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Moov Now is a Personal Coach & Sports Tracker

This Moov Now Personal Coach & Workout Tracker is just what fitness enthusiasts and athletes need to achieve their workout goals. It translates your exact movements into real-time coaching that pushes you to improve throughout each workout, bringing your fitness and workout experience to a whole new level. This Moov Now black fitness tracker offers guided programs in sports including running, cycling, swimming, body weight training and cardio boxing. It also talks you through your other workouts with real-time audio coaching for running, cycling, cardio boxing, body weight (Moov 7 Minute+) and the most advanced swim tracking available.

  • MOOV NOW provides real-time audio coaching for running, cycling, cardio boxing, body weight (Moov 7 Minute+)
  • Most advanced swim tracker – stroke type, stroke count, lap analysis, recommends ways to improve
  • Tracks Active Minutes and Sleep
  • A wearable fitness coach that speaks to you – actively monitors your motion, tracks your progress, and motivates you to achieve your fitness goals
  • Up to 6 months battery life and waterproof. Band is lightweight and breathable.Wear it on your wrist for swimming, on your ankle for running and cycling, or wear two for cardio boxing
  • Moov’s Omni Motion sensor uses 3 times the sensors used in basic fitness trackers and provides real-time accuracy
  • Colorful and Insightful Data in your Moov App


3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach, Moov Now
3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach, Moov Now. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS First Class.
Moov Now Multi-Sport Activity & Sleep Tracker + Coach Model M1508
Moov Now Multi-Sport Activity & Sleep Tracker + Coach Model M1508. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
Moov Now Personal Coach & Sport Tracker & Coach  Blizzard White - One Only
Moov Now Personal Coach & Sport Tracker & Coach Blizzard White - One Only Condition: New - Open Box. See pictures.
MOOV NOW MULTI-SPORT ACTIVITY & SLEEP 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach
MOOV NOW MULTI-SPORT ACTIVITY & SLEEP 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach. Condition is Used. Comes with 2 bands, one large and one small. Shipped with USPS First Class. FREE SHIPPING! Thank you for your interest in our product. In our ongoing effort to provide excellent products...
Moov Now Personal Coach And Sports Tracker M1508 New Open Box
This is a new item ,open box but never been use Moov Now Personal Coach And Sports Tracker M1508 New Open Box


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Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach - Stealth Black
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Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach - Fusion Red
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Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach - Aqua Blue
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Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach - Blizzard White
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as of January 26, 2021 10:12 pm
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// Specifications

NameNow Personal Coach & Sports Tracker - Stealth Black
TypeFitness Band
ColorStealth Black
Dimensions1.4" x 6.1" x 6.1"(H x L x W)
Weight0.30 lbs.
Date First AvailableJuly 31, 2016
Moov Now Coach
released on April 10, 2016

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11 Reviews for Moov Now Coach

