Intel Working on a Smart Shirt That Tracks Emotions and Vitals 1

Intel Working on a Smart Shirt That Tracks Emotions and Vitals


For all of this talk of wearable technology, the ‘wearable’ aspect usually comes in one of a handful of varieties. There are smart watches, sure, which go on your wrist. The same can be said of fitness tracking armbands and the like. There are also plenty of tech-heavy eyewear devices, like Google’s Glass and the Oculus Rift. But what of actual clothing? Where are the smart shirts and smart shorts? They are around. We’ve written about plenty of promising tech on that fronts throughout the years, however none of the bigwig companies have jumped on board and tried to claim market share, until now.

Intel is on to the wearable technology craze in a big way. You may remember Intel from making every computer chip ever made, but they are glomming on to making smart shirts.  Intel’s CEO recently announced a forthcoming smart shirt that was packed to the gills with sensors that monitor nearly every aspect of your health, from your vital signs to your emotional states. Of course, this information can then be beamed to your smartphone, tablet or what have you. A shirt that tracks vitals seems much more convenient then an armband, considering you have to wear a shirt(and shoes) to get service at most businesses. The shirt is powered via battery. This battery doesn’t like to get so you’d be tasked with removing it before doing laundry. If you break it, you buy it.

There has been no word on branding, pricing or availability, although the company seemed to indicate that these shirts would become available for purchase as soon as this summer, which starts pretty dang soon.

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