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Simple Activity & Sleep tracker from Withings.

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Product Dimensions6.2 x 2 x 8.9 inches ; 0.32 ounces
Shipping Weight2.9 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
Item model numberWAM02-Black-All-Inter
Withings Go
released on June 20, 2017


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Withings is a company that aims to create products that help people take care of themselves. Withings is best known for their fitness trackers. – View Profile

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13 Reviews for Withings Go

  1. P A.

    Not impressed. Clever display. Setup with the app was tough, doesn’t work on older Android systems.

  2. William M.

    I had a few issues with this device. First off, it was hard to set up and harder to get to sync consistently. Second, it took me a week working with support (who were very helpful) to get it to track my sleep. Third, the wrist band is just terrible. I can’t explain it but it is very difficult to fasten. The final straw came when the back fell off and I realized it is held on with four very slim pieces of plastic. I wasn’t rough with it, I was just walking with the device on my pocket when I reached in and felt the back was off of it. I can’t fix that. So I spent almost $50 for a thing that didn’t ever work right and broke in two months.UPDATENokia was very helpful in providing me with a new back to the device at no charge.UPDATE UPDATEthe back cover of this thing kept breaking on me. It screws on but the ridges that lock into the slot is plastic and so think that they constantly crack. Distance tracking also started to decrease with time which was frustrating. I really really really wanted to like this device but in the end, it just ended up in a drawer.

  3. rick bon

    This is a simple step and sleep counter which also tells the time. It doesn’t work very well. The sleep tracker does not identify time in bed resting before falling asleep, nor time before falling asleep again having had to get up. So, it overestimates sleep time by perhaps about 1 hour in 7 in my case. The clock function is poor. The hour hand points to an hour, not to the time in between, ulike all watches or other trackers. The hour it points to may be the previous hour. So,at 3.30 pm actual time) the displayed time may be 2.22 pm. Finally, it can take up to 10 or 15 mins to sync to phone bluetooth, so a quick look at step count can’t aways happen. ON the plus side, it is cheaper than most other trackers and is claimed to have very long battery life.

  4. Jordan Scott

    May 2018 Update: Eventually I was able to work with the support team to get a replacement device, which I received in early March. This has been working fine since received (over 2 months ago – wanted to give it some time before updating the review).It (now) does what it claims it can do. Still dinging it a star for horrible documentation and a painful support experience.Original review:Go this for my wife as it can be put into a pocket and it also displays walking progress on the screen, instead of forcing you to check your phone.Initially we had a hard time syncing the Go to my wife’s phone. Finally worked after several attempts. Should have realized all was not going to be well. The product seemed to work for a week or 2 before freezing (the step progress and the clock both stuck). Resetting the device has proven fruitless – the reset procedure itself is a pain, need to press down the screen for 25 seconds or more. The device simply no longer works. Have been in contact with Nokia support but you really just get rote responses, as is to be expected for an inexpensive consumer device like this (I suppose). I am sure that I just happen to have received a bad one. But the support is lacking, at least in my case.

  5. Granny Bling

    I previously purchased one for my husband’s birthday, & after a couple of months decided I would get one too!For us, it isn’t complicated & there isn’t any recharging on a daily basis. It probably isn’t as accurate as some of the more expensive fitbits etc, but it does everything we need it too & keeps us on track with being active.A big bonus is being able to either wear the product on your wrist or on clip. My original clip broke after a couple of weeks, but Nokia kindly replaced it very quickly with a much more flexible model.As a keen swimmer, I’m pleased that it tracks my time in the pool. The only thing hubby & I are surprised at, is that it doesn’t seem to pick up our steps on the treadmill in a gym – not sure why!!All in all for the price & older technophobs like we are; impressed & happy with the Nokia Go.

  6. JEC

    Its lightweight, but it keeps falling off – lost it a couple of times, but finally this weekend for good -didnt notice it fall off. The design is nice and simple but it would make more sense to have the clock as the main face and then the steps when you push the face….

