This Pocket-Sized Scanner is a Real Life Tricorder


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There is a whole lot of stuff out there in the world. There are foods, of which the kinds are legion. There are various metals and plastics. There are bizarre chemicals that can turn you into ninja turtles. There are, uh, radioactive spiders that can turn you into a man with the power of a spider. How are we supposed to keep track of it all? There’s just so much stuff! luckily, the wearable technology industry is on it, finally creating something that science fiction has long predicted, an actual working tricorder.

The tricorder, for newbies, is a staple of the Star Trek series. The device is used to scan objects to know what exactly they are. That’s exactly what the forthcoming SCiO scanner does. All you do is hold is in front of something you want to scan and it will tell you exactly what it is you are looking at. It’s a lot more than that even. It’ll tell you what ingredients are in a particular food dish along with calories and other odds and ends. It will also tell you what makes up a particular plastic or composite material. It can even tell counterfeit money from real money and real leather from fake leather. The future is here people!

Of course, something this amazing and pocket-friendly, has to have a downside. This downside? It’s not available yet. The makers have taken to kickstarter to raise finishing funds, of which they are doing gangbusters. You can preorder your own for around $199. That’s not a bad deal actually.


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