HeadWatch is a Bluetooth Smartwatch You Wear on Your Head(Really) 1

HeadWatch is a Bluetooth Smartwatch You Wear on Your Head(Really)


If you read this blog often, or even today, you have no doubt noticed the amount of coverage we have been given to the smartwatch. We assure you, we are not part of the smartwatch lobby(which probably doesn’t exist.) However, we are dedicated to bringing you all of the news thats fit to digitally print regarding wearable technology. As it so happens lately, much of that news is smartwatch related. Just about every company in the world is hopping aboard the smartwatch train, each vying for precious real estate on your wrist. Well, here is one that is vying for precious real estate on your head.

Introducing the HeadWatch, the smartwatch that treats your head as if it was a wrist. No, this isn’t some kind of early April Fool’s joke. It’s a real and forthcoming device. Essentially it’s a smartwatch mixed with a Bluetooth headset. It sits in your ear, much like said headset, but it delivers the kinds of information to you that only smartwatches can deliver(well, and phones but we won’t go there.) It’s an Android-based, touchscreen smartwatch that also comes with some new bells and whistles like the ability to tell the temperature. The item can be worn in your ear, as indicated above, but it can also be worn as a watch. So whatever your flavor, you’ll be sure to be able to receive text messages with the best of them.

The HeadWatch isn’t out yet. If you want to preorder one, you’ll have to ‘head’ over to their Indiegogo page where they are seeking a whopping $300,000 to finish funding.

Features: Bluetooth

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