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Sport Music Clip

Portable music player with clip-on for hands-free sports.

Mymahdi Sport MP3 Player: Clip-on, full touch screen, Bluetooth compatible, long battery life, 8GB storage.

- Lightweight
- Portable
- Secure clip


- Limited storage
- Basic features

Mymahdi Sport Music Clip

The Sport Clip from Mymahdi is a great little device you can clip anywhere, it features a 1.5 inch touchscreen display and various media functions such as an MP3 Player, FM radio and voice recorder. It can support up to 128GB of memory via a memory card and features Bluetooth and a headphone jack.

  • Born for Sports with Clip: Mini size and super lightweight with wearable clip. The lightweight 0.7oz device with clip-on secures firmly to your clothing easily, hands-free portability, you could take the ideal mp3 player for your morning running or afternoon workouts.
  • Full Screen Touch: 1.5 inch touchscreen with high-sensitivity will make you easier to control the player smoothly like controlling the touchscreen phone.(Note:Whole screen could be controlled and touched.)
  • Upgraded Bluetooth 4.2: Bluetooth mp3 player, compatible with bluetooth speakers or headphones. Upgraded bluetooth 4.2 provides perfect compatibility and lower power consumption. ( Wired headphones needed as antenna for FM radio function )
  • Multifunctional and Long Battery Life: Not only allows you enjoy lossless music but also supports E-book/FM radio/ Recording/Stopwatch/ Sleep timer ect. Long battery life up to 200 hours under screensaver condition, 18 hours playback time with wired earphone, about 4 hours in video mode.
  • 8GB Capacity with OTG Connector: Built-in 8GB memory, max supports up to 128GB SD card, you could add songs to original playlists. Fast download the data(image/video/music/E-book etc.) from android mobile via OTG without trouble.


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Mymahdi Sport Music Clip,Bluetooth MP3 Player with FM Radio/Voice Record Fu
Mymahdi Sport Music Clip,Bluetooth MP3 Player with FM Radio/Voice...


The Mymahdi Sport Music Clip is the perfect workout companion for any fitness enthusiast. With its compact size and lightweight design, you can clip it onto your clothes or gear and take your music on the go. The easy-to-use interface allows for seamless navigation between tracks and playlists, without interrupting your workout flow. The high-quality sound ensures that your music will keep you motivated and energized. The player also boasts an impressive battery life of up to 30 hours, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes for extended periods of time. Additionally, with its durable construction and sports-oriented design, the Mymahdi Sport Music Clip is built to withstand even the toughest workouts. Whether you’re running outside, hitting the gym, or doing any kind of exercise, this portable music player will help you get pumped and stay focused.

  • Born for Sports with Clip: Mini size and super lightweight with wearable clip.
  • Full Screen Touch: 1.5 inch touchscreen with high-sensitivity
  • Upgraded Bluetooth 4.2: Compatible with bluetooth speakers or headphones
  • Multifunctional and Long Battery Life: Lossless music, E-book/FM radio/ Recording/Stopwatch functions, up to 200 hours battery
  • 8GB Capacity with OTG Connector: Built-in 8GB memory, max supports up to 128GB SD card, fast download with OTG from android mobile

The Mymahdi Sport Music Clip is a compact and pocket-sized music player with a high-quality audio experience. 1.5-inch full-color display, supports MP3, WMA, FLAC, and APE, 16GB storage capacity, Bluetooth 4.2, up to 30 hours of music playback with a built-in lithium battery. Perfect for outdoor activities.



Sport Music Clip
released on April 1, 2019
Can you create playlists with this or do you just add all the song and flip through them?

You cannot create playlists with this .

Is this mp3 player suitable for kids?

Dear friend,

Can you change the font size

How can users change the font size? I don't see anything like that in the display settings.

Why doesn't it accept a microsd card?

Actually this does use a micro SD card , NOT a full sized one .

Does it work with Apple Music?

