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Pavlok 2 Habit Conditioning Device

Break bad habits and upgrade your life with Pavlok 2.

Pavlok 2: Break bad habits with wearable device. Backed by science. Join community.

- Effective
- Easy to use
- Customizable


- Expensive
- Limited battery life Logo
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Break Habits with the Pavlok 2

THE SMART WEARABLE DEVICE THAT BREAKS BAD HABITS. Pavlok is a behavior training device – it vibrates to reward you for good behavior and administers an electric stimulus to train away bad behavior. Connect to the iOS or Android app, and Pavlok helps you train your habit. With integrations for sleep, productivity, and IFTTT, Pavlok will keep you on track. Want to break a bad habit for good? Follow Pavlok’s 5-day Aversion Program to create a permanent Pavlovian response.

  • UPGRADE YOUR LIFE: Used by over 50,000 people to break habits ranging from smoking to oversleeping. Download the app, and choose the habit you want to break to start upgrading your life!
  • CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR: Breaks bad habits via zaptic feedback, based on 80 years of science-backed, aversion therapy studies. Other wearables track what you’ve already done, only Pavlok 2 can help you change your behavior. As an exclusive bonus, you will receive our eBook Habit Change by Maneesh Sethi & the Pavlok Team!
  • IT’S TIME TO MOVE FORWARD: How do you want to move forward? What habits are standing in your way? Partner with Pavlok and get moving towards an upgraded life NOW!
  • GET ON TRACK: Pavlok 2 comes with a newer, faster processor, longer battery life, better bluetooth connectivity, motion sensors that “learn” from your actions, and zap, beep, or vibe functions. All so you can not only break bad habits but start building good ones! Pavlok integrates with sensors, friends, internet browsers, phone apps, GPS, and more to keep you on track with your goals.
  • JOIN THE COMMUNITY: Use the Pavlok Core app (Android and iOS) to adjust device settings & engage with habit breaking courses. Get support from the Pavlok community, chat with coaches, and track your progress, all on your mobile device.
  • MORE THAN AN ALARM: Most alarms just remind you to wake up. The Shocking alarm clock trains you to wake up. As an exclusive bonus, you will receive our eBook Habit Change by Maneesh Sethi & the Pavlok Team!
  • WAKE UP ON TIME: The shock clock wake up trainer is the first ever device that uses proven psychological principles paired with haptic feedback (beep, vibration) and electric biofeedback (zap sensation) to train your brain to be a “morning person”.
  • LEAD A BETTER LIFE: This lets you focus purely on improving your sleep and morning routine – two of the most important things you can do to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Connects to our Android and iOS apps to set the alarm and choose alarm strength


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Pavlok 2 Shock Clock Silent Vibrating Zapping Alarm read description
Pavlok 2 Shock Clock Silent Vibrating Zapping Alarm read description
Pavlok2 Shock Clock Silent Vibrating Alarm Heavy Sleepers Break Habits BRAND NEW
Pavlok2 Shock Clock Silent Vibrating Alarm Heavy Sleepers Break...
Pavlok 2 Black Electric Zap Alarm Habit Conditioning Device
Pavlok 2 Black Electric Zap Alarm Habit Conditioning Device


Pavlok 2 is a revolutionary habit conditioning device that helps you change unwanted behaviors in just a few weeks. The device works by using negative reinforcement, which means that it delivers a mild shock every time you engage in your bad habit. This creates an unpleasant association in your brain, making it easier for you to break the habit. The Pavlok 2 is designed to help you with a range of behaviors, from smoking and nail biting to procrastination and overeating. This ergonomically designed wearable device is easy to use and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Pavlok 2 is portable, discreet and highly effective, helping you take control of your life one habit at a time. With Pavlok 2, you can finally say goodbye to unwanted habits and hello to a healthier, happier you.

  • SMART WEARABLE DEVICE: Behavioral training with vibration and electric stimulation
  • UPGRADE YOUR LIFE: Used by over 50,000 to break bad habits
  • CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR: Backed by science to break habits
  • GET ON TRACK: Faster processor, longer battery life, and better Bluetooth connectivity
  • JOIN THE COMMUNITY: Engage with habit breaking courses and track progress
  • MORE THAN AN ALARM: Shock clock trains you to wake up
  • LEAD A BETTER LIFE: Focus on sleep and morning routine for a healthy lifestyle
  • COMPATIBILITY: Connects to Android and iOS apps


    Case MaterialSilicone
    MPNDoes Not Apply
    Compatible Operating SystemAndroid, iOS - Apple
    Band ColorBlack
    Band MaterialSilicone
    Pavlok 2 Habit Conditioning Device
    released on May 15, 2019



