Earin Are the World's Smallest Wireless Earbuds 1

Earin Are the World’s Smallest Wireless Earbuds


Let’s be real here. We all enjoy listening to music. Sure, we don’t all enjoy buying music but that is another story for another day. Listening to it? One of the best things of all time. However, we don’t enjoy cords, and for good reason. They are annoying as all get out. Thus, a sector of the wearable technology industry has been devoting itself to creating wireless headphones. First it was actual cans and now the technology has moved over to earbuds. After all, nobody likes wearing big old cans while jogging. Here is another pair of wireless earbuds, with a neat ‘little’ hook. That hook? Well, they happen to be really little.

The Earin earbuds are tiny, just simply miniscule. These adorable lil buds are no slouch in the music playing department, however. Each and every fact of Earin has been designed to give the best music listening experience it can give. The buds have no added functionality, like a microphone or anything else. They simply play music and they do it well. As far as the wireless capabilities go. They work with any Bluetooth-enabled device and offer a good five hours or so on one charge. Yay, music!

If you go looking for these in your nearest wireless earbud store, however, you’ll be plum out of luck. They aren’t out yet, ya dingus! You can pre-order your very own pair on their Kickstarter page, though. The cost? Around $200, which doesn’t sound so bad given their utter portability. You’ll feel like a total boob if you lose them though.



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