Dear ,



The Mymahdi Sport Music Clip is a compact and pocket-sized music player that is designed to provide music enthusiasts with a high-quality audio experience while engaging in physical activities. Equipped with a 1.5-inch full-color display screen, this music player has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, which enables users to browse and select their favorite songs with ease, thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly menu interface. The Mymahdi Sport Music Clip supports a wide range of audio formats including MP3, WMA, FLAC, and APE, which means that users can enjoy their music in the highest quality possible. Additionally, it has a 16GB storage capacity which can store about 4000 songs, which is perfect for long and uninterrupted music listening sessions. This device is also compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 technology, which enables users to connect to their headphones, speakers, or car audio system wirelessly. Its built-in lithium battery provides a long-lasting power supply of up to 30 hours of music playback, making it ideal for outdoor activities like jogging and hiking. The Mymahdi Sport Music Clip is the perfect music player for anyone who wants a high-quality audio experience while staying active.



18 Reviews for Sport Music Clip

  1. Gabriel D.

    Im amazed by how many features this inexpensive mp3 player has!This mp3 player reminds me of the ipod clip except it has a screen and it is only a third of the price. In the box, it comes with a charging/ connecting cable, a clip case, a watch case, headphones, and even a USB to micro USB adapter.The unit itself is very small and lightweight and is easily clipped to my clothing while running or at the gym. The mp3 player hasn’t met a music file format it doesn’t like and seems to play anything I throw at it. One tip… when loading music, use the cable that comes with it.And this little player is loaded with features. It can play videos, store pictures, it even has an FM tuner. And the bluetooth connection is fast and reliable. And the sound is great! It might not be to an audiophiles standards, but for the gym, it is exactly what I needed.This little player isn’t perfect, however. The instructions leave a lot to be desired and it took a little bit of fiddling to figure out how to work the player, but at this price, I really didn’t care.Even with the bad instructions, I really feel I got my monies worth from this player.

  2. Ensoyan

     What an amazing watch this has. I chose this, not just an ordinary watch to use but for my indoor and outdoor activities/ routine as well. In fact, I love listening different kinds of music. Looks so classy that enough to seen in public and the other things that I really love this bluetooth watch are it can be used thru SD card, 8gb built-in memory and extended up to 128gb, record, FM radio, and even save photos. The sounds has enough volume for us to hear, very easy to use without even looking the user manual, battery last long for weeks as what I’ve noticed in this.This watch has a lot of features in which is a big plus! It is very light with two options to wear either I want the strap, or built-in clip for more convenience especially when we do our excerise. What a great design!Just a recommendation. For the strap, it should have about 3 to 4 colors available.

  3. DJM

    I’ve been looking for an MP3 player with a clock to wear on my wrist when I run. It needed to be bluetooth and not connecting with a wire and I didn’t want to pay a fortune for it. This player seemed like it would fit my needs so I ordered it. I haven’t used it long enough to give a true opinion on the battery life. Putting music on the player is easy, transfer from a computer with USB. Transfer is fairly quick. The sound is ok.Be prepared to be frustrated with the screen. It’s difficult to make it slide to the different options. Really difficult. Setting up the date and time took a lot of patience because the screen does not respond well and it’s very small. Very small is to be expected and that’s no problem. I did finally get the date and time set up and put music on it. I’m not going to be using it for any other reason but to listen to music on the music app. It has radio options and a few other things but it’s so frustrating to move the screen till I don’t even want to attempt anything else. You can clip the player on your clothing or put it in the watch band. I love this part. The band is very difficult to secure. You almost need help with it.I guess you get what you pay for.This is an update to my review: I’m going to return this item. The touch screen is impossible. Moving the screen when you don’t have time to tamper with it like getting ready for a 5k is more frustrating than I can deal with.