  7. David A. Hansen

    Flawed Design in Four Specific Areas: After using this device for several years I am reluctantly giving up on it due to engineering faults as well as service issues. I am somewhat embarrassed I have encouraged several friends and relatives to use this product. Let’s look at the specifics:1. The backing plate tabs are very fragile and once the GO is dropped one of the tabs typically breaks and then the battery contacts are open and the unit no longer works. Nokia will send you a replacement backing plate but this is an inconvenience and a design flaw.2. The plastic case breaks down over time and leaks and falls apart. Again, Nokia will send a replacement if in warranty but time goes by without the use of the stepper.3. Battery contacts tend to bend (yield in engineering terms) rendering the unit inoperative. You can bend the contacts back to the original position and put a rubber spacer under them to prevent this from happening again, but not all of us are engineers.4. The belt clips keep breaking after a few weeks of running with them clipped to the shoe. Again, they may send you a replacement but it is a difficult process with the customer support group.All-in-All a very disappointing product and difficult product support. We are now trying other products on the market.

  8. Daisy

    Bought in Feb 2018, stopped working in May. Thought maybe it is the battery. Had the battery changed last week, still wouldn’t work. Followed all the trouble shooting procedures to reset it to factory etc, nothing works. The Amazon return window closed in March. Seems to be no solution now so a waste of money. Shame as the idea is very good – one star for the idea.

  9. M. Hunter

    This is a well priced activity tracker with many benefits – low power consumption (battery lasts weeks), tracker can be moved from convenient wristband to clip for pocket/waistband. The ‘paperwhite’ type display is easily visible in daylight.

  10. Brenda A. Young

    I had successful used my Jawbone for several years and loved the graphics, as well as the cost. When the company went out of business and the device was no long supported I bought the Nokia. The inexpensive model is bigger and more expensive without the option of the snappy colored wristbands but it works. It does seem to be tracking a little differently than my Jawbone and the graphics aren’t as eye catching. I do like that you can customize activities. I am not as happy with the sleep function (it didn’t work this morning). If I am up too long during the night it ends the measurement and adds a nap rather than tracking the entire cycle and then just showing a large amount of awake time.It works well enough for me and I understand it is a device that can be used in the water when you swim.I do miss my old Up Move which was cheap/easy/had beautiful graphics and was reliable.I also just received an email that Withings will again be picking up the support. I think Nokia had taken them over when it purchased the brand.

  11. John Ashby

    When replacing the battery for the first time the weak tags on the back cover snap off, this means the back cover and battery no longer hold in place, designed not to last

  12. C Simmons

    This was perfect for what I bought it for, however after a VERY short period of time the strap became very discoloured (I bought the yellow one and the strap is literally black). I contacted the manufacturer re buying a replacement strap and was told that they weren’t available. I still use this either on the clip, or just loose in my pocket, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  13. The Tenneys

    I’ve owned both this product and the Fit Bit Zip (along with other trackers). But let’s compare these two. The Withings Go is now discontinued and can be gotten for a steal *cough $15. Compared to the Fit Bit Zip for like $160. Both are basic pedometers. As a runner, all I really care about is accurately tracking my runs and my steps. So many wrist-based trackers are not that accurate unless u always flail your arms. Don’t work well on treadmills as this one does.This thing, for $15 looks great (better than the Fit Bit Zip), does everything it advertises well. As a runner, I love this. Throw it in my pocket or clip it to my pocket or shorts, etc. and take off. Or just leave it in my pants pockets or clipped on throughout the day.The downside is that this is my third one in three years. Both prior ones failed because I jumped in a pool with it in my pocket. It’s really not that waterproof, so wouldn’t recommend to swimmers (even though it says it will track swimming — maybe when worn on the wrist it’s better protected).All that said, for how cheap this now, get it while the gettings good if you’re just looking for a basic tracker to do the job and had a good mobile app. Or, specifically, if you’re a runner and want something that’s inexpensive but works REALLY WELL. For $15-20 bucks, u got nothing to lose. Trust me.

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