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Wellue O2Ring Pulse Oximeter

Wellue O2Ring Oxygen Tracker with Notification for Low O2 Level and Heart Rate, Free APP PC Report for Fitness Monitor and Sleep Insights.



Wellue O2Ring
Wellue O2Ring
Wellue O2Ring
Wellue O2Ring
Wellue O2Ring
Wellue O2Ring


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6 reviews for Wellue O2Ring

  1. Fishy Fishy

    This product and the accompanying app are very clean, very modern, just what I was hoping for. Connecting is automatic, downloading data is automatic, etc. Form factor is small, comfortable, well designed. Very, very happy w/ring versus older wristwatch + finger clip product, the other option I considered.Here is my experience:Turns on automatically when you put in your finger, counts down to turning off / saving data when you remove your finger.Downloaded app for my iPhone from Apple store. App comes up searching for device automatically. On first use had turned on device with finger (then removed, stays on for awhile), app found device & showed picture of ring. Clicked on picture of ring & was paired.Clicked “Settings” at bottom and turned on heart rate alarm, turned off oxygenation alarm. Easy to use & clear.Put ring on, went to bed. Took off when got up in middle of the night, then put back on. So 2 data sets created.In morning, app found ring automatically because it was on, said “loading ” and displayed report when done. Both data sets were loaded. Clicked on each data set to see its respective report.App has 4 main options across bottom, “History” which is where your data sets / reports are; “Dashboard” which displays real-time O2 & HR status when ring is on; “Settings”; and “Discover” which searches for the device.BTW when ring is not on, click “Offline Use” at the bottom of the app screen to review data etc.Ring does wake me up okay on the default, medium intensity vibration when my HR drops below 40. Feeling better in AM. Very grateful for this product :o)PS used the coupon available on the Wellue website, saved $10, may still be there

  2. SugarLandTX

    I only write reviews when something or some service is either 5 stars or 1 star, and this O2Ring gets my 5 star vote.Now after a few nights using the O2ring, which vibrates if my blood oxygen goes below 90, it’s helping me to prevent sleeping on my back (and snoring). As a test, I disabled the vibrate alarm and my blood oxygen did indeed suffer (when I am sleeping on my back and snoring).I thought that I would definitely prefer the PC reports and CSV data saving capability, but the iPhone app really does work quite well. It has 30 min., 1 hour, 5 hour and 10 hour zoom windows, and while no zooming (2 finger stretch) is possible, it does support “wiping” quickly through the 30 min. windows to see things closer up.I hope that this review helps you.Jim

  3. DianeLin

    This monitor is version 2 for tracking oxygen levels, which is what I need it for. The first version was exactly what I needed and I wore it for a year. It even went through the washing machine and still worked. Sadly to say I broke it so I reordered the new one.I didn’t know they could make it better but they did. Below are some on my observations* fits the thumb or finger comfortably* gives accurate readings* it’s small enough to wear in public without drawing attention* stays on your finger unlike the clip on o2 monitors* easy to dowload to the software* pairing was easy* the reports are benificial to your doctorIn addition to the product being exactly as expected and more, the company take a personal touch to their product. When I broke my first one I contacted them and their response was timely and helpful. I wasn’t sure what to expect for customer service but I’d give customer service 5 stars too, if I could.Over all this monitor does exactly as advertised and the company is great to work with. Very high recommend if you need a product like this.

  4. GCB

    I bought this product to monitor my o2 sat during sleep. The product is comfortable to wear, unlike the clip on style o2 monitors with wires. Battery life is good and appears it could probably track for 2 nights before being discharged. iPhone app and PC app work well, though the iPhone app is a bit more polished. I like the PC app as it generates nice printable reports and you can enter notes into the report before saving.I did notice one thing about the product that others may want to know about. I tried using it as a general heart/o2 monitor during exercise, however, the sensors get overloaded by sunlight when outdoors, so it will not work well in direct sunlight and also the display is not bright enough to read outdoors. I didn’t really purchase it for exercise, only as a sleep monitor, and it works great for the sleep o2sat monitor functions.Overall, it’s a great product for sleep monitoring and I am very happy with my purchase.

  5. mca1017

    The ring is designed to be adjustable but it’s too big for my fingers (I’m an adult female with fairly small hands). When I first started using it the O2 saturation was averaging lower than what I was expecting (based on my last doctor visit and experience as an RN). I experimented with different fingers and got the best reading on my thumb but it was still too variable for my liking. From a post on a CPAP forum I got the idea to try it on a big toe and the readings there are much more accurate. However, the device has fallen off twice in the 4 or 5 nights I’ve worn it there, so that’s something to consider if you’re a restless sleeper (like me). The app has worked well, which is good thing because a device like this is useless without a good app (I’m using the Android version). I just wish the ring fit better. I’m going to try a different device and if that works better I’ll pass this one along to my brother, who has bigger hands than I do, because I’ve had it too long to return it.

  6. EJ

    My rating is 4.5 stars. I have been using this for about a month and I have learned quite a bit about my sleep patterns. The vibration works well to get you to adjust your position when oxygen level drops. The app is easy to use and provides good data. One suggestion to the app developer – currently the app shows the amount of time spent below 90% oxygen saturation. It would be very useful to add another metric with time spent in the orange range, which appears to be anything below 95 or 94%. This seems to correlate with how well I feel when I wake up.

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Wellue O2Ring

$259.99 $179.99