  4. AD

    I wanted to try a different approach to music when I exercise. I mountain bike, City Bike(local trails) hike mountain trails as well as walk-in my neighborhood.Normally I will take my phone which required me to take a backpack, or some other phone carrying device.I hate the arm attached phone cases and anything that required me to add another piece of gear to carry my phone.And as I get older, I have decided that my exercise time is MINE and got tired of being interrupted to answer calls from clients…..”Did I catch you at a bad time….ME: No it’s fine I can talk.”Well, I have changed my mind and wanted to leave my phone at home and protect MY TIME.So I started searching for a small lightweight MP3 player that did not require me to add another piece of kit to carry it.I ran across the Mymahdi Sport Music Clip MP3 Player on Amazon that had good review and a great price.I order it and was surprised by the small form factor and the lightness of the player.Setup was a little challenging as the instructions are lacking, but hey who does not like a challenge.First off there is NO 12-hour setting that I could find to change from the 24 hour format. No worries I can deal with that.Her is a hint to help you in setting the time and date. To change fields swipe right to advance to the next field. I spent about 3 minutes trying to “tap” into the next field until I found the secret.Loading MP3 was a breeze as the player is recognized as another storage device and drag and drop MP3 file is just that easy.When I first used it outdoors, I tried attaching to my Polar Heart Rate monitor watch wristband. That worked great standing still. But when I started walking and swinging my arms I will have the music cut out from my BT headset. Like stuttering of the music player.After about a block of this and trying to diagnose the issue, I realized that the Polar Heart Rate Monitor actually has “2 other Bluetooth Channels” it is using for the Chest strap and the GPS puck and wondered if that was causing interference.I switched the Mymahdi player to my other wrist where my Samsung Galaxy watch is attached. Once I made that move, I have no more interference issues.The Mymahdi play is so small and lightweight it is not even noticeable on my wrist.So in the end, the Mymahdi Sport Music Clip MP3 Player is the perfect answer to cutting the cord with your phone(and leaving it at home) and getting your “ME TIME BACK”

  5. HRDK_Tec

    I was surprised by this watch. I bought this for my daughter and come to find out, it has a bunch of cool apps. Has video, books, pictures, music. It even comes with a cool little clip that you can put anywhere while listening to music. This watch just earned dad points

  6. Wasim

    Very Good companion for running or cardio, Wireless life.No need to be bored with mp3 can be used as a radio player clear reception no complaints using since last 2 weeks, perfect sports partner


    I used to carry my phone during my gym session to listen to music, which is always a pain to carry a large phone. This little Mp3 player does a better job, with a strap to put in gym top. decent headphones were also included, which is always great to have.

  8. Desmond

    Radio function is good and playback with headphones is good too, touch screen is a bit clunky and takes getting used to but for some unknown reason many of my mp3 files do not play to my Bluetooth headset (which was the main reason for getting it) , they say “incompatible for bluetooth playback”. Build quality is low but for the money I guess it’s acceptable

  9. misty

    Screen just to tiny. Battery runs down super fast. And the blue band never snapped properly. It disassembled the first time i tried to put it on. The little silver catch came out and continues to slip out if i try to reassemble it. Highly disappointed with this product.

  10. Brenda The Homesteader

    My last mp3 player this size was incapable of being Bluetoothed to anything. Which is frustrating. I work in a food lab, and we cannot have our cell phones out, because of trade secret/food safety issues. An MP3 player is fine, because it cannot take photos. So ………I need an MP3 player that has a few criteria: 1. long battery life. 2. Bluetooth to my ear pods and/or speaker. 3. Playlists 4. Ability to remain connected Bluetooth-wise for over 20’This MP3 player is compact, has a huge storage capacity and can remain connected over the length of the lab. It’s size also makes it good to pop into my pocket when I take a quick trip up to the breakroom for water. I’ve added to mine a 16G mini SD card to upgrade it from 8 Gig to 22 Gig, which is WAY more than I need.Most of the new MP3 players come with this photo option and option to read books on it. Yeah, no. Don’t need that. What is needed -and has within it – is the need for playlists. I’ve got one for quiet days, wild days, workouts, and when I’m in a mood to listen to an audio book. All of these were added into the MP3 player by connecting it to my laptop and simple copy+paste.There are two downsides that I have with this player: 1. The touch screen is NOT as touchy as your cell phone. Keep this in mind when you use it. Swipe, then wait another second before doing it again. If you try to work it like your cell phone, with the constant touches, it will mess it up. Have some patience. with it.Second is the clip holder for it. I cannot use the wrist band at work, but can working out. I use the clip at work and once it is in there, it’s difficult to get out. And pay attention to the clip’s different edges to it. I popped it in the first time and had it in wrong. I couldn’t plug in my wired headphones. Taking the clip holder off of it took some time and I broke a nail (THE HORROR!) doing it.All in all, a decent MP3 player for those times when either you cannot use your phone. I can see this working well for mowing lawn, yard work and in the fitness center a lot.

