This Biometric Shirt Analyzes How You Are Breathing


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We all wear shirts once in a while, even if we like to hang out shirtless on the beach playing a pair of annoying bongos. However, we can beat that most of the shirts you wear are not embedded with awesome sensors that keep track of your vitals. That’s the promise of wearable technology. It won’t be too long until every shirt, and pants, we own will be embedded with a variety of sensors that let us do just about anything we can think of. In the meantime, here is a really cool t-shirt that keeps track of our breathing.

This biometric shirt by OMsignal promises to reinvent what shirts do in modern life, being as how most shirts just kinda lay there on your chest not doing much of anything at all(besides saving you the spectacle of everyone seeing you shirtless.) Their innovative design essentially keeps track of your breathing and beams this information to your smartphone where it can be perused with glee. This is great news for asthmatics or hypochondriacs. It’s also great news for people wondering when our clothes will be able to act as our doctor. The time is soon.

This is available for mail order now, at the steep price of two hundred bucks. Also, ladies, you are out of luck. Upon launch, only men’s sizes will be available. We’ll let you know when the fairer sex can also get their breathing analyzed. Hopefully it won’t be too long because of that whole, uh, 51 percent of the population thing.

Features: Health Monitoring

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