    The Pavlok 2 habit conditioning device is a compact wearable device that helps users break bad habits and form good ones. With its revolutionary approach to habit formation, it uses a combination of vibration, beep, and mild electric shock therapy to condition your brain to associate negative behavior with discomfort or punishment. The concept behind Pavlok is simple, but ingenious. By using sensory feedback to train your brain, Pavlok creates a behavioral pattern that helps you break bad habits, such as smoking, nail-biting, or overeating, and form new ones, like maintaining a consistent workout routine, waking up earlier, or drinking more water. Designed to be worn on your wrist, the Pavlok 2 is easy to use and fully customizable. It also comes with a smartphone app that allows you to set up personalized habit goals, monitor your progress, and access helpful resources, such as habit-forming guides and coaching sessions. With Pavlok 2, you can finally take control of your life and break free from the chains of bad habits.


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    28 Reviews for Pavlok 2 Habit Conditioning Device

    1. Channing West

      Like most other purchasers of the Shock Clock, I am an incredibly heavy sleeper. I’ll put it this way, on nights that I could potentially get a few hours of sleep (2-5 hours) I will usually just pull an all-nighter because I know I will sleep through my very loud alarm clock that will often wake up my roommates in their bedrooms.I purchased the Shock Clock as a last ditch effort to avoid pulling unnecessary all-nighters. I have had the Shock clock for six months now, and I hate to say it, but I am quite disappointed in the product. For the first month I owned the device, I loved it. I was able to reliably get out of bed without getting 7+ hours of sleep. However, the reliability of the product began to plummet after the first month. At this point, my product rarely works. When I say the product doesn’t work, I don’t mean that I sleep through it; I mean that the watch will not zap. I have tested it many times. I will get a full night of sleep, wake up using my traditional alarm, and wait for the Shock Clock to go off. More times than not, there is no electrical impulse. When there is a shock, it is barely strong enough to feel at all, even at the highest shock setting. Once again, I have began pulling unnecessary all-nighters because of the fear of sleeping through my alarm.I really wish I could recommend this product, but I cannot. Maybe I just received a faulty unit, but it’s the only one I have to review. I would gladly change my review if I was given a properly functioning product, but until then, I would not recommend buying this product. The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one star is because its a great idea for a product, just poorly executed.

    2. pold-le

      helped me with my work out and my oversleeping. bought mine for 180 brand new at ebay “” store

    3. Robbie

      I have purchased this product twice because I liked the shocking function but both times the product has broke after a short period of time. As a mechatronics engineer who has taken the unit apart, it is a poorly designed and that has caused it to be prone to breaking. But I give them credit, when it works, its a great concept. They said they would get a replacement unit to me, but 6 weeks later, I still have not received a replacement unit despite checking in with them every week. Given the price and emptiness of their warranty, I would advise against purchasing this product.

    4. Phil

      New review:Ok I bought the $15 rubber wristband from their website and it works awesome. I also got an email saying that they were going to stop shipping it out with the crappy metal one from my other review. So maybe in the future you’ll get the $15 rubber one free with your purchase. Other than the wristband the devise works just as advertised. I would have sent it back if it wasn’t for the new wristband.I’ve had this for less than a week and a half and the first wristband broke in less than 2 hours (see below) and the new one they sent me isn’t much better. Just had to look around on the floor for the tiny pin that holds it together for the third time in four days. Great idea for a product and it’s working but $300 and they put a $3 wristband on it that keeps falling apart. Not even doing anything strenuous, I’m sitting at my desk at work. It’s a shame!!!Old review:The wrist band on the first one I got broke with less than 2 hours use. The company sent out a new one that same day and I have had no issues with the new one. The wrist band is a little awkward but it does allow for the contacts to be positioned closely to your skin for the best results. I’ve only used the button on the device to administer the shock. I can’t comment on how the hand motion function works. The app is ok and does give some information and videos on how to beat whatever habbit you’re trying to break. At 100% on a decent charge it is more than enough of a zap to get your attention. I’m glad I bought it, so far I believe it is working. It’s not going to cure a lifelong issue in a few days so you have to stick to their plan and really work on it.

    5. Kirk

      Oh man I did not want to have to do this but I feel like it’s for the best. I originally found this product looking for the solution to my sleeping in problem. Setting 12 alarms to wake up in the morning was getting insane. When I found the pavlok I was hooked. Between my poor eating habits, my sleeping habits, my flesh tearing nail biting habit I knew this was for me. For 300 dollars and 3 reviews I was fairly skeptical. The device can pack a punch on higher levels and the app was fairly straight forward to pair and use. But sadly 15 mins in to owning the device the very poor plastic frame that holds the device crumbled in my hand. Honestly I could probably just email them and ask for a new one like others have and I appreciate the option. But spending 300 dollars for something that cheap feeling and looking just doesn’t feel right. I really wanted this to happen. If they come out with a series 3 that doesn’t beat you over the head with such a big price tag and a better frame (just the frame I actually really liked the magnetic band) I would feel way better about owning one and would even pre order it. But for now I just have to do things the hard way and just wrap a rubber band to my wrist and strike myself every time I want some sweeeeet milky ways. Maybe get one of those alarm clocks you have to chase or something idk. Hopefully someone who developed this actually reads it.

