These Bone-Conducting Headphones Last a While on One Charge


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One of the originators of wearable technology has to be headphones. Can you think of anything before we had the ability to magically listen to music as we wandered around doing our errands. OK, maybe the watch and the pocket watch and eyeglasses and all of that. But still, headphones were way early. Sony Walkman baby. In any event, we are always happy to report on any innovations in this arena as, surprise surprise, we still listen to music(you probably do too.) So here is a new pair of headphones that are pretty spiffy, if we do say so ourselves and we do because this is our blog.

Damson, who are not exactly newbs in the world of headphones, have just unveiled their appropriately and cheesily named Headbones. Why on earth would they be named that? Are they made from the skeleton of Chester Copperpot?! No, they are what is known as bone-conducting headphones, which conduct sound through our very bones. This is a neat process as it usually saves on the energy consuming, giving these ‘bones’ a nice long play session on one charge. 12 hours or so. They also let you wirelessly interact with your phone, if you are into yelling at people as you walk around.

Of course, something with such a bizarre name such as Headbones there would have to be a catch. That catch? They aren’t out yet. They aren’t even funded. The company has taken to Kickstarter to gather said funding. You can pre-order a pair of your own for around $128 or so. Be fast, however. Those pre-orders seem to be going fast. Everybody loves a pun, it seems.

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