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MonBaby (A) Baby Monitor with Breathing, Rollover and Temperature Sensors

Monbaby Sleep Monitor is Like a Wearable and Trustworthy Babysitter – Get Alerted When Baby Needs You with the Only Wearable Monitor That Provides Real-Time Data Tracking. Pause in breathing movement, tummy sleeping, too hot or cold ambient temperature will be detected by a highly sensitive sensor and an alarm will be sent to your smartphone.

  • DETECTS INTERRUPTIONS IN BREATHING PATTERNS: Pause in breathing movement will be detected by a highly sensitive sensor and an alarm will be sent to your smartphone
  • IMMEDIATELY KNOW IF BABY ROLLS ONTO THEIR TUMMY: A smart and proactive alternative to you having to check if your baby rolled over onto their stomach while sleeping.
  • ALERTS YOU TO TEMPERATURE CHANGES: If it gets too hot or cold around your infant or toddler and goes outside preset zones you are notified so you can correct the problem.
  • ONLY SNAP-ON wearable monitor in baby monitor category. Easy for adults to take on and off but SECURE FROM BABY’S PICKING HANDS.


Monbaby Baby monitor Baby Breathing and Rollover monitor in a smart button easy
Monbaby Baby monitor Baby Breathing and Rollover monitor in a smart button easy. Shipped with USPS First Class. Bought new, tested working and never used. All items included in this listing are in good functional condition It will include a battery All items have been inspected and it does not...
MonBaby Smart Button - a Smart Breathing and Movement Monitor - White
MonBaby Smart Button - a Smart Breathing and Movement Monitor - White. Condition is "Used". MonBabyApp button works but the wireless charger is sometimes suspect. Meaning it’ll charge for a few then other times it works just fine... However; we’ve included another new wireless charger to ensure...
Monbaby Baby monitor Baby Breathing and Rollover monitor in a smart button
Monbaby Baby monitor Baby Breathing and Rollover monitor in a smart button . Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
Monbaby Baby monitor Baby Breathing and Rollover monitor in a smart button
Monbaby Baby monitor Baby Breathing and Rollover monitor in a smart button. Box is messed up but item is new Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
MonBaby Smart Button a Smart Breathing and Movement Monitor White, New
Yes Product Specifications:Features: Bluetooth Enabled, Low Battery Indicator, Movement Sensor and Alarm, Out of Range Indicator, Wireless, controlled by smartphone appCertifications: FCC CertifiedPower Source: Battery-poweredDimensions: .7 inchesH x 4 inchesW x .7 inchesDWeight: 3...


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MonBaby Baby Breathing Monitor: HSA/FSA Approved. Track Your Baby's Breathing and Rollover Movement During Sleep. Low Energy Bluetooth Connectivity. Get Alerted If Baby Needs Your Attention.
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as of February 23, 2021 2:16 am
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MonBaby Dream Rechargeable Monitor: Breathing, Movement and Temperature Monitor for Infants. Movement-Based Sleep Training Light for Toddlers. Provides Value for First Few Years of Child's Life.
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as of February 23, 2021 2:16 am
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// Specifications

Assembled Product Weight10 oz
Manufacturer Part NumberMONBWHITE1
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)11.50 x 9.50 x 6.50 Inches
MonBaby Smart Baby Monitor
released on July 11, 2016

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11 Reviews for MonBaby Smart Baby Monitor

  1. James F. Perra

    As a paramedic, some of my tougher experiences on the job caused me to be a hyper vigilant parent. When we brought home our newborn, I couldn’t fall asleep unless he was up nursing with his mother, the more asleep he was, the more awake I was. We ordered several of the various biometric / wireless devices and MonBaby was the only one we didn’t send back. Easy to use, not cumbersome or uncomfortable for baby, portable when traveling. MonBaby brought peace of mind and sleep back into my life and let me enjoy parenting our great sleeper!

  2. JT Stone

    So here is the deal, I love the idea of this and for the most part it works great! However, I have 3 complaints: 1. The battery life last only about 10 days using it every night. So factor in cost of batteries. 2. The clip is very easy to crack. Our first one cracked so we had to ask for a replacement. 3. The monitor loses it’s Bluetooth connection for no reason sometimes even though the monitor nor the phone has moved. So I have to reconnect. That is aggravating during the night. If you are like me and can live with these things in order to get some peace of mind then I recommend it. If you can’t live with these, I’d look for another product that suits your needs more. One other thing is it drains your phone battery.

  3. Jane Johnson

    We have been using this for about 7 months now. We bought it prior to our baby’s birth, but she actually ended up being born early. She wore this monitor from day 1 home from the hospital. Within the first 2 weeks it had alarmed us to apnea 2 times in which our daughter needed stimulation to come out of it. Without it, things could have gone much differently. We’re thankful for MonBaby as an affordable alternative to the Owlet. The only con is the distance range for readings. They could definitely use an update and the range should go much farther than it does now. It’s great if using in the same room, or even close to the room, but cannot walk to the other end of my home without it disconnecting.

