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The Scough Scarf, a scarf air filter.


Scough Scarf


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3 reviews for Air Filter Scarf

  1. Jessica

    love this thing — great for avoiding germs on airplanes, my daily subway commute, during flu season, etc but also really cozy and just a great all around scarf.(Also love that you can’t see the band or the mask part in person when you’re wearing it — just looks like a normal, super soft scarf that magically stays in place)

  2. Abigal Chang

    I bought this to cover my nose and mouth during the California wildfire seasons. It seems to be working but it’s a bit finicky as the mask isn’t tight enough to form a tight seal around my nose area. That means I have to constantly readjust the scarf to cover any gaps.

  3. Mochi Mochi

    I have several Scough. This one is made from soft light-blue cotton which is a bit thick. The material is great for cooler days. I wear it at night when I walk the pup during allergy season. So far it’s worked well. It washed well and when line dried it got a little less soft. It does come with an insertable filter, but I don’t use it. In this case it’s because I would not be able to breath through both the relatively thick fabric and the addition of a filter. I’ll save the filter for one of my other lighter scoughs. In the meantime, using this thick fabric is more than enough. The elastic strap keeps the scough in place. I am able to position the strap and the scough so that my nostrils are protected from pollen. The fabric thickness of this scarf does a great filtering job on it’s own, but it can make breathing difficult, so don’t expect to use this while exercising. It can require a little fussing to get the fit, filtering and breathing right, but I’m happy that it’s protecting me from allergens.

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Air Filter Scarf