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Wellue BabyO2 Wearable Baby Oxygen Monitor

The Baby O2 from Wellue gives parents peace of mind by continuously tracking your baby’s blood oxygen levels, heart rate and motion, especially during sleep. The Baby O2 Notifies you with sounds if your baby’s oxygen level is low, or the device falls off. Using Wellue’s companion app “Vihealth”, you can view real-time data and receive direct notifications on your phone with your Baby’s vitals.

  • KNOW YOUR BABY IS OK ALL THE TIME: Continually track your baby’s oxygen level, heart rate and movement. When your baby’s oxygen level is low, or the device falls off, audio alarm will alert you on device/mobile APP. Alarm on device and mobile APP can be turned on/off separately. Alarm volume & threshold is adjustable to fit you best. Not for sports.
  • SOFT & ADJUSTABLE BAND: Gentle & breathable fabric provides a comfortable wearing experience like a sock. Two sizes of soft wraps for different age stages, with velcro to secure precisely.
  • FREE APP FOR IOS & ANDROID: The free app allows you to monitor your baby’s real-time oxygen saturation, heart rate and body movements during sleep and daily life. Review history records & receive alarm instantly.
  • FREE PC SOFTWARE: Export, print and share detailed PDF/CSV reports. Share with families/doctors.
  • BUILT-IN MEMORY: Work stand-alone, even without smartphone. Sync data automatically when connected to App. Rechargeable battery.

At you can purchase a BabyO2 Alt - EMAY Children Fingertip Oxygen Monitor (Not for Newborn/Infant) for only $23.99. The cheapest price was found on December 1, 2022 6:11 am. – View Buying Options



Wellue BabyO2 Oxygen Monitor OPEN BOX
Wellue BabyO2 Oxygen Monitor OPEN BOX
Wellue BabyO2 Oxygen Monitor OPEN BOX.



BabyO2 Wearable Baby Oxygen Monitor
released on February 11, 2020


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8 Reviews for BabyO2 Wearable Baby Oxygen Monitor

  1. Gloria

    I sleep much better knowing my neice that I take care of is being monitored. It gave me relief and piece of mind. Came with replaceable bands and 2 sizes, so we can change and wash bands everyday and keep using it as your little one grows. I worried about if it will hurt the baby’s foot, but it has worked fine so far. It’s safe and friendly to the baby’s skin.

  2. Mayson Ehrlich

    This is really a very nice product. It links to your smart phone via Bluetooth very easily. Full color instruction manual with very easy to use and color photos. I tried it out on myself and it worked well just wrapped around my finger and my wrist. Very accurate accruing statistics to my smartphone.

  3. KT Marie

    I am so happy I got this. In the middle of a pandemic this is just one more way I can keep my baby safe. This gives such peace of mind, but it took a minute to figure it out because it comes with more pieces than the directions say (bonus/replacement straps). The app is very straight forward. Baby lays pretty still during sleep so if you have a rambunctious sleeper, I would still say give it a try. Such a great value for the money compared to other similar products. I got a child’s version too from the same company.

  4. Benjamin Trotter

    My nephew recently moved from his parents’ room to his own crib and his mom really wanted to keep a close eye on his vitals. I bought this so she could sleep with her mind at ease that baby was doing just fine. The monitors fits well on his ankle and transmits data reliably. Mom is happy, baby is sleeping well and as a result my brother is sleeping better too. It’s win for everyone.

  5. Aza

    Easy to configure and use. Materials are soft which is good for the baby. Compared it to $2000 magical grade one – readings are almost identical so consider it to be quite accurate. Very good value for money. Cons – cable does not look heavy duty, I’m sure it will break soon. Spend another couple of dollars for heat shrink to fix the cable before it breaks, I’m sure it will last longer

  6. Michael

    When I heard these O2 monitors for babies existed I was super excited to get this product. It came packaged really nice, similar to packaging you get with a new phone or high quality electronic device. After opening I was surprised to see how easy it was to set up, just download the app, link with your monitor and you’re ready to go. Baby didn’t even notice I had it on with the soft Velcro straps. Being that this is meant for kids 0-3 the straps have extensions that can be used for adjusting size.

  7. Patricia Spitzer

    We bought this for my 32 week preemie that came home with reflux issues. This has been a life saver (literally). There were 3 separate times we were alerted by the monitor that her o2 was low and we were able to stimulate her. We can view patterns with the data collected to review with her doctor and see how much she has improved since she first came home. I couldn’t sleep without this. I would be a zombie if not. I would and do highly recommend this product to other families. The only thing is the little Velcro piece is not super sturdy and if not you can get a false alarm so for us we wrap with Coban lightly to reinforce. I was unsure because not as many reviews as others but we love it!

  8. RN

    My baby does not seemed bothered when I put this on her foot. I was worried it would irritate her skin, but it seems to be doing well. It has not come loose or fallen off. This may change as she gets older and is more mobile, I will update later. I am an absolute worry wart and could not sleep through the night until I purchased this monitor. The app was also very informative. You can be alerted through the app if levels drop under a certain range.It has given me a piece of mind at a fraction of the cost as others alike.

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