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Jaybird Reign is an Advanced Active Fitness Recovery Band

Advanced Active recovery wearable. Recovery is a weapon. Reign knows how to Get you to your Max, and keep you there. Your fatigue and recovery cycles are the key to getting you on top of your game, and keeping you there.

  • Recovery is a weapon. Understanding your fatigue and recovery is the key to getting you to your max and crushing it. With Go-Zone you get a score each morning that tells you how ready your body is to be active, and how far you can confidently push yourself.
  • Reign understands your body’s fatigue and recovery by measuring your Heart Rate Variability (HRV), as well as your Activity and Sleep patterns.
  • Automatically recognizes and displays your day by activity and sport. A powerful motivator to see when and how you get more active over time.
  • Automatically recognizes your sleep and knows how much you need tonight to be fully rested and at your best tomorrow.
  • Lifetime Waterproof Warranty & 5 plus day battery.


Jaybird Reign fitness tracker watch small 563
NIB pls determine from pix what this is i dont know about it...
Jaybird Reign R1 Fitness & Activity Tracker, S/M, Charge/Green
Free shipping - lower 48 onlyretail packaging distressed
Jaybird Reign R1 Activity Tracker Black S/M Waterproof Wristband (NEW-SEALED)
Jaybird Reign R1 Activity Tracker Black S/M Waterproof Wristband (NEW-SEALED)
Jaybird Reign Advanced NIB Active Fitness Recovery Band - Black - S/M
5+day battery, waterproof/stainproof, activity, sport, sleep time and goal display


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Jaybird Reign Advanced Active Fitness Recovery Band - Black
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Jaybird ReignAdvanced Active Fitness Recovery Band - White - L/XL
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Jaybird ReignAdvanced Active Fitness Recovery Band - Charge - L/XL
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ActivityFitness, Running, Walking
ModelJaybird Reign
Country/Region of ManufactureUnited States
Bundle ListingNo
Jaybird Reign
released on November 10, 2015

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3 Reviews for Jaybird Reign

  1. EMTErin1075

    I love the Reign. I have had it for a little over a week now and it took some getting used to. I did try a fitbit prior to this and I was very unimpressed. It was basically an expensive pedometer. The Reign does much more with their HRV. It reads my sleep patterns, my morning heart rate to tell me how hard I should work, and even let’s me know how well I sleep. A couple things to know are that when you charge it, do it during the day, not overnight, it throws off your numbers. Also, you have to get in the habit of doing your Go-Zone first thing or it won’t read the rest of the day. I did order a S/M and I have thin wrists for a man, it is a bit tight. I will be searching to find extra bands for purchase separately. The wear is easy and comfortable though. It states that you should not wear it on your dominant hand or it could misconstrue your numbers. I typically wear a watch on my left wrist, therefore, I have to wear it on my dominant hand. I have not noticed much of a difference in the number it comes to though. I also love the fact that if it is not reading very well, Jaybird has already given suggestions to make it read better and they work. All in all, I am very satisfied and even happy with this purchase and I look forward to using the Reign constantly.