  4. Nina

    Monbaby inc is the only brand I trust with my babies. Not only the monitor does exactly what it claims to do but the costumer service is also VERY helpful and compassionate, they were kindly replying to questions I had and those who are moms out there like me know what I’m talking about, we moms are always worried and have plenty of questions. I used the first model when I had my first child and oh my God the peace of mind I had knowing my baby was safe while sleeping and I could be informed of any movements etc… now as a mother of two I bought this new device and once again I’m very satisfied. Thank you monbaby for the peace of mind you give me. Ladies, if you want to sleep in peace and deal with only respectful costumer service get this device. I bought a couple for some of my friends as well and they are all very happy and thank me every day

  5. Hell No

    We decided to go with this monitor for our newborn and so far we feel like we made the best decision. It’s more than just an infant breathing monitor, and for the price point, you get everything you need from a smart monitor (rollover and activity detection). So convenient to just pop on the button and open the app on my phone and be able to monitor my kid.

  6. YP

    So far I’m loving the new MonBaby. I had used the first version with my now almost 3 year old as an infant breathing monitor, so I got really excited to hear that there was a new button that had new features like temperature reading. So far, we like it as much, if not more than the first one.

  7. Mark Clairmont

    This device helps us get as much sleep as possible with our newborn. We did lots of research to choose this monitoring option- we feel this is best with the low radiation (lowest on Bluetooth vs WiFi). We have broken a couple of the clasps and MonBaby quickly sent us plenty of free replacements. Their customer service has been very quick and friendly. They have helped us troubleshoot any issues we ran into. MonBaby is easy for both us and grandparents to use. The peace of mind and sleep we get because of this device are priceless!

  8. Makenna S.

    I wanted to love this, it honestly has great potential. It isnt really compatible with my samsung galaxy s10+. I had to restart my phone to get it to connect each time I closed out of the app. The alerts were accurate and it could definitely tell when my baby was actively moving around and when he was on his side I was notified immediately. The problem I had was when I put him down for a nap and the connection on it disconnected because it relies on bluetooth. When I went downstairs I immediately got a proximity notice on my phone. Not worth keeping if I have to be in the same room or on the same floor to keep it working. Switch to wifi operation and maybe make it rechargeable with the next model and I’d try it again in a heartbeat. They did provide 4 batteries in the box which I thought was nice.

  9. S.T

    So far (2nd night) it has worked great! Love the peace of mind it gives. After night changes and feeds. I do have to re calibrate it. And then it is fine. Baby is in room with me so signal is fine on my Android. Also if nearby outside of room still good signal. Beyond that I need a monbridge. So very pleased! Thank you monbaby!

  10. I’ve had this product for about a month. When I first received it, it wasn’t working. I contacted monbaby and they were insanely quick to get me a new one that worked properly. They also sent me a free monbaby base so my boyfriend could use the app at the same time. I mostly wanted this for the breathing and temperature feature- obviously as a worried first time mom I want to make sure my little one didn’t overheat or stop breathing (he’s only 1 month and is in a bassinet that’s impossible to go on his belly- so not so worried about the roll over on tummy feature). It’s fairly accurate though, when I go to burp him it constantly alerts me he’s on his tummy – you can select which alerts to have pop up on your phone so you don’t get too annoyed of unneeded ones. The ambient temperature is great to make sure he doesn’t get too hot or too cold. We live on top of the mountain and had him in the middle of the winter, and our heat either gets too warm or too cold. Instead of waking him up by shoving my hand onto his chest I can just pull up the app and make sure it’s between 85 and 95 ambient temperature and go back to sleep. One issue I do have with the product is you have to be literally next to them with your phone. Even then it can still disconnect randomly. It would be nice to be able to eventually have him take a nap and I can go do some chores and check my phone for breathing alerts so I know he’s okay without stopping every 2-3 minutes. Otherwise this is a decent purchase.Update : I’ve had two of these now and they won’t work after so long. The batteries don’t connect or they eventually stop connecting. If I didn’t spend $80 on it I wouldn’t be so irritated but here we are. Will be returning for a refund.

  11. Reaper

    My wife and I bought this when we had our newborn back in February and we really weren’t sure what to expect from it but were optimistic that it would let us know whenever the baby was turning or had stopped breathing.So far it’s been a super positive experience. We’re grateful that MonBaby has been so helpful in helping us learn more about the product as well as resupply us with the ring holder for the device that we broke once or two times on accident.The device itself is not 100% up to par, but I’ve seen nothing but dedication from the folks over at the company who’ve been regularly updating the app as well as keeping us updated on the latest for the device.Our one and only issue would be the battery life. We’re replacing the battery about once every 2 weeks or so using it daily. We’ve bought a pack of the batteries so we’ve been able to hold out for a while now using it without any real problems from the battery drain.Overall, we’re super happy that we went with this product and glad that MonBaby has kept us updated and helped us through using their product. One of the best customer service experiences that we’ve ever had.

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