This Tech-Heavy Pill Actually Vibrates in Your Body 1

This Tech-Heavy Pill Actually Vibrates in Your Body


Wearable technology seems to advance at such a rapid clip that its hard to even keep pace anymore. You know what doesn’t seem to be advancing at such a rapid clip, however? Medicine. Doesn’t it seem that the very same treatments you underwent when you were a kid are the exact same treatments you undergo now? If you are depressed, take the same pills that we prescribed to your parents in 1970 that only work thirty percent of the time. Have a bad back? Go learn how to exercise better, or something. In any event, I am always on the lookout for when the forward thinking of wearable tech intersects with the medical community. Here is one such interaction now.

This pill, which was developed by researchers in Israel, doesn’t actually contain any medicine. Well, what good is it then? It does, however, contain a tiny motor. This tiny motor causes the pill to vibrate at will. These vibrations turned out to be one heck of a treatment for those suffering from digestion issues. I think it’s a pill version of the old “blow on the cartridge” Nintendo trick. In any event, the uses for incontinence are very clear and it probably won’t be long until we all have vibrating pills floating around our innards.

The inventors of this wild pill have not indicated if it was a single use pill or if it would have to be swallowed over and over again to get the desired effect. Here is hoping it is the former, because swallowing pills can get annoying. There is Netflix to watch and massive burritos to eat, after all.


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