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Breo iSee4 Wireless Digital Eye Massager with Heat Compression and Music

The Wireless Eye Massager with Soothing Sounds uses a combination of intelligent air pressure, vibration massage, point massage and gentle infrared heat to soothe away stress, strain and aches. Just slip it on after a hard day and let it rub, press, warm and massage your entire ocular region.

  • Relieves eye strain, dry eyes, sinus pressure and headaches. Relaxes you mind and helps you sleep better
  • Improves blood circulation that helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. With 3 different massage modes, the iSee4 is designed to relax the muscles around the eyes (excluding the eye and eyelid)
  • Enjoy each of the three unique massage modes. Heat (Low 35C – 38C / High 39C – 42C)
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery for maximum portability
  • Folds into a black travel case


Breo iSee4 Electric Portable Eye Massager w/ Heating Air Pressure Music Vibrate
Breo iSee4 Electric Portable Eye Massager w/ Heating Air Pressure Music Vibrate Like New Condition, some light surface scratches on the left front of the unit by the Breo logo. Fully tested and working. Item comes in original box with all original accessories.
Breo iSee4 Electric Portable Eye Massager w/ Heating Air Pressure Music Vibrate
Breo iSee4 Electric Portable Eye Massager w/ Heating Air Pressure Music Vibrate. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Mint condition.
Breo iSee4 Electric Portable Eye Massager w/ Heating Air Pressure Music Vibrate
White Breo iSee4 Electric Portable Eye Massager #7815 Z30B12
Set of 2 Red IHomeGarden Mountain Bike Pedals Model AL-46 #9700 Z30B12 (IH) Cosmetic Condition: Never used, but the box has been opened Functional Condition: Fully functional Included: set of 2 bike pedals Payment: PAYPAL with confirmed addresses only. Payment is due within 3 days of the close of...
Breo iSee4 Eye Massager w/ Air Pressure Kneading Massage Heat Compression NEW
New Breo iSee4 Eye Massager w/ Air Pressure Kneading Massage Heat Compression Brand New, Auth Dealer, Warranty Eye massager equipped with precise temperature and node technology Upgraded with optimized heating, quieter motor, and redesigned airbags, the Breo new iSee4 delivers a precise and...


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Breo iSee4
released on June 1, 2014

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10 Reviews for Breo iSee4

  1. Bob Zucker

    the iSee4 has the potential for being a very cool device. It does a nice job for massaging the eyes and temples. It provides some heat although not as good as some other eye massagers. There are a few things though that I really don’t like about it.As other reviewers have mentioned, the sounds cannot be shut off and they are a bit strange. They change about every 10 seconds and you have no control over them. Another weird thing about this device is when you use sleep mode, which is limited to 10 minutes, at the end the device shuts off and makes 3 loud beeps. Loud enough to startle someone out of their sleep!Other eye massagers allow users to customize the massage. You can turn on off various modes such as the music, compression, vibration, heat. Not this one. For the price you’d expect better.I ended up returning the device as it does not suit my needs.

  2. Mimi

    This is a 5-star device even if it doesn’t get very hot…but I guess that makes sense around the eye area. We though maybe we had a defective one, so we exchanged it for another. The heat was still not very warm. If you are looking for a good heat option for dry eye, this probably isn’t your best bet.The massage is just short of heavenly, and it does help tired, computer eyes. My husband uses the high setting almost every night and he said he doesn’t feel like it squeezes too hard as others have stated. It may be a preference thing.My husband has a larger head as well as a large nose bridge and this mask fits him comfortably. It also has adjustable straps.The sound isn’t really that loud, but it is random. The TV drowns it out. If you have an echo, just ask Alexa to play nature sounds. Worked great. If you are considering this, and are unsure I say give it a try. Amazon is extremely easy to work with should you need to return it.

  3. Mycoy

    This product works well for me.I work in the software industry, I have to stare at the screen for more than 8 or 10 hours every day.This message helps to eliminate any eyes strains for me.I don’t have the problems as other people describe, e.g. noise, squeeze. It’s just you may need 2~3 days to get used to it.Two points for potential upgrade:1. I don’t like the music; but it cannot be turned off in mode2/3. Hopefully, in the future there will be an option to turn it off. Especially if I want to use it in office, it’s necessary to turn if off.2. I hope the heating could be a little hotter.

  4. Judy Nelsoon

    I paid 1 day shipping just to get this ASAP as I suffer from headaches (sinus and tension) muntilple times a month and I had actually been suffering for two days when I ordered these. I’ve used it three times since I got it last night and each time I’ve quite enjoyed it. The heat and vibration were so relaxing! The only problem I see (and why I gave it 4 stars) is the hard vibration mode; it is a little less pleasurable than the the mediim setting. The hard setting is what I believe is the same pressure as the medium setting but with an added quick pulsating vibration that I didn’t quite find conduscive to treating my particular sinus headache I was experiencing… it was more of annoyance. But the medium setting with the heat and music is by far the best thing I have found for my headaches!


    This product is giving you a headache instead of relaxing you, If I could I would have returned it, A complete waste of money! It makes so much noise when you are trying to relax and the sounds are so annoying, relaxing is that last thing that you experience.

  6. shoppermd

    The massaging noise sounds like your driving a car in a video game, actually drowns out the nature sounds. The heat is the only thing I really like about it. Not relaxing because popping sounds go off, and I feel my eyes close tighter when it happens, like when you hear a gunshot or a firecracker. Someone needs to make an audio review so you can hear how annoying it really is lol! I give it 3 stars because my eyes do actually feel better afterwards, but I do not think it is worth the price.

  7. Writer Grrrl

    I like this a lot; I am at a computer for hours at a time and this is a great way to ease fatigue in my eyes and the facial muscles. The only thing keeping it from getting five stars is the annoying “beep” when the session ends; kind of like pulling a fire alarm at the end of a meditation class…

  8. Quasi-recluse

    I was looking for an eye massager for those long days after being on the computer. The Breo and Panasonic eye massagers seemed like the best eye massagers on Amazon to look at but I was disappointed in both. The Breo is pretty well built and feels very solid. It does feel a bit heavy, and when you use it, the air pressure compression massage squeezes the eyes a bit much with the bulk of the massage focused on the greater eye area rather than the eye balls and surrounding tissues. The circular massage on the temple was a bit rough as well and the music a bit annoying. The only part of the massage that seemed ok was the heat. In the end I couldn’t justify keeping this, and am going to opt to just use a quick eye massage using my palms which actually gets to the muscles around the eyes followed by a heated eye mask.My girlfriend has pretty sensitive skin and the pressure from the Breo irritated the blood vessels around the eyes. Immediate return.

  9. geordiegrafter

    Wife loves them

  10. Thomas Müller

    Ich empfinde die Massagen als sehr angenehm, besonders mit der zusätzlichen Wärme. Meine Augenpartie ist recht empfindlich (weshalb auch Kontaktlinsen nie infrage kamen), aber die Brille hinterlässt keine Rötungen oder Irritationen.Etwas störend ist wirklich der laute Motor, der auch oftmals die zugeschalteten Naturgeräusche übertönt, aber ich denke nicht, dass man da großartig etwas ändern kann, meine anderen Massagegeräte sind nicht leiser. Ich setze mir einfach Kopfhörer mit entspannender Musik auf, schon kann ich absolut entspannen.

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