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SMS Audio Bio Sport Biometric Wired in-Ear Headphones with Heart Rate Monitor

SMS Biosport Earphones – BLUEFeel the Music – Professionally tuned 12mm drivers to deliver crisp vocals,tight bass and dynamic mid-tones. This is studio mastered sound on the go.Lose the Strap – Now you can track your heart rate while listening to your favorite tracks without an uncomfortable strap or multiple devices.Dive In – SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds are IPx4 rated for resistance to sweat and water.Throw out the Batteries – The 3.5 mm gold-plated audio jack delivers all the power you’ll ever need for biometric monitoring. There is nothing to replace or recharge.Track Results – SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds are compatible with major fitness apps, so you can stay in shape and on track. Such as Run Keeper.

  • The powered by intel combines studio mastered sound with accurate biometric monitoring creating the ideal training partner
  • A heart rate monitor and is IPX4 rated for sweat and water protection
  • Get your heart racing and measure every beat with the SMS audio wired in-ear headphones
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Merging premier sound quality with the latest in fitness-monitoring biometrics technology
  • Protective carrying case
  • 3 sizes of ear gels


SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Only Headphones - Blue
I received these as a gift and never used them. They have been sitting in a drawer. The wrapping at the top of the box was damaged when I opened them. Please see pictures. Please check out my other listings!! I am a smoke free pet friendly environment. Happy Shopping!!
SMS Audio BioSport Wired In-Ear Headphones with Heart Monitor - Blue
SMS Audio Biosport earbuds. Complete new retail package. Heart rate sensor function requires smart phone app.
New SMS Audio BioSport Biometric Wired In-Ear Headphones With Heart Rate Monitor
New SMS Audio BioSport Biometric Wired In-Ear Headphones With Heart Rate Monitor. Condition is New. Description Ear optical heart rate sensor yellow health and fitness, communication water resistant. The powered by intel combines studio mastered sound with accurate biometric monitoring creating...
SMS Audio BioSport Earbud - Black/Gray
SMS Audio BioSport Earbud - Black/Gray PRODUCT DESCRIPTION FREE SHIPPING ✔️Biometric Earbud with heart rate monitor ✔️Professionally tuned 12mm drivers deliver tight bass and dynamic mid-tones. ✔️No need for uncomfortable straps or multiple devices. ✔️IPX4 rated for resistance to sweat and water....


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SMS Audio Bio Sport Biometric Wired in-Ear Headphones with Heart Rate Monitor, Black/Grey
in stock
3 new from $24.00
as of February 24, 2021 5:30 pm
SMS Audio Bio Sport Biometric Wired in-Ear Headphones with Heart Rate Monitor, Yellow
in stock
3 new from $20.00
as of February 24, 2021 5:30 pm
Free shipping
SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Wired Ear Bud With Heart Monitor
in stock
as of February 24, 2021 5:30 pm
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// Specifications

Country/Region of ManufactureChina
Earpiece DesignEarbud (In Ear)
SMS Audio BioSport Earbud
released on September 11, 2016

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24 Reviews for SMS Audio BioSport Earbud

  1. Maxim Vlasov

    If you are using run keeper – ok. But anyway bulky, doesn’t work with some application – I’m using Pear Sport (((Now have to buy new headset from other manufacrurer

  2. Jeanne Roberts

    heart rate monitor doesnt work at all, app says connected, bluetooth says connected…but no heart rate. Contacted by email the company as they requested if there is any problem, but they just emailed back wanting a phone call. no time for that. Husband is the one that wanted them, and doesnt feel the heart rate monitor is as big a deal and waterproof sound (its only been a week) but he’s happy so far there, and I didnt pay the original 100+ tag on them, so 3 stars for he got what he wanted at what I would normally pay for sports water resistant buds, but bad advertising.

  3. Escrimeur

    These are decent headphones and do seem to do a reasonable job of measuring the heart rate. They now (6-15-16) only work with iSmoothRun if you are using an ipod or iphone (costs $5), but since they are available for $35 it is by far the cheapest way to get your heart rate – particularly if you needed a pair of headphones anyway… Probably wouldn’t make as much sense at the original list price of $150, though!

  4. discountoutletmart

    I use these when biking off road and the sound quality is amazing. The built in heart rate monitor is unique to any other earbuds I have ever saw for sale. The heart rate monitor is a very useful tool for biking, running or jogging. You will love them!

