Wearhaus Headphones Could Let You Share Music With People Nearby 1

Wearhaus Headphones Could Let You Share Music With People Nearby


Music used to be a very personal thing. You’d boot up your compact disc player or early age MP3 player, walk around town(or lay in bed) and jam whatever tunes were blowing your mind that week. A lot has changed since those innocent days. Now, like your garden variety STD, everything must be shared. Social networks, and established giants like Facebook, have propped up to allow us to let other people know what we are listening to and giving them the opportunity to listen as well. Yay! But what if that technology advanced even further, allowing us to instantly beam songs to people who were near us at any given moment. Get ready. That future is nearly upon us.

Introducing Wearhaus, an idea to embed headphones with social linking right from the get go. This concept first starts with a pair of headphones, named Arc. These headphones are outfitted with all manner of state of the art technology, including the ability to beam songs(or have songs beamed) from headphone to headphone in a constant orchestra of sharing. And as well know, sharing is equal to caring. The idea behind this is sound. Imagine going to a crowded place and being able to pick up dozens or more different music streams going on at any given time in any number of people walking near you. Of course, these headphones have to get huge marketing penetration before anything like that would happen.

Wearhaus Arc headphones haven’t begun shipping yet. As a matter of fact the creators of said devices have started a campaign to raise finishing funds. You can donate here and preorder your very own pair for around $150. That’s not a big price to pay to be able to shame your friends when they listen to bad music around you.


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