of digital eye strain and promote relaxation. Overall, the Wireless Eye Massager is an effective, affordable and easy-to-use solution for anyone seeking to improve their eye health and wellbeing.


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    14 Reviews for Wireless Eye Massager

    1. Qiaoran Li

      Good packaging and speedy delivery. I work on computers all day long, and have been experiencing eye strain and migraine. My husband bought me this little device to try, and it was such a good investment. I’ve integrated it to my bedtime routine, and I wish I had tried it earlier.I find the device is best used while laying down, or at least with your head resting on the back of a sofa/arm chair. The way, the device sits securely on your face giving it the best contact. There’s a few different mode on the device, which involves different vibrating frequency, air bag rhythm, localized heat treatment, and music. I love the setting where all three functions are applied. The heat and pressure from the airbags and rolling pins inside really makes a difference.The best way to describe how it feels is that, when someone is massaging your temple and eye frame, while applying heat. The only thing that bothered me at first is that I didn’t know how to use it without the music, because sometimes, my husband will be watching the tv when I’m using it, it would be nice to not disturb him. When I contacted the seller about this, they quickly responded and told me that “double clicking” the power button will turn off the music. So, thank you!My husband is also enjoying the device, so I guess we have to purchase another one soon unless we want to continue flighting over this one lol… highly recommended!

    2. Lee C

       This wireless eye mask is quite loud. I can’t sleep with it on because it’s like wearing goggles and it’s noisy. It has 5 different modes and 4 of them have its own melody except for sleep mode. However like I said it is hard to sleep with it on. The volume on the melodies can not be changed unless you connect it with Bluetooth and listen to your music player. I like to play sleep music on my Spotify app. Though, the melody on the first mode is my favorite, very soothing. The modes consist of, heat, squeezing and releasing and thumping/knocking motion. Each mode either consists of all or some feature. It does not hurt and is peasant to wear. It will auto shut off after 15 minutes. A full charge lasts many sessions. It has helped me with me headaches, just wish it help put me to sleep too.

    3. J.H.K

      Pretty cool eye massager. It has multiple modes and has Bluetooth that can connect to your phone and music library. My kids used it and they enjoy it. It’s not too expensive so I wanted to try it. I don’t regret it. Helps me relax and I wore it and fell asleep. Looks cool. The only negative thin i can say is that the music built in with the device could have a better music selection. Besides that I recommend it.

    4. Sarah

      This product is fantastic. my eyes are always on the phone and tablet, so my eyes feel tired and dry I’ve been using this eye massager daily. I feel that this helps alleviate my stress level and gives me comfort. There is a heat function implemented in the device and mitigates pressure around the eye area. It’s a lightweight device, so it feels pretty comfortable for the entire Pre-programmed session.

    5. DWIN

      This is a very cool product. After 8-10 hour days staring at a computer, this helps my tired eyes.

    6. AStar

      Sometimes when you come across interesting gadgets you wonder how far technology has advanced to make our life easier. I work almost 100 hours or more in front of a PC in a week so the eyes take most of the brunt. My eyes have become weaker over the years but since we spend most of our time in front of electronic devices, the eyes get impacted the most. Till now I was using home remedies to wash eyes with hot water and keep a warm hot cloth on the eyes to reduce the pain and irritation due to long term use of computers. A family friend recommended to get this eye massager and I couldn’t be happier. This massager massages the areas around the eyes with air pressures and hot compress. I am using it daily before sleeping to reduce the fatigue and interesting it also helps with getting better sleep at night. It has Bluetooth speaker and music option which is great if you want to use to for longer duration. The material is also pretty good. It has 5 different modes and it comes with a pouch for carrying it on travel trips. Charging is easy with USB cord and connector that comes with the packages. A great investment for protecting one of the most important parts of our body.

    7. candacelovejuly

      Although the tax filing due date extended to 07/15, I bought this “black technology” at the busiest time. And, yes, I am an accountant. Everyday I must work at least 10 hours in front of screen. I was thinking if I bought a eye spa thing, at least my eyes would not be blind at the end of tax season. I choose this one. Very good choice, and definitly a ” black technology”. Press button for 3 sec, then I have the most wonderful time of a day. As it is decribed, it is portable. You can take it to your car, to your office, and to anywhere you like, only if you remember to charge it when you sleep. It can use for many times per charge. Very convenient. It has many model, and I like the comprehensive model the most, which combines relax music, air pressure, vibration, and warm compress, really like you go to a massage store. Enjoy it!

    8. loove water

      Work at front of computer all day, sometime feel eye tired and dry. My friend recommend me eye massager which first time heard. I searched on amazon and found they are not cheap . Happens chosen this one and tried more than a week. What I can say is great product. 1. it fit my face perfect. when I opened I suspected it will fit my face. but inside soft cushion make it fits perfectly. 2. looks heavy, but actually not, most of the parts are plastic. 3 the massage movement is great although the tapping is a little too light. 4 I like the music it makes me fall in sleep.

    9. Rong

      always wanted a eye massager consider I always look at computer screen at work and my eye gets very tired from looking at the screen 9 hours per day. it use air pressure and vibration to slowly massage your eye and surrounding area, if you use it before going to bed, it will really helps you put you to sleep. I love it, I been using it every day since I got this.

    10. Kelly

      I’m always feeling very tired in eyes because of high myopia. That’s why I bought this eyed massage. It could apply a lot of pressure to my eyes. At first it was a little bit uncomfortable, after several times, I got used to it. The device does exactly what is described, such as massage, heat, bluetooth. I like the heat function best which makes my eyes so warm and relaxed. Very nice. I’m working from home now, and using the device daily.The only concern is I found it a bit heavy especulially in a upright seated position.

    11. Sheng Yang

      I Just received this eye massager last week and is already broken. It can’t even be recharged. No choice but return it.

    12. Mickey Nguyen

      The music can be annoying while you try to relax and enjoy the device. Other than that this is the only one works best so far

    13. Joe

       This is definitely an interesting product that my wife picked up along with another massager by this company. I reviewed the last one as it was a traditional one that I used for typical sore muscles and relaxation. As you know during this time we are spending more and more time in front of screens and computers more so than normal and I began to notice how fatigued my eyes were getting. Now I also wear blue light blocking glasses which help but none the less I was still getting digital eye strain. After going awhile with tired eyes I decided why not give this a shot. I have to admit that I had a biased view of it and thought it was more of a female beauty product. I have to say it has definitely helped and have been pleasantly surprised by the results as well as the ease of use and battery life of this product. It’s definitely worth giving this product a shot its certainly been a surprise product for me but definitely worth it.

    14. JIan chen

      I have tried to buy an eye mask with a heating function before. It costs me more than four dollar per piece. It is a disposable item and I haven’t insisted on using it for long. This product can not only heat, but also relax massage in time, and also have music, I am very happy to buy it, I believe this product should be liked by many people, very marketable. I really want to protect my eyes, but I can’t stand the temptation of cell phone, and I can’t insist on doing eye exercises. I hope it can help me. It is better to lie down than to sit when use it.My only suggestion is the machine can increase the massage power on the inside and front of the eyes, which will make me more comfortable.

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