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Withings Steel HR Sport Hybrid Smartwatch

The Withings Steel HR Sport is a hybrid smart watch which elegantly blends smart functionality with a stylish mechanical look.

  • Heart rate tracking – Maximize your workouts with continuous heart rate and in-depth reporting plus daily and overnight HR
  • Workout mode w/connected GPS – Maps your session with distance, elevation and pace and now enjoy Strava integration
  • Fitness level – Assesses your cardiovascular capacity when running based on V02 max estimation
  • Goes the distance – Water resistant up to 50m, 25 days of battery life on one charge, durable stainless steel case
  • Sleep tracking – Wake to a Sleep Score based on light & deep sleep cycles, interruptions, depth & regularity plus enjoy a silent vibrating alarm
  • Smart notifications – Call, text, event and app notifications from your smartphone
  • Battery – The charging time is approximately 2 hours to 100% and about 1 hour to 80%.The battery life is Up to 5 days in workout mode and +20 additional days in power reserve mode (time and activity tracking only)


USED Withings Steel HR Sport Fitness Activity Tracker with 40mm Stainless Steel

The watch is in good condition overall. Some scratches on the glass. Comes with a replacement band (which is far more comfortable than the original!). Battery stays charged for at least 25 days (sometimes longer!). The watch is in great working condition! I've used...

Withings Steel HR Sport Hybrid Smartwatch

Glass has some scratches on it as you can see in the pictures, but otherwise it works perfectly fine. Just comes with watch and charger, no original casing

Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch (40mm) - Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor

Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch (40mm) - Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor Condition: Products opened for promotion but watches not used. No scratches or marks. Includes all original packaging and accessories. Warranty: 1 YEARShipping: USPS International or...

Withings Steel HR Sport Activity Tracker 40 mm Black Genuine New

Withings Steel HR Sport Activity Tracker 40 mm Black Genuine New. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class. Pretty good condition minor signs of wear

Withings Steel HR Sport Hybrid Smartwatch (40mm) Activity Sleep Fitness Heart

Withings Steel HR Sport Hybrid Smartwatch (40mm) Activity Sleep Fitness Heart. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Lot #94-1


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5 reviews for Withings Steel HR Sport Watch

  1. Spaceboy

    Firstly i am starting to enjoy Nokia / Withings products. I owned the scales first (which are excellent) then bought the Blood pressure monitor (also very good) and then the Thermometer (was also good until the dog chewed it to smithereens).Now my next product is the Watch and i am pleased to inform that it does not disappoint. Here are my thoughts:Looks:- Beautiful and elegant design, much nicer than say the Apple Watch. Also it is slightly smaller than i expected. In the pictures it looks huge, but in person it seems much smaller than i expected. I have huge wrists so maybe that is why. But in any case it is a lovely size- Now a quick comment about colour. YES it does matter. I bought the black version of this watch first and i HATED the colour. Why? Simply because i could not see the hands properly. What on earth prompted them to make the hands dark grey on a black ground? It simply does not work for me and i found it so annoying i replaced it with the WHITE version. Thankfully i did as the white version is gorgeous and no problems seeing the handsFunction:- The watch works seamlessly with the Nokia Health Mate App. My scales and blood pressure monitor already sync with this app and i love it. The watch syncs perfectly with it too.- A quick comment about heart rate. Very interesting how they have done this. My scales gave a heart rate reading and this goes on the app, but when my blood pressure machine takes heart rate reading this supercedes the scales reading. Now when the watch takes a reading this supercedes both. Clever. The reading itself is taken every 30 mins automatically and a profile is built in the app. Both awake HR and asleep HR.- Steps. Now this is a key item for me especially after having so many fitbits previously. I have noticed one clear difference between this watch and the fitbit, if i am having a lazy pyjama day the step reading barely climbs above 2000 steps a day. But for the fitbit it would still reach 4000-5000 for the exact same day. I suspect this is because the fitbit counts every movement as a step (even waving arms around) whereas this watch does not. Which i greatly appreciate- Sleep: The sleep monitor is similar to fitbit in that it measures light and heavy sleep. But it goes one step further and gives a sleep score. Very usefulBattery- This is the bit which really floored me. I have been using it for a week or so now and the battery has barely budged from 100%. I think it is still at 99% the last time i looked. I find this incredible. In fact i may as well store the charger away as i won’t be needing it this month.Overall- A gorgeous watch which looks the part (i can take this into meetings no problem) and has so much function and battery. I personally would advise choosing the White instead of the Black version, simply as the display is much easier to read.UPDATE:I’ve had the watch for 3 weeks now and i’ve used it constantly with bluetooth on my phone set to on permanently. The battery level is 31%. I still have not had to charge it yet. At this rate the 1 month battery before charges is actually an understatement. What a fantastic watch, best i’ve ever owned. Next week i’ll need to go find the charger…

