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Moff Band

The Moff band is a wearable smart toy that empowers kids to be active and use their imagination.

The Moff Band rewards children who move around and be creative, it syncs to your phone and interacts with the Moff App such as plays sounds when kids more their arms.

Enjoy an immersive, imaginative play experience with the Moff Band. This comfortable, slap-on bracelet is easy to wear and encourages kids to move around and be active with realistic sounds that follow each action. When kids swing their arms, a whisk can become a tennis racket, a spoon doubles as a magic wand, and pencils turn into drumsticks – there are no limits with a child’s imagination and a Moff Band.

  • The smart wearable toy that turns a child’s every movement into fun sounds!
  • Don’t buy new toys, download new creative experiences. A magic wand, golf club, ninja sword, guitar, and more are just a tap away on our free iPhone/iPad app.
  • Moff plays well with others—two Moff Bands can sync to a single iOS device.
  • Currently compatible with: Apple iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s/6/6Plus; iPod touch (5th gen or later); iPad (4th gen or later), iPad mini, and iPad Air. App requires iOS 7.1 or later. Android compatibility coming soon.

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MOFF BAND New In Box Wearable Smart Band HARD TO FIND! Bluetooth interactive
MOFF BAND New In Box Wearable Smart Band HARD TO FIND! Bluetooth interactive. Condition is "New". Shipped with your choice of USPS 1st Class or USPS Priority Mail. My wife and I were able to purchase some of the overstock from a local...



Moff Band Wearable Smart Toy
released on October 5, 2014


Moff, the smart wearable toy

Wrapped in silicone, the Moff Band is a latex-free toy with no sharp edges or exposed electronics. All the fun of a ninja sword, but grown-up approved. What ages is the Moff Band appropriate for? We recommend Moff Bands for ages 3 to 12, but any kid with an active imagination will enjoy a wristband that makes motorcycle noises.

Moff - Apps on Google Play

Moff is an official app for Moff Band. Connecting Moff Band with this app by Bluetooth connection, the band changes things into smart toys and provides you a more physical, imaginative and...

Moff: a wearable smart toy changes everything into toys by ...

Moff: a wearable smart toy changes everything into toys Moff band is a wearable smart toy.


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8 Reviews for Moff Band Wearable Smart Toy

  1. Kasey

    Fun, probably not worth it. This worked fine as the special occasion party toy that it was. Kept the kiddo entertained and entertaining everyone else throughout the long family party. We still play with it, but it’s not going to be our go-to toy.I scratched and bent the back cover trying to twist it open before I just pried it and it popped right off. I didn’t get it to go back on tightly, but it’s a good thing we’re past the eat everything stage.

  2. Kim Lemar

    I purchased a Moff Band for my son and he absolutely loved it! It keeps him occupied for hours and it is definitely a hit when he has his friends over. He is particularly fond of the baseball and sword sounds, but there are so many to choose from when you download the app. I like that the band simply snaps onto your wrist and is durable for crazy kids! I would recommend this product for all young children and it makes a great gift for the holidays. Moff band is a truly unique product that allows kids to use their imagination and be creative. I am very pleased and would definitely purchase this product again. MOFF ALL THE WAY!

  3. Lydia S

    This toy is a blast! Bought it for my 4 year old nephew and the possibilities are endless. I love that there are a range of sounds within each selection. For example, if you select the drum and move your wrist certain levels/directions you get a range of sounds like cymbals and snares. My nephew also really enjoys using the cooking and BBQ noises in his play kitchen. Lastly, I love the snap band feature which makes it easy to put on, comfortable, and another instrument to play with if the band is full straightened. I look forward to the new sounds for the holidays.!

  4. Mike S

    I purchased the Moff Band for my nephew’s 5th birthday. He had recently trended towards more sedentary toys such as legos and army guys so I wanted to get him something that would excite him about moving around a bit. I stumbled on the Moff band on YouTube and decided to try it out.The kid loves it. The snap band works well and can fit on small writs without any issues. The bluetooth was super easy to connect and get started. He has an old tablet and the App interface is simple enough for him to navigate. He is particularly fond of the sword noises and he spends a considerable amount of time running around and fighting imaginary pirates and ninjas. He says he wants a second one so he can play with his friends.He’s still a lego fiend but the moff band was a great addition to his toy collection.

  5. Michael Winslow

    Really, I do feel like Michael Winslow when I wear the Moff Band.It adds the sound effects to your life that you’ve always wanted. From the swords, to the punches, to the sports, to the music…. it’s a blast and a half. When I first put it on, I started thumping on the drums the beat to “Hang On Sloopy”, and the USA Guitar feature makes me feel like Jimi strumming the anthem in front of fifty thousand.I like how it adds the sounds and stimulates the imagination. It’s like a Wii, but you’re not confined to a screen.More than likely going to get one for my 4 year old nephew….

  6. Edward Ong

    This is a great product for promoting a child’s imagination. I love seeing my younger cousins use their imagination to play and this smart toy uses technology to do just that. So far, they have so much fun slapping on the band and imagining the old wrapping paper roll (from Christmas) is a sword, magic wand, fishing pole or baseball bat.The PBS Kids app integration adds to the capabilities of the Moff band and offers an interactive experience that has really motivated my cousins to move around the house instead of just sitting in front of a tablet or TV.Overall, this is a great buy and as Moff continues to grow, I can only imagine more possibilities for this band. I would definitely recommend it — but if you have more than one child in your household, I’d recommend buying more than one!

  7. Lila

    I had such high hopes for this toy, however I am disappointed. The idea is a fabulous one, but the band and the app falls short. The connection is patchy and sounds are “set” and leaves for very little creativity for a child to play. The band and app lose connection with each other, and no matter what trouble shooting we tried, nothing worked but turning it off and going back to it a much later time. I think the concept for this band is great, it needs a lot improvement to really let a child be creative. So disappointed.

  8. Patrick Casao

    This thing is surprisingly fun. Once we had it set up, my wife waved her hand and it just sounded like magic. That didn’t seem like enough, so we grabbed a toy wand that and waved it around. M a g i c a l. It’s a really neat way to encourage play and finding ways to use the different sound effects.50% of the cool feeling in cartoons and shows like power rangers is from the sound effects, so having a sort of flexible/interchangeable way to do it with the Moff Band is fantastic.I’m currently trying to convince my wife to take it to her classroom and integrate it somehow.Really fun, really great, and looking forward to future apps that interact with it.

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