    6. joe S

      2019-10-10: Update now the shocking intensity is null.I was totally ripped off. If I could give zero stars I would. The very thing they claim and their main feature (the shock) dies in timeTwo main issues:first, the electric intensity to wake up will DRASTICALLY drop fairly quickly. Attempts to reach Pavlok will get responses… But promises will be holllow… Empty even… I’ve done the resets and tested the device but the issue persisted. Attempts to get help were initially quick and provided some software suggestions.. But when those didn’t work I was told they would look for firmware updates to fix the issue. I’ve never noticed an update that addressed the intensity issue..Second, the mesh band is defective which is an issue pavlok is keenly aware of … I was promised a silicon version to hold me over… Again lots of talk with little action… re silicon band was ‘ordered’ but I won’t receive for at least a month… So in the meantime I can’t wear nor use this device I paid hundreds of dollars.Pavlok has made many promises and delivered on none. Their staff is friendly but this isn’t acceptable. The device is not cheap and if defective should be replaced within a reasonable amount of time not months. I shouldn’t have to follow up on a schedule to make sure I’m delivered promised replacements.The concept is great but the device isn’t reliable and support isn’t able to execute within a reasonable timeframe.I wouldn’t recommend the product. People at pavlok seem nice but there is a massive disconnect or communication failures. You can’t admit you are aware of failures and not deliver to fix previous issues for something that costs this much money. This isn’t a 20 or 50 dollar device. This was originally 139… For that price it needs to work as described. And if it doesn’t it should be replaced

    7. H. Hentschel

      I have a hair pulling condition (trichotillomania) and I am quite desperate to resolve it after 15+ years of failed therapy and medication. I purchased this device because I am not a “conscious” puller; I pull when I am sleeping, and even when I’m awake it is like scratching an itch, so I was very much counting on the device to be able to tell me when my hand was where it shouldn’t be. I even went so far as to reach out to the inventor of the product to confirm that the product indeed has hand-detect capabilities, which he assured me it did.So I got it in, downloaded the app, set everything up…only to find hand-detect did not work. I am guessing the gyroscope is damaged (or nonexistent?). In addition to missing the main feature I purchased this piece of technology for, it was also inconsistent in shocking even when manually pressing the device as instructed – it only worked about half the time. My significant other wanted to try it and he couldn’t get it to shock him at all, and the same thing happened with my friend who was interested to try (maybe their skin wasn’t as conductive as mine? No idea!).Without hand-detect, this item does not help me. If you are getting it for any other purpose, know that it packs a punch and may be able to do what you want it to, but you must have the discipline to shock yourself…and at that point, this is basically functioning as a very expensive rubber band.When Pavlok puts out a product that can consistently and reliably do hand-detect, I will be all over it. Unfortunately, I personally feel that this is just a very expensive prototype. It is tragically not the answer to my disorder, and I am returning it.

    8. Chris Bloomquist

      Too expensive for the limited features

    9. Gary Blom

      I find it sometimes a little difficult to turn off but overall a good device

    10. Ryan dimaquibo

      pros Comfortable and adjustable. Strong zap vibes and beeps Battery last Kong’s this is day two. The link between me & ppl is strong Can use Apple WatchCons not waterproof Have to take out zap out of silicon to charge Needed more options for wristbands Signal between phone and me is weak For such a tiny thing the price doesn’t reflect it. But heck I bought others at that price.

    11. james Jarrett

      Does not work after just little over a week of use. Not happy considering how much this cost me

    12. Sabrina

      Vibration and beeping sound still works but electric shock does not work anymore after 2-3 weeks of daily use. What a waste of $200. Would definitely buy another one if it was cheaper.

    13. athenmalmros_0

      Was exactly what I expected. The box was torn a bit, but all the pieces were there. The rod that holds together the strap and the Pavlok kept on falling out and I ended up losing it. Probably a design flaw – I ended up using a rubber band and snaking it through the band then over and around the Pavlok, tying it at the top. It works for now but it’ll wear out eventually.

    14. bl_dand_njvskd9p

      The best product I’ve found for establishing an early morning routine!

