Uniqlo Creates App That Lets You Design Your Own Clothing


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How many times has this happened to you? You are scouring the world or a shirt that has, say, a pizza slice smoking a cigarette on it. You look at every clothing boutique you can reach by rail, automobile or foot. You peruse the Internet with reckless abandon. You give up after weeks of fruitless labor and eventually settle on a shirt that just has a dog with dread locks on it. That is no good! Thankfully the savior known as wearable technology can work both ways. It can allow us to do greater things with the clothes we own, sure, but it can also allow us to get the clothes we want in new and innovative ways.

Popular Japanese clothing manufacturer Uniqlo has just unveiled a downloadable app that lets you design pretty much any t-shirt you want, smoking pizza slices included. The UTme! app is on both Android and iOS allows you to create shirts using drawings, text and photos. Of course, there are some limitations when it comes to photos due to copyright concerns and all of that nonsense. Even with those, however, you can make just about anything your heart desires. A pizza slice smoking a cigarette would be, to quote a very wise man, easy peasy. Also, it must be noted that Uniqlo effectively owns any design you upload so don’t go around making shirts of those cartoon characters you’ve been pitching to television networks.

The shirts end up running around $20, which isn’t so bad for a custom design. However, for now, the app is only available across the pond in merry old Japan. We’ll let you know when you can get your hands on it here.


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