Finally You Can Jam Music Through Your Hoodie 1

Finally You Can Jam Music Through Your Hoodie


It may be summer now but, if history serves as any indication, that won’t always be the case. Before too long, it’ll be fall and then that mysterious country known as winter. During the chillier months you are going to end up outside for extended periods of time and you are more than likely going to be bored. That’s where music comes in. However, wearing a jacket with a hoodie attachment and headphones at the same time can be a trial in frustration. Either the headphones feel too snug or the hoodie keep falling off. It’s enough to give up on the whole operation altogether. Don’t! We may have a solution for you.

Here is BetaBrand’s just announced Audio Engineer jacket. It uses a technology that allows you to quite literally listen to music through the jacket, thus allowing for comfortable and seamless tune-age. The hoodie part is actually made from the same material that makes up the exterior of high quality speakers, so all you do is plug the phones around it and you are good to go. Your ears won’t miss one second of the aural action. It’s also great for fooling people into thinking you are a little bit off. That guy wears his headphones outside of his hoodie, they’ll say.

The Audio Engineer jacket is available for preorder via a recently successful crowdfunding campaign. You can get your ears on one for the low, low price of $142 and change. Headphones sold separately.


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