  2. Nonnie

    I bought this from Amazon based on all the 5 star reviews. I have been wearing it consistently for 11 days and following the instructions as noted in the on-line user guide videos. I am torn as to whether to give this 3 or 4 start. I ended up going with 4 stars because I have tried other trackers and the REIGN feature-set is hands above the other devices I have tried. For me it is the best choice available, today.PROSSIZING: Band design and fit is excellent. You are given 3 band lengths with every device, which ensure you will get the perfect custom fit. Before you buy, I strongly recommend you go the the Jaybird REIGN site’s FAQ pg for exact sizing info. http://www.jaybirdsport.com/static/img/reign/sizing-guide.jpgBe aware, you want to determine the side-to-side width across the TOP of your wrist, not the circumference of your wrist. The REIGN is a 2 piece band. The fit/width of the top piece is what determines which size to buy. You then customize your fit with the bottom band, which is provided in 3 lengths.SECURE: the magnetic locking mechanism ensures your band will never fall off. The design allows you to easily secure your band with one hand. Once it is magnetically secured, it will not come off until you manually disengage the magnets. Excellent design!COMFORT: Due to the lightweight, smooth silicone band, this is the MOST comfortable activity wearable I have ever tried. As a tech professional, I am typing on my keyboard all day long and cannot wear any watch-type devices or jewelry on my wrists. This is the 1st tracker device I have found that I can wear all day, every day. I barely notice it’s on my wrist. I wipe mine down with a damp cloth. I have had no irritation or discomfort. 5 stars!TRACKING: The REIGN will track data by specific activity, which you will not get with other devices. It detects Walking, Swimming, Biking, Running and General activity. In addition to the 3 silicone magnetic wrist bands, they provide 2 stretch style athletic bands and an ankle biking band. The STEP tracking is accurate for me ( Compared my data for a couple of days with a FitBit and Treadmill)SMART PHONE APP: The design of the SmartPhone app is a plus. The information provided is very good. In additional to your GoZone score, you are given 3 screens of data: Activity, Sleep and History. Each screen presents you with a Summary view and a Detail ‘Timeline’ view of that data.VISUAL FEEDBACK: The band itself provides visual indication of your progress towards your GoZone Goal via lights. Each light represents 9% of your goal. (Dont bother enabling the ‘Time’ feature. The lights flash for 1 second and is pretty much useless)CHARGING: Very easy to pop the device out of the band and charge on the charger that is included. Via USB cord, it can be charged thru your laptop or a plug, your choice. As stated, it takes about 3 hrs to initially charge. I pop mine onto the charger before I hop in the shower. Easy-peasy. Please note, if you lose the charger, you will have to buy a replacement since the charging doc is required.USER GUIDE: I recommend you watch the online User Guide videos AND read thru the entire list of FAQs prior to purchasing/using the REIGN. There is a lot of info in the FAQs that is not covered in the User Guide videos that you will want to be aware of. A nice feature is, the videos are also part of the SmartPhone app.HISTORY: the SmartPhone app. provides a History screen with Day, Week, Month & Year mode. Once you select your mode, you can then swipe thru by Day, Week, Month…… Very nice.PERSONALIZED: The REIGN definitely does ‘get to know you’. After the 1st week or so, the daily goal has adjusted, based on my history.CONS:GO ZONE: Upon waking up, you should be able to sync and log that day’s GO ZONE feedback in 2 minutes. I have owned the REIGN for 11 days and rarely have I been ale to get GO ZONE to completed on the 1st try. Once the REIGN device is Connected to the SmartPhone app. and I Start Go Zone, I often get error messages and have to Start again. These issues are definitely specific to the GO ZONE feature, as I do not get errors throughout the day when syncing. This is the key feature of the device, so I expect it to work without issue and not have to battle with it.SUPPORT: Unfortunately, I cannot give a good review on support. I sent a very detailed Email with screenshots from my SmartPhone listing the GoZone errors and Sleep monitoring issue I have experienced. The response I received was very friendly, however the only thing the reply told me was I could manually enter Sleep info in the app. There was no response to my detailed GoZone issues and questions.SUPPORT Review Update 12-29-2015: I received another reply from Jaybird Support addressing my specific concerns and questions. They have provided me with instructions of how to reset my Reign pod, indicating this may resolve my specific issues.READABILITY: I think the design of the app is great and it is easy to use. However, it is not so easy to read on your Smart Phone due to the funky color of the font (pale yellow-green) against a light grey background. It is not configurable. I understand these are the branded colors, but they do not lend themselves to readability on mobile devices.DASHBOARD: There is not an online Dashboard. Your data is only available via your SmartPhone app. I went to the website and attempted to login assuming there would be an online dashboard. The online login is a separate account and is for purchases, only. The other tracker devices I have used have online Dashboards and settings, which I deem as a plus.DATA SYNC: Data sync is on-demand, which preserves you SmartPhone battery (Yay!). However, for some reason, data for previous day(s) is not always shown in the app. Periodically, when you open the app on your phone, it will show all zero’s after syncing. I have not been able to detect a pattern. It is an intermittent issue that cannot be reproduced, on demand. The work-a-round is to close and reopen the app.TACTILE: Tapping the REIGN device 4 times does not active my lights. I have to rap it pretty hard, 8 to 12 times. I have mine set for progress feedback, only. The lights flash for 1 second. I would prefer a button that will allow me to quickly turn on the progress lights and turn them off when I release the button. ( If there were a manual button, the ‘Time’ feature may be of value).

  3. Maru Cheferrino

    Firstly let me get this outta the way, even though I’m loving my Reign device I will give it 4 stars because of two simple reasons: the magnetic band is prone to unlock easily when you’re putting on a sweater or long shirt so you can lose your device if you’re not careful and the other reason is that there is no measure of swimming distance. The reason I mention these points is to make the manufacturer (should they ever pay any attention to Amazon feedback) work in correcting them. In fact I lost my first device on the third day I’d been wearing it: during an airplane flight as I struggled to get the correct number of layers of clothes for the temperature, I managed to pull out my device and lose it. I was liking the Reign so much that I had to buy a second one right away, and I’m glad I did, but I hope others don’t have to go through that. The magnetic band is very sleek and clever, but it’s fragile in that sense. As for swimming distance I thought it would calculate it like it does running distance, but later I learned that it doesn’t calculate distance based on GPS positioning. It uses an estimate of your running stride to come up with an approximation for your run, which is pretty accurate by the way, although I’m still to test it against my running GPS. This means that it would be hardly accurate when trying to apply that same principle to swimming stroke, as people have a lot more disparities in theit swimming stroke length and efectiveness as compared to running stride. Other than that Reign is very nice and informative. I specially enjoy the sleep tracking feature, I like to learn how much I’m sleep, but before using Reign I was never sure, I kept forgetting the exact time I went to bad, and I was never sure at what precise time I entered sleeping state. With Reign you get the complete picture and it’s been very very precise. The Go Zone is amazing because it really seems to work and now I don’t have to come up with excuses not to exercise when I’m feeling tired, I mean, the device will tell me when I should feel tired and I prefer to listen to it, so if it says I’m fatigued I just skip the exercises for the day and enjoy a lazy time, whereas when it tells me I’m fully charged I make plans to sweat it out. Perhaps the best feature is that you don’t need to do nothing. No buttons, no recording, no adjustments. Just wear it and it will know what you’re doing! Oh yeah and it’s a cool watch too!!

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