  5. integrity101-101

    The sound quality of these earbuds is comparable to earbuds selling for up to $200.00. The built in heart rate monitor is an added bonus! These earbuds are compatible with most major android & Apple apps and the IPX4 rating makes them resistant to sweat and water. The best investment in earbuds I ever made!

  6. Felix Ocana

    The HRM only works with an app on iPhone called ismoothrun ($5). It’s otherwise a solid pair of headphones for a ridiculously low price (currently $8). Good sound, sweat proof, no real bass but not many earbuds do bass all that well anyways, except Bose and Sony in my experience. For those who don’t know, SMS seems to have discontinued this line of headphones, so they don’t have the support from run keeper that the box says they do. You won’t find a better headset for this price and for $5 you can use them with the only app they work with if you have iPhone, so it’s still just $13 for all the features of this HRM wired headset.

  7. bigwin

    The only thing good about this is the fit. It stays in your ear good. The sound make this headphone Bad! Sound worst than the free headphone they provide in a plane. I bought this cause of the price, i think it was 16 when I got it.

  8. Damzlfly

    I almost feel like a fraud when I wear these earbuds. This couch spud work out? Please! But they are useful on short walks I take to meetings in others buildings. It encourages me to walk more as an excuse to listen to my audio books.The sound quality is good, and the in-ear fit is exceptional. Its minimalist design not only allows for unimpeded movement, but prevents the wearer from looking like an absolute dork like headphones or the earbuds with a giant plastic yoke.Vanity rules all.

  9. WN2

    Great sound but could have used some controls on the wire.

  10. Newtronic

    Fortunately I did not pay the list price of $150. It was being sold for $20. It is not worth $20. I was unable to get the heart rate monitor function to work. I was using an iPhone 6 which is on the list of supported devices. The manual explains to use RunKeeper however when you go to their website, it explains RunKeeper no longer works but rather you should use iSmoothRun. I couldn’t get that to work either.Maybe I got a bad device, but the manual tells you absolutely nothing about how to adjust anything to improve heart rate monitoring. The manual has one sentence about what to do if it doesn’t work. “Make sure the switch is in the right position and it’s plugged in”. Worthless.Poor design guided them to something that you can’t tell if the flaw is in the little rubber ears that allegedly measure the HR or if the flaw is in the connection between the phone and the earplugs.

  11. Ahad

    Good product sounds good very tight fit in the ear with different sizes to fit all and nice packaging.

  12. M

    Horrible quality for such a high end price, the infamous heart rate sensor doesn’t even work. Neither does the microphone. Audio is barely noticeable

  13. Oscar Romero

    Item is great for the price, premium set of earbuts cost around $70, this buds easily out perform in sound most premium headphones out there, for running app Just get the right app for it, it is compatible with many apps (you don’t have to stick to one app) it requires no batteries, it have intel chip inside, its sweet/water resistant, and it have heart monitor. In my opinion this buds are great.

  14. Jen J

    Terrible to use while talking but good for music.

  15. S. Shearston

    They just don’t work. Get a cheap Chinese BLE heart rate monitor instead. Even if they did work, they are uncomfortable, sound horrible and cannot detect heart rate whilst listening to music at the same time.

  16. Glenharon

    Bought for my daughters F.I.L’s christmas present as he is a keep fit buff that has taken up running in his 50’s to keep fit (silly old goat)

  17. Thomas Manzo

    Sound quality not as good as other headphones around same price

  18. Charlie Guzmon

    Perfect pair of headphones for working out!

  19. k00lbr33ze

    WORTHLESS, don’t waste your time & $ on these. I wouldn’t have minded keeping these as backup but audio quality sucked & I couldn’t use these to make phone calls.

  20. Michael Lopez

    Bad made pc gave me wrong product and I’m angry give me my refund


    I have not used these for my BP yet but if you get used to the way that the buds are noise cancelling and hold within the ear. Great mic / great length in cord – (aux) -will try BP feature soon. Less bass than Beats but still gets very loud – you don’t need behind the ear holders with these .

  22. Al Love

    I ordered these because of the heart rate monitor advertised. The problem I had was the app they say that is required for an Iphone (IOS) called “RunKeeper” does not recognize the headphones. Itunes works fine for music and the sound quality is just OK. I haven’t tried the mic for phone calls yet.. I have other Headphones (earphones) that work for music so don’t really need these if the heart rate monitor can’t be used.

  23. La Tasha

    Great sounds for the price. Just wouldn’t stay in my ears after changing to a smaller ear gel.

  24. A T S

    Great sound but gets uncomfortable in my ear. Too big for me,1 size, can’t adjust.

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SMS Audio BioSport Earbud