  1. AvgJoe

    I bought the two pack for my wife and I direct from the company for $100. I’ve had a few other big name fitness trackers and returned them all. Not to say any of them weren’t good, I just didn’t think they were worth the price tag. This one however seems find that good balance between price and features. It’s not as in depth as some others and really I like the different approach Moov took to fitness tracking. No steps or stairs counting just basic activity level throughout the day. It has goals and medals and levels to achieve etc. It has social features which are kind of fun, but my use is for myself mostly and don’t really need to “compete” with anyone or prove I am more active than my friends on a daily basis.(or less active really). It requires NO charging which is one of the biggest selling points that drew me in. Not having to take it off and plug it in was important to both me and my wife. Battery life is TBD but for the price of a watch battery I’m back up and running. No worrying about internal battery recharge life or something going wrong. Simples and easy. I do NOT consider myself a world class athlete, just a dad who’s metabolism isn’t what it used to be and trying to get ahead and repair the damage I’ve done when I was younger and could do/eat (or more importantly drink) as I pleased.Strap:. It comes with two straps, large and small. The fit well for both myself and my wife. I have a small frame despite being 6’3″ 210#. I can wear the large on the tightest setting or small comfortably with ease. I wear the large because, although it’s easy to remove the device from the strap to put it in the other, I don’t like doing it. The small was too small for my ankle which is required running or biking. Rest assured this will NOT come out of the strap. The device is very secure. What might help the design is a band similar to a watch, just to supplement the “clasp” portion. Not that it’s not secure, it consists of a small plastic piece that pops two posts into the holes in the band. But for runs it made me nervous the first few times out that I didn’t secure it properly and might lose it and not notice. To date though it has never come off or popped out. It’s softand, small, and comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis without taking it off. Should hold up nicely for a long time. The device has no display other than a small light that blinks when you sync, nice and clean simple look.Android App:. It was built for iOS originally but they have since expanded to Android. I have not tested the iOS app so can’t compare the two. I find the android app to be just enough data to keep me interested and not too much to end up off in the weeds. I records your basic activity level throughout the day. I use it with Google Fit and find between the two I get a general picture of how lazy I am and what I need to do. FYI the two apps do not sync as of yet but may come in the future. The following is a breakdown of some of the features I have used extensively.User Interface: Smooth clean and easy to review everything you’ve done and a basic leaderboard if you’ve added some friends to compare/compete with.Sleep: It records sleep, basically breaking it into three categories, restorative (deep), light, and awake. As far as I can figure this is based on your movement throughout the night. If you get up to use the bathroom and its only three steps away and you go right back to sleep without a lot of tossing and turning it usually considers this light sleep, not awake. Which is fine for me because I usually AM asleep in that situation. It’s not going g to help you “improve” your sleep, or even “wake you at your peak sleep performance time” or whatever the other brands claim. What it does is give the approximate amount of time and type of sleep you achieved and you compare that to what is best for you. I’ve found it to be accurate and more than enough for my needs.Sync: I cannot figure out how/when it automatically syncs but I’m sure it does occasionally. I tend to open the app and take a look at my progress and if it says push your Moov to sync then I do it. It’s literally that simple. Open the app and click the top of the Moov. I do not know how long it would store your data if you didn’t sync it once a day but if you are not looking at the app at least that much then why bother having the fitness tracker to begin with.Running/Walking: I’m not an avid runner and after using the app I’ve learned nor am I even a good runner. But it actually encourages me 1) to run more because I like the feedback 2) to improve my lackluster running ability. You strap it to your ankle and select the running program best suited to your needs, or just open the run my own way.A simple click of the device and your coach starts telling you what to do and what you’re doing wrong. Easy peasy. It tells you you’re landing hard, your stride is too long/short, your hips turn too much, you’re hunched over, your heads down, your fists clenched, your arms aren’t swinging, all of which I have been told in a single run. Before purchasing and even when I got it and saw the device I thought there’s no way it can do all that with just a simple quarter sized device strapped to an ankle. But I experienced it and I don’t know how but 99% of the time the device is spot on with whatever I’m doing wrong. It’s not perfect for sure but it’s enough for the average person. Its best used with your phone with you but you can run without your phone. A prevalent complaint I’ve read is people dont enjoy running with their phones because they’re too big. I bought a $9 armband and stuffed my droid turbo in it and found no issue. When you take your phone with you it uses the GPS to record all sorts of additional data which I enjoy looking at, including your specific path with speeds on the map that look like Google maps traffic. After your run it breaks down cadence & range of motion along with landing. It tells you generally where your numbers should be and where you are. As you’re running it also speaks to you to help correct the deficiencies and works in conjunction with your music or book. When you wrap up the run it gives you a wealth of info about avg speed, mile time etc.7+ Minute Workout: First off, read data about the 7 minute workout craze so you have realistic expectations about what it is. With your phone in front of you or nearby you sync up and begin a small circuit using body weight to increase your physical fitness. The Moov shows you on video how to position yourself then records and counts (or does not count) reps of a given exercise. If you mess up in form it corrects you. if you don’t perform the exercise completely it doesn’t count. Three sets of each exercise with increasing reps and you’re done. You earn harder levels as you progress through and increase your reps. Simple as that. Takes me approximately 9 minutes with given breaks and its better than not exercising at all. Like running it records a wealth of information to review and compare upon completion, more than enough for this couch potato.Other Features: I have NOT yet tested these but based on the what I have done, can’t wait to try.Swimming: I USED to be an avid swimmer and this is one of the main features I purchased it for, sadly I have yet to use it. It appears to be very inclusive as far as recording info so as soon as I test it I’ll update with results.Boxing: Requires two Moov, one on each hand, and watching your phone display. Also appears to include a wealth of info including punch power so can’t wait to test that. Also looks like a video game from the videos I’ve watched online. Cycling: Another feature I haven’t tried but would love to see all the neat stuff they pack into it. It appears to do everything a cadence counter would on your bike with the beauty of audible updates and instruction so you’re not checking a display constantly. Will be testing it on road and mountain biking soon.The Moov team appears to be very receptive to the input of their customers and that is encouraging. As people think of things and email or post to Moov message boards, the company responds which is refreshing.I’m excited at how good this thing is when it’s so new. It really has nowhere to go but up, and will constantly get better. I don’t miss the heart rate (although I believe one can be synced with this) or steps or stairs and find the data more than enough for someone who just wants to get fit but is also curious to know what the metrics are of their exercises. It is probably the best price point I’ve seen for what it includes. Twice the price with twice the features i won’t ever care about or use is not a good deal to me. This isn’t intended to answer every question someone has, but rather to sway your opinion if you’re on the fence about getting into the realm of these gadgets. Unfortunately I was NOT given this at a discount in exchange for my review and frankly I’d love to figure out how so many people are getting all this stuff free or cheap while I pay full price! Will update as my length of ownership increases and as I find new and interesting features or flaws.Update: Cycling much like the other activities is good. It shows basically the same amount of information you get from a run except cycling specific. I’ve only used it road riding but there it updates every mile or so with avg speed cadence etc, through your headphones. If you’re a hard core rider and want to know what you’re spinning more often than once a mile it’s not for you, this info is visible real time on the phone screen though if you were to leave your screen on and mounted like a bike computer to the handlebars. I’d say it’s again more geared toward someone who’s not training for the tour de France but wants to know more biometrics of their ride. After the ride is over you can review all sorts of data including elevations and speeds, cadence, time moving, mile time, etc. It also has a teaching aspect after you ride once or twice and it sets a baseline moov power.