  2. Isaac

    The thing that sold me on this watch over other fitness trackers was the look. Which is why it is so annoying that the watch face doesn’t line up with the markings on the metal rim. I thought it might be a one off so did a trade through Amazon but even the second has the exact same problem. If you look at the images, the twelve o’clock position most clearly shows the problem. The face is somehow rotated counter-clockwise from the casing.Otherwise the watch has been working great. Sleep tracking is not super precise but I don’t care so much about that feature.I’m very disappointed with this defect and I will probably return the watch when my OCD can’t take it anymore.

  3. Demo318

    After 3 DaysMy aim was to buy a watch with fitness/workout/sleep tracking comparable to an Apple Watch but which was stylish enough to wear to work. I wear a suit to work in a Four Diamond hotel, so not just any watch would be fitting for my daily dress code. The Withings Steel HR Sport meets these requirements wonderfully (and, compared to Apple, cheaply)!Setting up the watch and syncing it to my phone was a breeze. The Withings Health Mate app has a great aesthetic, and the process was very straight-forward. The app does have you calibrate all of the dials (the crown on the watch doesn’t turn – it’s just a button – so you move the dials with the app on your phone), which felt tedious, especially for the small steps-goal %. Fortunately, you can re-calibrate at anytime through the app if you get it a little bit wrong.Withings recommends wearing the watch one finger-breadth above the bone on your wrist. This is to ensure the HR monitor isn’t put at any funny angles and can’t take readings. I’ve been wearing mine comfortably lower than that (closer to my hand), and I’ve had no trouble getting HR readouts.The HR monitor is really slick. Throughout my day, it’s taking measurements (every 10 minutes, I believe), and I can pull up the app and see what has been measured. I can also use the button to initiate an HR reading at anytime (It will immediately display the results from the most recent reading, if it quietly took one in the background, and then take a new reading if you wait just a moment on the HR screen.), and then when you go into fitness mode, it monitors continuously (as well as initiates GPS tracking, when connected to your phone). The step counter has also been great to have on my wrist. Throughout the day, I have checked both the digital screen and the little dial to see how I’m tracking. And when you reach your goal, it vibrates and displays the step count to let you know.Tracking sleep data seems accurate so far. It does a good job of continuing sleep monitoring even if you get up for a short while in the middle of the night (such as when taking care of an infant). One morning though, I woke up, set the watch on the countertop while I took a shower, and found later it recorded my whole morning routing as 30 minutes of ‘deep sleep’ which inflated my ‘sleep score.’ You can go in and edit your asleep & wake-up times, though, so a quick adjustment made the data more reliable. Alarms are also based on your sleep cycle, trying to wake you up when you’re not in a deep sleep. It has worked well for me so far. Also, the watch itself is hardly noticeable when I sleep (unless I don’t turn notifications off), but the band it ships with isn’t all that comfortable. I think I might get something fabric, not silicone, for sleeping.At first, I thought interacting with the screen would be frustrating. I thought that perhaps I would feel constrained. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s almost a relief not to have a deluge of digital information on my wrist. The notifications have been great. I can see if a message/email needs to be checked right now or not, and if it does, I pull out my phone to deal with it (which is what all my Apple Watch-wearing friends seem to do anyway). The single-button design works really well, too. In the app, I can customize which screens the digital display can show.I admit, I haven’t done much exercising with it – just a few long walks so far. I hope to have some exercise in before my next update to this review.After 1 WeekThe band included is really not that comfortable, I found, which is why I’m glad this watch uses a standard 20mm watch band. I ordered a different sport band, and the result was immediate. My wrist has been much, much more comfortable since. Gear Sport Band, KADES Soft Silicone Band Breathable Strap Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm/ Garmin VivoActive 3/ Ticwatch 2/ Ticwatch E/Amazfit Bip Smart Watch- White/BlackSleep tracking has worked really well. Sometimes, if I set my watch down shortly after waking up, the watch will think I’m still sleeping. I’ve been surprised a couple times to see that the app shows I was in a ‘deep sleep’ when in fact I was showering or brushing my teeth. Withings made it quite easy to go into the app and adjust the ‘wake up’ time, so that any sleep data collected while you were awake is disregarded.For the most part, the