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Kovoda USB Eye Massager

This eye massager from Kovoda is electric and wireless. It uses a combination of air pressure, heat, compression, and vibration to offer a soothing temple massage. Great for Headache relief and dark eye circles treatment, oh and did we mention its foldable as well!

  • Infrared Heat Therapy: 35~45 degrees constant temperature heat to alleviate dry eyes.Special infrared heating to improve hypo dermis blood vessel dilatation, relief eye fatigue. You can use it before bedtime for 15 minutes(default time setting), it helps with your sleep.
  • Music: built-in speakers provide a relaxing musical massage, with your favorite songs – It has an internal memory to record your own songs in MP-3 format and get relaxed with your favorite music – Volume control and forward/rewind song option
  • Elegant Appearance: Wear resisting anti collision ABS shell .Soft breathable TPU material gives you utmost comfortable. 4 massage modes, equipped with 5 default massage modes. 15 minutes settled each time.
  • Smart Air Pressure Massage: eye massager machine has built-in microcomputer, control changeable air pressure, adjust the best condition automatically according to different faces.
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery and USB charging provide maximum portability. The headband tightness could be adjusted to fit most people’s head.Unique 180 degree fold-able design gives you a great fit, easy storage and easy carry in travel or trip.


Electric Eye Care Massager Eyewear Vibration USB Wrinkle Fatigue Relieve Therapy

Flexible eye massager vibrator electric ion eyes massage instrument augenmassage maske masaje ocular vasos Product Function 1.With 26pcs magnetic massage point, simulated like acupuncture, but it is needless. 2. 9 kinds of massage modes recycle when massage....

Electric Eye Care Massager Eyewear Vibration USB Wrinkle Fatigue Relieve Therapy

Description #1-Eye Massager 1. [Multi Frequency Vibration] 9 different vibration modes combined with built-in magnets can automatically switch to provide multifunctional and multi-purpose acupoint massaging around your eyes area, helping relieve eye fatigue and relax...

Portable Intelligent Wireless Eye Massager Wireless USB Charging Relieve Fatigue

无标题文档 Descriptions: Product name: Eye Massager Rated voltage: DC 5V Power:3.4W Power A:AC100-240V Bluetooth: yes Mode:5 Feature: 1.Intelligent Eye Massager: The newest intelligent eye massager in 2019. With comprehensive function and elegant appearance, the wireless...


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10 Reviews for USB Eye Massager

  1. Stev

    I feel as if this was a great product to have use after work, not on a daily basis. This product contains different modes which in honesty I just went straight for the “automatic mode”. There is options how ever to turn off the music by double clicking the power button which I found to be helpful. When on your head, I do advice using headphones listening to some sort of podcast or video because the machine does get a little annoying hearing it operate. I wish how ever it would be a little bit stronger so that way I can actually use it for my daily use of interest. Why I say in the beginning that its use for after work and not on a daily basis is that it doesn’t feel as luxury after a pain of a job then something like waking up in the morning and using it.

  2. Ange M

    For the price, it did a very good job massaging my temples and eyes. I purchased the HOTINLEE Eye Mask Massage before for $10 more and the Hotinlee one was the worst. I feel like the Bromose uses the same software/hardware as Hotinlee because the audios are identical. Same female greeting voice, same default music. This eye messager does not have blue tooth functions, so users must listen to the default music if they want to use the full features. I personally want to give this massager a 4.5 star just because I find the intro music a bit annoying (Beethoven’s Symphony #9 is not the most relaxing music out there). However, kudos to the pressure this things gives.. It really squeeze your temples and various acupuncture points around your eyes. The heat is very gentle and the music speaker on the Bromose massager is softer than the Hotinlee one. Which I prefer because it won’t annoy the people around me as much.Overall, I am very happy with the purchase, for half of the price of what the other eye massagers cost on Amazon, this one does the trick. My eyes feels great after spending a few minutes with it. 🙂

  3. JaX M

    I did not know what to expect but I did not expect this. It massages your temples and has heat. I just tried it once but I am already hooked. I wish I would have found this a lot sooner. It looks so futuristic and cool too. You can’t beat the price. It’s worth every penny.

  4. velvetmorning

    I have a sleeping problem and dark circle on my under eye . I bought this to see if this can help me sleep. It actually works better than I thought, it’s very warm that improves blood circulation on my eye area , it also have couple different modes either strong or light that really soften my eyes . I’d like to put some eye cream on then wear it to sleep ,that keeps me slept a lot faster , the surface of the inside is washable so makeup or skin care won’t ruin it .

  5. Private

    The product is quite good. The first eye massager I have purchased so far. There are several little cons it has:-after connecting via bluetooth to listen music, the device no more turns off automatically after 15 minutes.-the battery lasts for 5 sessions (1 hour and 15 minutes all together) and not for 3 hours-when battery is low, the devices tells about it all the time, so You can’t enjoy the device when the battery is low.-it doesn’t have integrated musicThe rest are just pros 🙂

  6. Chris

    This massager is awesome. The heat is a lot warmer than I expected it to be and the air pressure hits just the right spots .I wear glasses and work on a computer most of the day which gives me headaches pretty often. But this eye massager is pretty good.

  7. CHILL

    This takes a little getting used to. I wasn’t sure what to expect but desperate to try anything to prevent and relieve migraines. The motor is loud. It is a different sensation not really massaging but applying pressure, squeezing and then releasing. It is an odd, uncomfortable pressurr almost when you think it is too uncomfortable the pressure relases and it feels oddly relaxing. The “music” is very loud (haven’t figured out how to decrease volume yet) and the ocean and birds are too much so don’t prefer that setting. Can’t imagine using the “music” during a migraine. Overall, I am growing to like it but it does take some adjustment. Would like something that is more massaging though.

  8. Anne M. Maxwell

    If you get a lot of “eye-aches” like I do, you may want to consider getting something like this. I work where I have to look at a computer for most of the day, so I would often eventually get head-aches behind my eyes due to eye strain. A couple weeks after using this product regularly and I didn’t notice them–I don’t remember getting any during that time. Then for about two weeks or so I hadn’t used it and I got another “eye-ache”.The only not-so-great things about the product is that 1) it would be nice if they could give you a variety of song-tracks to listen to besides just the one. I know there’s supposed to be a way to turn off the music, but I like it on to know how far along I am in the 15-min therapy. 2) and this may be more particular to me is that I have to keep moving it up usually since it slips down on my face. That is very minor though; it probably can’t be helped much. But I do wish they’d do something more with the music, give you more options. To me the song-track isn’t too bad to listen to, much of it is kinda nice. But it gets tiring to hear the same thing over and over again. Well, that’s pretty minor to when compared to the benefits.Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has problems with eye-strain. For me, it helped out tremendously.

  9. S

    Decent massage, the music/sounds I think are to help cover noise of massager. (Not a bad thing) you can turn volume all way down if you dont want the music/ sounds. Heats pretty good.

  10. Tonya Savage Smith

    Big disappointment, holds no power in the pulsing sensation. That is the most important thing. Doesn’t do anything. Nothing.

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USB Eye Massager

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