  2. Bear

    I’ve had my Moov Now for about 3 months. I also purchased the Moov HR chest strap for enhanced workouts and heart rate tracking. Rather than a 3 page analysis, here are the pros and cons:PROS1) Price. $60 is less expensive than most fitness trackers2) Battery life. 6 months is the estimate life on a single C2302 battery. You can get a pack of 10 such batteries for

  3. ram_ps84

    Shipped on time and works perfectly. I bought this primarily for measuring my running dynamics. All other options were priced much higher. Ground impact and cadence are useful information to know and use. Not a big fan of the almost robotic sounding voice coach. Floor activities are tracked only if you follow the guided session within the app. Even there, if you are too fast, the tracker tends to miss one or two reps here and there. Replaceable CR2032 batteries are a big plus. No support for external heart rate sensors which is a bummer. They have moov sweat and moov hr bands available to pair which will set you back another $70-100.

  4. the_rychalskis

    If you’re looking for a workout companion and potential motivator, I think this would be a great Fitness Tracker. If you’re looking for something to track steps, basic activity and sleep habits, this is not the tracker for you. I decided to get a fitbit, but kept this one as well to use for biking and swimming.

  5. Busy bee

    This is a brilliant way of fitting in workouts for those of us who hate the gym and would rather walk, run or swim and workout in a more natural way. I love the boxing and HiiT too. One star off As you need 2 moovs to récord the boxing properly. I think that’s a bit of a con. However it’s great fun watching yourself move through the levels and challenging yourself. Beats an old step counter. Great motivator. Super fast delivery too

  6. Tara T

    Do not buy this if you own an iPhone X as the app is not optimized for the phone and therefore you won’t be able to use it. Have attached the screenshot and you would noticed that home bar for the iPhone is right where the button for the MOOV app is. Have alerted the customer service to this and they said they will only update it if there are enough people asking for it so I would strongly advise to wait till they have an update. Also, when I asked why this information was not available on their website at the order page, I was directed to a link at the trouble-shooting section that listed the compatible models. I had actually looked up the Q&A section on the company’s website as I always thought the trouble-shooting section is for those who have already bought the merchandise to find solutions hence the phrase “trouble-shoot”.Anyway, I was advised by the customer service that they always recommend buyers to read all available information prior to purchase so with that, I would again suggest anyone who is looking to buy to do just that and do not buy till you have read ALL information. Having owned other fitness gadgets such as Fitbit and Garmin, I would recommend to invest a bit more money and buy them as they work and you do not have to worry about not reading ALL information prior to buying.

  7. gscottqc

    Shipped on time and Product as advertised. An excellent device for what I need. Despite the robotic voice, I find the coaching beneficial. I like the activity aspect for it encourages me to perform different exercises. I can live with no screen because it’s robust in several areas namely biking, running, swimming and HIIT workouts. I noticed if location is turned off (Android) steps are counted as opposed to miles. Overall a neat tracker that I enjoy using.

  8. I. Lindsay

    This product is great for the money. I’ve used mine for 2 weeks now, and the recording of the distance I swim and cycle has been perfect. Don’t pay more for others, buy this.

  9. Slater

    This was a good product, for my first four swims. On the fifth swim the clasp (small, metal, two-pronged clip that joins the band together and holds it onto your wrist) fell off while swimming and was lost. On contacting Moov customer support I was told the clasp will not fall off if used correctly (I can’t see how it could be used incorrectly), but they helpfully offered to SELL me a new clasp. Luckily there is a spare band included, hopefully I can get more than 4 uses out of this one

  10. Jam85

    Bought this to replace my old fitbit and after a few months I barely use it. Takes forever to sync via app, running coach never shuts up and ultimately, as a casual runner, if I’m tired it can go to hell. Lack of clock actually does annoy me now. Can’t recommend

  11. SpaSource

    More reliable than most wearable fitness apps I’ve tried. GPS signal breaks frequently during outdoor activities especially in the countryside and hilly terrain. This is a problem with all fitness tech and one the developers need to solve it. You won’t know the signal has gone off until the end of your session, when you realise less than 20% of your activity has been tracked. It is easy to wear and comfortable. But be warned, the battery change is an absolute nightmare. The back is sealed and extremely difficult to remove. It does come with a plastic pick tool for this but doesn’t work very well. You’ll need to apply brute force to pop the back. When changing the battery, I broke the waterproof seal removing the back of the device. When I Googled this it seems many, many others did the same.The coaching app is quite good but I tend not to use the fitness coaching progammes – which are more suited to a gym workout. My workouts are always outdoors and across mixed terrain. It doesn’t track number of steps and, if you wear it all day, it will only track some activity not all. For example, some days it says I’ve been active for 3 hours and on others, only 7 minutes. But the activity level and the days have been identical! Maybe the signal problem is the reason why this happens.Moov customer support is not helpful – I think CS may be served only with chat bots. You’re better off figuring out how to solve the problems yourself. The rubber band gets very gunky!

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