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Dexcom G6

Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring Wearable Sensor

Always know your glucose number and where it’s headed with the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system. Simply use the one touch applicator to easily insert a small sensor beneath your skin. The sensor continuously monitors your glucose levels and sends the data wirelessly via a transmitter, you can then view the data in real-time on a smartwatch, smartphone, or dedicated Dexcom display. Simplify your Diabetes management with the Dexcom G6 GCM.

  • 10-day water-resistant wear sensor
  • Zero Fingerpricks / Zero Fingersticks!
  • Customizable Alerts & Alarms so your glucose numbers are only a glance away
  • Share Your Glucose Data with up to 10 followers
  • Keeps you in control of your Diabetes


New D-Com G6 Sensors X 3
New D-Com G6 Sensors X 3. Condition is "New with box". Shipped with Standard Shipping.


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  • At you can purchase Dexcom G6 GCM for only 299.99, which is 15% less than the cost in eBay ($354.00).
  • The lowest price of New D-Com G6 Sensors X 3 was obtained on February 27, 2021 1:48 am.

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Dexcom G6 GCM

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1 Review for Dexcom G6 GCM

  1. Diabetes Dave

    The Dexcom G6 has changed my life after being diagnosed with diabetes last year. I had been struggling with the finger pricks and remember to check my glucose I had no idea how I was going to go through this instrumental change in my life. Then I was introduced to the G6 from my doctor and it has practically saved me from falling into depression. The G6 from Dexcom has transformed my diabetes management. Highly recommend to everyone else with this daily hardship.

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Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System ...

The Dexcom G6 is FDA-permitted for people with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes to make diabetes treatment decisions with zero fingersticks and no calibration.* *If your glucose alerts and readings from the G6 do not match symptoms or expectations, use a blood glucose meter to make diabetes treatment decisions. GET STARTED WITH DEXCOM G6

Compare Dexcom G6 Prices - GoodRx

Dexcom G6 is part of the Medical Supplies and Devices class and treats Diabetes Type 2 and Diabetes Type 1. Medical supplies and devices are prescription and over-the-counter items used to assist in the treatment of various medical conditions such as dry mouth, diabetes, asthma, and nausea.

How Do CGM Systems Work? | The Dexcom G6 CGM

Every 5 minutes, up to 288 times a day, the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System provides a real-time look at your glucose readings. Trend arrows and vivid colors displayed on your smart device † show you the speed and direction your glucose is heading – so it’s easier to make diabetes management decisions.*

FAQs Dexcom G6 CGM System | Dexcom

Find answers to your questions about Dexcom G6 CGM System, sensors, transmitters, coverage, and diabetes management.

Is Dexcom covered by Medicare? | Dexcom

The Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System is covered by Medicare for patients who meet the Medicare coverage criteria. Medicare coverage for therapeutic CGM includes certain beneficiaries who have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes and intensively manage their insulin.

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Dexcom G6 GCM