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  • The lowest price of MonBaby Baby Monitor with Breathing, Body Movement Rollover and Temperature Sensors Movement, Ambient Temperature. was obtained on June 19, 2020 4:13 pm.

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3 reviews for MonBaby Smart Baby Monitor

  1. James F. Perra

    As a paramedic, some of my tougher experiences on the job caused me to be a hyper vigilant parent. When we brought home our newborn, I couldn’t fall asleep unless he was up nursing with his mother, the more asleep he was, the more awake I was. We ordered several of the various biometric / wireless devices and MonBaby was the only one we didn’t send back. Easy to use, not cumbersome or uncomfortable for baby, portable when traveling. MonBaby brought peace of mind and sleep back into my life and let me enjoy parenting our great sleeper!

  2. JT Stone

    So here is the deal, I love the idea of this and for the most part it works great! However, I have 3 complaints: 1. The battery life last only about 10 days using it every night. So factor in cost of batteries. 2. The clip is very easy to crack. Our first one cracked so we had to ask for a replacement. 3. The monitor loses it’s Bluetooth connection for no reason sometimes even though the monitor nor the phone has moved. So I have to reconnect. That is aggravating during the night. If you are like me and can live with these things in order to get some peace of mind then I recommend it. If you can’t live with these, I’d look for another product that suits your needs more. One other thing is it drains your phone battery.

  3. Jane Johnson

    We have been using this for about 7 months now. We bought it prior to our baby’s birth, but she actually ended up being born early. She wore this monitor from day 1 home from the hospital. Within the first 2 weeks it had alarmed us to apnea 2 times in which our daughter needed stimulation to come out of it. Without it, things could have gone much differently. We’re thankful for MonBaby as an affordable alternative to the Owlet. The only con is the distance range for readings. They could definitely use an update and the range should go much farther than it does now. It’s great if using in the same room, or even close to the room, but cannot walk to the other end of my home without it disconnecting.

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MonBaby Smart Baby Monitor