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The Scough Scarf, a scarf air filter. Provides pollution protection of a filter mask in a scarf!

The SCOUGH Scarf is more than just an awesome stylish scarf, it’s weapon’s grade germ and pollution protection we call Filterwear. Each Scough comes with an activated-carbon filter, the same technology the military uses to protect against chemical warfare.

  • Scough’s secret is its high degree of microporosity, just one gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 500 m2 for trapping sneeze fragments and pollution. The structure of activated carbon creates strong Van Der Waals forces, pulls in pollution, and germs to hold them in their crevices and neutralize them.
  • How to wear: First, pull the elastic loop over your head and settle it around the base of your neck. The elastic neck strap guarantees easy accurate filter placement so you’re always getting a filtered breath. To start filtering, pull the filter over your nose and pinch the embedded nose crimp to set yourself up with the best seal possible.
  • Made in the USA: Scough scarves are all hand sewn in our local US factory in Brooklyn, using the finest US-made cotton.
  • DESIGNED TO PROTECT YOUR HEALTH WHILE YOU EXPRESS YOURSELF: If you are someone that cares about protecting yourself from pollutants, bacteria and germs, you no longer have to wear an ugly face mask, now you can protect yourself and express yourself while looking good.
  • PROTECTION FROM HARSH ENVIRONMENTS: Ideal for people at risk of respiratory diseases, living in or travelling to areas with high air pollution levels.
  • PROTECTION FROM POLLUTION, ALLERGENS, BACTERIA & GERMS: Our proprietary Scough activated carbon filter traps pollution with its high micro porosity. The structure of activated carbon creates strong Van Der Waals forces, pulls in pollution, germs and viruses to hold them in their crevices and neutralizes them. Advanced silver nanoparticle impregnated filtration disrupts the biochemistry of bacteria, causing their cell’s membranes to collapse and destroying them.
  • History of Scough: We started Scough six years ago as an investigation into how we might use an incredible technology—industrial-grade woven carbon filters—to help keep families healthy and bring awareness to our world’s growing air quality issues. In the age of the coronavirus our products have skyrocketed in popularity.


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// Specifications

Brand Scough
Binding Apparel
IsAdultProduct false
Size One Size
Department womens
ProductTypeName ACCESSORY
Color Red
ProductGroup Apparel
PartNumber 8415594214
Shipping Weight 5.6 ounces
PackageQuantity 1
Package Dimensions 9.5 x 5.4 x 1.6 inches
Model Jasper-Red
UPC Does Not Apply
MaterialType Cotton
EAN Does Not Apply

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5 Reviews for Air Filter Scarf

  1. Jessica

    love this thing — great for avoiding germs on airplanes, my daily subway commute, during flu season, etc but also really cozy and just a great all around scarf.(Also love that you can’t see the band or the mask part in person when you’re wearing it — just looks like a normal, super soft scarf that magically stays in place)

  2. Abigal Chang

    I bought this to cover my nose and mouth during the California wildfire seasons. It seems to be working but it’s a bit finicky as the mask isn’t tight enough to form a tight seal around my nose area. That means I have to constantly readjust the scarf to cover any gaps.

  3. Mochi Mochi

    I have several Scough. This one is made from soft light-blue cotton which is a bit thick. The material is great for cooler days. I wear it at night when I walk the pup during allergy season. So far it’s worked well. It washed well and when line dried it got a little less soft. It does come with an insertable filter, but I don’t use it. In this case it’s because I would not be able to breath through both the relatively thick fabric and the addition of a filter. I’ll save the filter for one of my other lighter scoughs. In the meantime, using this thick fabric is more than enough. The elastic strap keeps the scough in place. I am able to position the strap and the scough so that my nostrils are protected from pollen. The fabric thickness of this scarf does a great filtering job on it’s own, but it can make breathing difficult, so don’t expect to use this while exercising. It can require a little fussing to get the fit, filtering and breathing right, but I’m happy that it’s protecting me from allergens.

  4. Benjamin Ronne

    I love my Scough. It really solves two problems for me: First, I have soft ears so wearing masks for a long period of time hurts. I wear my Scough all day without any issues. Second, I never know what to do with a regular mask when I’m not wearing it. The Scough just effortlessly hangs around my neck – problem solved. On top of all that, it looks awesome. I get compliments on it all the time and I always explain that it looks good AND it has a filter. If we’re going to have to wear something in front of our faces for the next year and a half, it might as well be something comfortable that makes you feel confident. I love my Scough so much that I wear it all the time – whether masks are required or not.

  5. Ayda Ahmadi

    I love my scough. I was nervous about the filter making it difficult to breathe but it’s actually so light and comfortable I wear it every day and get so many compliments on it. I even got a second one so I can change up my looks. I’ve had it since June and it holds up super well! Boyfriend got jealous so he got one too 🙂

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