notifications on the watch have been really useful. Even though they’re just short snippets of text that scroll by, they’ve still been useful. I much prefer glancing at my watch instead of pulling out my phone from my pocket to see who that text/email is from.Notifications only work, though, for applications which have been integrated by Withings. I wish there was some way to see notifications from other apps on my phone. For example, I use Waterlogged on my iPhone to help me ensure I’m drinking enough water throughout the day. I wish those notifications popped up on my wrist as well as my phone.There are no move reminders. If you sit all day long, your Steel HR Sport will not complain (unlike an Apple Watch or Fitbit, for example). Perhaps there’s a way to use an iPhone app which can send such notifications, but I haven’t found it yet.The battery life is incredible. I put this on the charger on October 10th (just to try it, not because it actually needed charging). It is now October 16th, and I’m at 58%. That includes several sessions tracking activities.Activity tracking seems to work really nicely. It even automatically detects workouts. I had a little impromptu soccer game with my two-year-old. I was running around, heart rate elevated, for about 15-20 minutes. As we walked away from the field, my phone buzzed with a notification “workout detected.” It automatically categorized it as ‘other’ (which isn’t surprising, soccer with a toddler is a pretty unique set of movements), but I could easily hop in the app to change the category and add notes so that it was recorded effectively to my log.I’ve been using this in conjunction with dieting to. The companion app Health Mate ties in with MyFitnessPal very well for comparing calories burned with calories consumed.One downside to mention is that I’m not sure the Steel HR Sport counts stairs climbed. On a walk I tracked, it counted elevation in the post-workout stats, but I’m not sure if that was from the watch’s onboard telemetry or comparing GPS info to known topographical data from other sources.I’ve hit my 10,000 step goal a few times now. I love the little celebration notification that pops up. It’s rewarding and well done.Finally, I really, really like the look of the watch (I have the white watch face). I’ve noticed at work a lot of folks wearing Apple Watches. To me, they know look large and clunky (especially with the extra armor/cases they put on to protect them). Every day, I’m quite glad to be wearing a watch that looks like a watch.After 1 MonthI still love this watch. It seamlessly fits into my day-to-day as a pair of glasses or perhaps a favorite coat. I’m not often presently aware that I have it on, until I check the time or perhaps my heart rate.Notifications work better than previously thought. The companion application becomes ‘aware’ of a notification after it has appeared on your phone. Here’s a step-by-step of how to get an app on your phone to show notifications on your watch:1) Install app on your phone (this app will not show up in the watch’s companion app yet).2) Have the app ding your phone with any notification (now the app shows up in the watch’s companion app)3) Open up the Health Mate companion app, and enable your notifications.4) Enjoy getting buzzed on your wrist.Additionally, it seems there is a correlation in battery life and notifications. If your watch is buzzing every couple minutes all day every day with notifications, the battery wears down more quickly. Even so, it still seems to last forever.The watch band that the Steel HR Sport ships with is decidedly terrible. I found it profoundly uncomfortable. The 3rd-party watch band I mentioned above has been incredibly comfortable, day & night.Over the past couple weeks, the sleep and alarm features have been great! I’ve had to edit my sleep data a couple of times. Three times, I’ve woken up, set my watch down to take a shower, and found the app thought I was still sleeping. A quick edit fixes that and gives me good data. Once, I supposed I tossed and turned so much that it didn’t think I fell asleep until much later. Again, a quick edit with my actual bedtime corrected the data.The only hiccup I’ve seen so far is regarding steps. For whatever reason, in the day following the last software update, I was given 397 complimentary steps per hour from 6p – midnight. I had already put in 18,000 steps that day, but you can imagine my shock when I woke up to find Health Mate reporting 27,000. I’ve yet to speak with Withings to see if I can correct the data. It hasn’t happened again since that one instance.I still haven’t much used the sport features. Also, there’s at least one micro-scratch on the watch thus far. It’s only noticeable upon close inspection. I did buy Amazon’s suggested 2-year warranty, just in case.Just today, my wife asked me, “What don’t you really like about your watch?” And I surprised myself a little when I replied, “Nothing. Now that I’ve replaced the band, there is nothing that I don’t like.”After 3 Months (coming January 9, 2019)After 1 Year (coming October 9, 2019)

