Segway Inventor Creates Innovative Prosthetic Arm 1

Segway Inventor Creates Innovative Prosthetic Arm


Remember the Segway? Once upon a time, it was a mysterious object that was purported to change the world. Well, the world was not changed, by that device anyways. Segways went on to become a pretty great recurring joke in arrested development, also existing as something for that one weird dude to ride around in around your home town. In other words, they weren’t exactly successful. However, the technology is sound and pretty darned cool. It’s just that the world wasn’t ready to give up their cars, especially in america. The inventor of said device, however, is back with another potentially game changing device.

Segway creator Dean Kamen is back with the DEKA arm system, also known as the Luke arm system(Empire Strikes Back, ya’ll.) this astounding cybernetic device can make those who have lost hands or arms live almost as though that unfortunate event never happened. The whole thing works via EMG sensors, allowing the wearer to operate the arm via imperceptible muscle clenches and subtle body shifts. This, astute readers may notice, is very similar to how the Segway works. These sensors can be placed just about anywhere on the body.

This tech is pretty far out, admittedly. However, it’s not as far off as you would think. The FDA just approved it for sale and now the company is looking for a partner to start mass production. Here’s to hoping this will start showing up in doctor’s office as a viable option for amputees before too long.


Technologies: Bionics
Tags: fda, prosthetic arm, segway

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