    15. nathaniel hoskins

      It’s kinda hard to use this as you have to shock your self. If you have self discipline you will like this.

    16. Andrew Brandt

      I used this for nail biting and to wake up.. Soo many issues. I’m on my second one in 2 months. The second one just quit working. It beeps and vibrates, no longer shocks which is the only reason I wanted this.

    17. J. Stinchcomb

      Bumping the voltage up to levels that is very uncomfortable will just make you not wear the item.Keep it low and slow and only putting it higher if you get too comfortable at the lower settings. I’ve had mine for about 2 or 3 weeks and I havent taken it off.Because of this though, the metal on the inside has started to wear away, and that’s where my 3 stars come in.If I could rent one now instead of purchasing it I would. It sometimes desyncs and the metal wears away and has the possibility of cutting you or discoloring your skin.The pavlok itself is a really cool device. I wish there was a coating or a different alloy for the metal as the wear and tear is kind of a lot for only using it for a short while.

    18. Thais Nunes

      Stops working after 1 month

    19. Jaimee martin

      Trying to quit smoking but not the easiest to figure out how to use

    20. Rainman

      app is horrible. constantly fighting it to connect. an absolute struggle. have replaced 3 times, downloaded app multiple times. everytime same result. manufacturer knows about the issue but refuses to repair since they are still making money hand over fist. I needed this thing to help me wake up. half the time it turns it’s own alarms off. Then since you cant connect it, you cant change times alarm shoud be going off or settings. plus it does not have a power off function so battery is constantly being drained. I could go for days about the mistakes onthis product. It is absurd none of these have not been addressed with the cost of this thing.

    21. Ryan G Cameron

      So far, so good. I think the vibration could be a little stronger, but having the zap on the inside of your wrist really makes you feel it more. I have been using manual mode when I feel the urge for nail biting and it’s been pretty good so far, just being day 2. I don’t think the motion detection is quite there as my hand isn’t near my mouth when the sensors go off. I’m excited to see how this goes, though! Wish it came with the magnetic band as advertised on the site. The silicon one is pretty comfortable so far, but I wear a watch on the other hand so it looks kind of weird with another watch band.

    22. R Crain III

      Awesome invention got tons of compliments and great convo starter but not waterproof which blows but it will shock u out of your jock strap at 100 believe that definitely genius the hand to mouth thing is state of the art need a water damage insurance plan …I hope to c waterproofIng/ water case soon and more app integrations for time management

    23. James GSXR Owner

      So Far, So Good!

    24. T. Matthew Steenburg

      I love this thing. I work in the mental health field, and I’ve been trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis. This is like wearing a Skinner box. The things you can train yourself to do and not do through reinforcement and punishment would astound most people. I saw complaints about it stopped working after a period of time, so for $20 I got a three year warranty. Plus mine was $50 cheaper because it said quit smoking version. I got the same Pavlok 2 for which others paid $180. I’m very satisfied so far.The only con is the band has notches like an old watch band. If it was more precisely adjustable, it would be easier to keep a good fit.

    25. yelina Rodríguez

      I absolutely loved it great to tool to break bad habits I bought it because I wanted to stop piking my face sometimes I would touch my face some many times a day sometimes without even realize it now because of Pavlok I’m a aware every time I touch it. I also think is great alarm clock and I love all the classes and knowledge about habits in general and sleep

    26. the animal guy

      Absolutely Amazing. Works great. I’m very hard of hearing and alarms don’t wake me up very well… So I decided to invest in something that would and did the Pavlok blow it out of the water. I’m absolutely in love with all the amazing features as well as the IFTTT integration. I can finally sleep!

    27. FlyingRon

      I’m unimpressed. Much of the app is fluff and of the three features that are touted, two refuse to work giving an error mumbling about network connections (which makes no sense whatsoever, why does something that is paired via Bluetooth the the phone need a network connection to set a simple count down timer?).Customer support acknowledges the problem but has no resolution.Further, Amazon’s information and pricing is at odds and confusing with the stuff on the website, so I didn’t get what I thought I was getting.

    28. Mr Gribbz

      I liked how easy it was to setup with my phone and the app. The app unfortunately runs continuously in the background draining phone hours away like crazy. For $179 this thing should be built as tough as a tank. But it’s not I received mine on a Saturday and by Mon the cheap nickel plating on the contacts had worn off leaving bare copper to lie on my skin. Now because of this it’s dying my wrist and the pavlok green with the metallurgical reaction goin on anytime I wear this on my wrist. I have taken the pavlok off each time I wash my hands or shower but that didn’t seem to prevent the plating from wearing off within a few days.I’d save your money for a different solution to help you get up or break bad habits because this is not worth wasting your money on with the current way it’s produced.

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