  4. Dennis Rogers

    Love this watch, in 2 days battery level is at 84%, but I am quite active. I also have a Garmin vivomove hr.The Steel Sport accually tracks hr better than my vivomove, this watch is well underrated and has a good battery life, so at a 18% drop in battery level and using the tracking features often is good, so may ammount to 6-7 days using to track my activities, as I have had a few walks and bike 12.5km per day.The watch is so comfy you dont know your wearing it.If there is one issue, does seem to under esmitate steps, pushing a trolley, mower, shopping trolley, etc, it’s not counting steps.Apart from this it’s great, GPS tethered to the phone is very accurate, same as sleep tracking. It’s a great fitness watch, with solid hr accuracy, which tracks continuous hr better than my Garmin Vivomoce hr.Love the small dial, which goes from 0-100% and shows how far you are from your goal, so no need to keep pressing buttons to keep an eye on your steps.Would I recommend this watch, yes without question and far underrated and many will pass over this as they want the horrible dead screen displays with fansy features, if you want fansy feature this is not for you, but if you want a watch that looks like a real watch then buy this.By dead screens I mean the screen is not on till you flick your wrist, or press a button, for me I missed the good old analog watch and if you prefer a real watch, buy this.

  5. SB-B

    Right first things first, a pretty long review below but…. I did buy from Amazon but they sent me the white one instead of the black which has been returned, however I already own one of these watches (the one returned was a gift!) So shall review it as I know it.I’ve been a Fitbit user for a long time, but the recently there have been issues with QC and nothing really that’s excited me. As I wear a suit to work and in my own time do weights and powerlifting, I wanted something a little more classy that could also cut the mustard as a fitness tracker for my uses.The design: This watch is slimline and pretty classy to look at. The glass on the watch is slightly domed and looks equally at home in the office than in the gym. The options available are a black and a white face. It’s subjective of course, but I personally prefer the black face model. However this is harder to read in darker surroundings, but you can always press the button and bring up the digital time on the LCD display so this isn’t a issue.The Strap: This is by far one of the best smart watch straps (or watch straps in general) available. It’s got a nice amount of give and flex within, is perforated for airflow and stretches with the contours or your arm. This is especially useful when swimming, as to keep the HR working well it needs to be pulled tighter to the skin to pick up the readings with water flowing around and under it. I’ve also got the red silicone and brown leather straps so can mix it up depending on mood and clothing choices. The watch due to the black face and grey case works well with every strap and doesn’t look odd at all.The Battery life: Withings quotes 25 days max life which is very impressive but for that you need to turn off all notifications and not use much fitness tracking as these are harder on the battery life. If training every day before a competition the battery lasts around 10-12 days. If every other day or normal use that includes 24 hour a day wear, I get about 17-19 days out of the battery. Better than my Ionic that could manage about 27 hours!Fitness tracking: This is where there will always be some compromise for styling but not any that are especially negative. This watch uses connected GPS from your phone for route and pace tracking, so remember to take it with you. Has weight training options, has generic fitness and other workout options for if something you are doing doesn’t have a particular category, has a number of workout options you can select to start from the watch directly, so you can pick and choose. Even has some more unusual ones for the type of watch it is, such as Pilates, baseball and elliptical. Works well with swimming, waterproof up to 50m, remember to rinse and dry the watch off afterwards to prevent skin irritation or degradation of the strap.Sleep tracking: Unlike my fitbit, this picks up if I go to the toilet in the night and wake, or when my alarm goes off and I turn it off, rather than my fitbit assuming I’m still fast asleep. It gives you your sleep metrics In the app in a far more user friendly manner than the Fitbit app and the sleep stages seem to be consistent.Notifications: The watch has a small round LCD in the face which gives you your notifications. Due to it being a hybrid with a tiny screen, you have to wait for the message to scroll and the amount of space is limited, so to bring up different metrics or continuations of what you are already doing you need to press the button. This is one aspect which could be considered negative but I don’t have a issue with it. The trade off for the style is well worth it.Charging time: 10% to 100% takes around 50 mins give or take.Overall: I am very impressed with the Steel HR Sport and as alluded to above, my wife was so pleased with mine she wanted one too. It has a good mix of aptitudes that make up for any specific shortfalls. Looks right in any environment and was worth every penny of this £189.99 pricetag. Give it a try and see.

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