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Breo iDream5 Rechargeable Head and Eye Massager

2-in-1 Electric Helmet Massager with Heat, Air Compression, APP Control for Head Stress Relief. The iDream5 simultaneously massages the top and back of the head, the forehead, temples and ocular areas to help relieve stress, tension and fatigue while promoting feelings of deep relaxation and mental relief.

  • Multi-FUNCTION MASSAGE, AUTOMATICALLY WORKING: This brain massager soothes pressure points around your temples, head, eyes,Scalp and back of neck, relieving pressure effectively. Ideal for those who work on a computer or read for extended periods.
  • IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP&(STRESS) RELIEF: The combination of air compression, 107 Fahrenheit heat compress, finger like kneading and vibration is applied to your head and eyes area ,to help scalp stress relax.Effectively melting away your brain strain and fatigue to help the body unwind and encourage restful sleep.
  • 90MIN DURATION & DOWNLOADABLE Breo APP CONTROL: Built in rechargeable lithium battery enables you to enjoy cordless head and eye massage. A full charge supports 1 week’s use (15 mins every day). Under app control, the massage contacts and intensity can be adjusted easily.
  • REMOVEABLE MASSAGE GOGGLES & ADJUSTABLE HEAD STRAP: The eye massager parts can be removed so you can even enjoy the iDream5 while reading or watching a movie.The head strap can be adjusted easily for different head size.
  • WARRANTY & SAFETY GUARANTEE: 12 months warranty, you have our safety guarantee. Any problem on this product could be solved throughout our customer service team.


Breo iDream5 Rechargeable Head Massager Eye Massager 2-in-1

Multi-FUNCTION MASSAGE, AUTOMATICALLY WORKING: This brain massager soothes pressure points around your temples, head, eyes,Scalp and back of neck, relieving pressure effectively. Ideal for those who work on a computer or read for extended periods.IMPROVE YOUR...

Breo iDream5 Rechargeable Head Massager Eye Massager 2-in-1

PLEASE CHECK PICTURES AND READ THE DESCRIPTION THOROUGHLY BEFORE YOU BUY!Description: Brand: Breo Condition: Used - Some Scratch, More Detail show in the Picture. POWER ON Model: iDream 5 Head MassgeIMPORTANT: If details about an item are not listed or pictured in...

100% Authentic Breo iDream5 Head Eye Massager Helmet Massager OPEN BOX


Breo iDREAM5 Air Compression Eye and Head Massager

Item appears unused. Item is MISSING the earphones that are normally included(you can still use your own). Item was tested and works. Box was opened to inspect and test item. Box shows signs of wear(see pictures). Breo iDream5 Rechargeable Head Massager, Eye Massager...

Breo iDream5 Head Eye Massager Helmet Massager

Brand new open box for take a photo in the original retail packaging, never been used, it has plastic seal from factory, excellent condition, what you see is what you get. G5


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9 Reviews for Breo iDream5

  1. ian k

    This is pretty cool. It feels good but not $400 good. I returned it, I couldn’t justify that much money. I was hoping for better :/

  2. Tina

    I suffer from debilitating migraines with extreme neck pain. I was really hoping this would help, it didn’t. It just never fit correctly on me, I guess I have a smaller head and every time I used it, it fell down my face and wouldn’t stay on the pressure points. It didn’t hit the pressure points at all on my neck. There were only 2 modes you could use. Medium pressure with sound or hard pressure with no sound. They should give you the option of medium pressure with no sound and hard pressure with sound. If sound makes your migraines worse like me, then DO NOT get this. It had chimes in the sound and at first it was fine and then the chimes turned into high pitched sound and I couldn’t turn it off quick enough. It honestly made my head and neck worse. If you don’t have major problems with your head then it may be ok for you, it just didn’t help me. Thankfully Amazon took it back.

  3. Annie

    Be honest, I really enjoy using this product!!! i love its function and how it can be operated via App. I have to say it is so amazing. The breo APP is very simple and easy to use to turn on/off product once i connect it with bluetooth on my phone. Cuz i suffered from headache and sleeping probelm for several years, this product literally saves my life by relieving my headache and helping me sleep better. After i tried using this product every night before i go to sleep, i stopping taking malatonin and have a better quality of sleeping indeed!! Sometimes when I want to relieve my eye after a long sitting at desk, I would use this product to massage acupoints around eyes forehead. The funtion of its massgeing my acupoints is so great and always makes me relaxed!! Overall, i think anyone who wanna solve their sleeping probelms, headache, and even tired eyes can try this product and enjoy the magic it offers!

  4. L J.

    First of all, this is bulky and larger than we thought, so it is really not mean for travel use. I think they also offer a smaller eye massager for travel.I spent a lot of time in front of computer and that really hurt my eye, so we decide to invest some money on a good eye massager. This unit is pretty expensive compare to others but we kinda want a massager that does everything so we gave it a try.Never regert for most of the part, the eye portion was great, it comes with temperature control and music, 15 minute cycle is pretty long for me, so I usually stop after 5- 10 minutes. The head massager part was really helpful, really help relase the tension after work.some caveats, the music is kinda annoy and I hope to turn that off completely, the unit does comes with an app, but i don’t think it is useful.Overall, definitely worth the money.

  5. Charity

    It was easy to use. But the top head massager did not work. Also I did not like the eye massager. It was too much pressure even on the lower setting. I did not like it enough to keep it at the price I paid, so I returned it.

  6. Kevin

    Before I tried this head massager, I was a little skeptical when reading what other people said about this product and how incredible it felt, but I am definitely falling in love with this after using it. It’s very comfortable to wear this product and it is powerful enough to massage my muscles. With the built-in battery, I can move around when doing massage anywhere and anytime, not just sitting one place and can’t do anything. Also, it is so amazing to use the Breo APP to customize air pressure mode by switching them easily via my mobile phone. I am able to enjoy the music while doing the massage. Overall, I really love this massager. It is a very helpful tool to smooth my head, eyes, and scalp and improve my sleeping quality. I would recommend this massager to anyone with pain or just need to get some kinds of relief from headache or sleeping disorders.

  7. Sharon

    I purchased this 2 in 1 head and eye massager for myself. I work very long hours and I get a lot of headaches and stress. I heard from my friend that this massager relieves stress and helps her sleep better. She recommended this product and I’m glad I got it because makes me feel better when my headaches kick in. It comes with air pressure modes that I can adjust the intensity with and the temperature with. I can also listen to music while relaxing. It’s a perfect way to end my day.

  8. Crisp NYC

    Star product?The massager friends around me also, when I have a headache asked friends, they use what kind of massage device, and then went to check it, who knows this massager is an international brand, moment let me rest assured, one hundred times, immediately ordered the device on the net, after received the goods was surprised, very elegant design, can’t wait to have a try, really very comfortable, it was like someone was trying to help you massage head, secondly it is also equipped with, eye massager, alleviate eyestrain, enjoying the process of massage head, also can experience eye massage, awesome!Then I was on the Internet and saw that some of them were obviously using their products, and suddenly I felt like a star.

  9. Noisette

    Trop grand pour tour de tête 58.

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