Guy Makes Real-Life Wolverine Claws and Magneto Boots


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Every kid wants to be their favorite superhero. Some kids want to be Superman, flying high above the skies and being faster than locomotives or whatever. Some kids want to be Spiderman, swinging from rooftop to rooftop and snarking merrily at street thugs. Of course, some kids want to be any myriad of Marvel’s favorite mutants, the X-Men. Wolverine is a particular favorite, with his retractible Adamantium claws and totally cool attitude. Sometimes villain Magneto is also a common favorite. The dude controls metal for God’s sake! Well, one industrious guy has made himself to be both Wolverine and Magneto using the magic of wearable technology. You are very welcome, eleven year old me.

Colin Furze built himself real life Wolverine claws that extend and retract just like the real thing(not out of his skin, however.) Sure, they aren’t made from Adamantium but they are made from sturdy metal and could probably rip apart a thug or two, were they called to do so. They even create sparks when rubbed together, which by my estimation is pretty bad-ass. The only downside to Furze’s Wolverine claws is that they require a backpack with an air tank and valves in order to work. That’s kind of an aesthetics bummer but I’m sure he can work around it.

Colin wasn’t done there, however. He also created magnetized boots so he could walk on the ceiling like his villainous hero Gandalf Magneto. Using microwave transformers to create a series of ultra-song electron magnets, he turned an ordinary pair of Vans sneakers into magnetic shoes, able to attach to metal strips on the ceiling allowing Furze to walk upside down. Sure, they may not actually control metal but that isn’t possible(yet.) He did the next best thing. We’ll let you know when Colin Furze is able to read people’s minds or control the weather.

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