  11. Simone Zumpano

    To be fair it does its job but it’s not great. Touch screen is really bad and it’s really difficult to find the song that you want. Also the gadgets included are not really good quality. I guess for that price it’s difficult to get good quality product but to be honest I wouldn’t buy it again

  12. Maddy

    My Son likes this nifty music gadget. He is around 8 and the watch fits his wrist great. He is picky and it scored a good review from him. He likes the ability to record songs and play them. He uses them with ear buds and finds it comfortable to attach the earbuds even while wearing it as a watch. Yes the display is small but works okay for his little fingers for navigation. He also likes the stopwatch function. The bluetooth works fine and i have had no issues. Even tested out the fm, i had some hiccups with the fm connection and the player being slow at times. So its not perfect but still a good buy for the price.

  13. Samantha Lose

    Easy to use, and works great. Great sound quality, both clip and watch stay firmly attached even when doing an intense workout. Went for a jog in the park and both music player and watch worked great. Couldn’t try the earbuds cause they were too big for my small ear holes, went to sleep with the music player attached to my music playing sleep mask using the clip and it stayed in place perfectly. All you have to do is plug it into your computer, click on it and drag the files (MP3,MP4, etc.) into it and wait for them to transfer. Unplug it (make sure to eject it first) and wait for it to process it (it only takes a few seconds) and done, you can now play your music. It’s a bit hard to use with the screen cover but you get used to it, the only actions you need to do are swiping and tapping. Music player is difficult to remove from clip (I needed something hard and flat to pry it out), removing it from watch is simple. Has long battery life, I used it for a feww hours for music and still has plenty of life left.

  14. gav

    I love this little watch that I bought for my son, he’s 7 and is very musical. This was the perfect player we could have gotten for him, it’s comfortable on hand and easy to access while your at play and run outside.It has fun options like record and play that keeps him occupied the entire day. He uses it with ear buds and goes all over with it!Since he got it he feels like a big boy, with an identically smart watch as Papa’s!! We uplaoaded his favorate music videos and pictures which works very well with it!It’s super exciting and stimulating for him!! He recommended it to his friends and they are all buying it now!!There’s nothing like an excellent music player that your son can enjoy at all times being that he wears it as his dear smart watch!!!Highly recommended!!

  15. GOHARD

    The battery life on this is amazing and the screen works great as well. The sound quality is amazing and so is the battery life.

  16. Nancy Slomba

    I bought this product so that I could have a lightweight gadget to take with me on jogs. This products works well, although I find that I was not able to get as many radio stations as I would have liked . But it is lightweight and serves the purpose I bought it for.

  17. XTR4N5GR3550R

    It’s doesn’t have all the features that you can expect with a so budget little bug but excellence in sound is all I’m after in all my mp3 players. Believe it or not, this little beast sounds better than my IPods and Sony Walkman. I can hear all the instruments and has more power that the sound is louder. My 3 stars headphones became became 5 stars in sound. Hopefully this would last long and the on/off button won’t sink. That’s the problem with the low budget mp3 players with buttons, they sink with me coz I have heavy hands. Also this little guy connects easily to any headphones. I’m not going to give it a 5 stars coz it’s not perfect but just excellent and would highly recommend it. I had this for less than a week and ordered another one. Cheers!

  18. Trinity P.

    Not a bad little MP3 player. Resetting the bluetooth meant it lost the place in my book. I could not read the font for fixing the date/time or touch the little arrows on the menus for anything. Returned.

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