This Little Bluetooth Speaker Fits Snugly in Your Pocket 1

This Little Bluetooth Speaker Fits Snugly in Your Pocket


Just a few years ago, Bluetooth speakers were either unheard or gigantic monstrosities that sounded like crap. Nowadays, however, you can barely tell the difference between a Bluetooth speaker and a wired speaker. This is fantastic news for me, as I am deathly afraid of cords, wires and, especially, tangled cords and wires. In addition to sounding great, Bluetooth speakers also keep shrinking. Just how small can these little bad boys get? Well, here is a teeny tiny Bluetooth speaker that fits snugly in your pants pocket like it aint no thang. Well, would you look at that.

NudeAudio ironically brings us a Bluetooth speaker that cannot be safely carried around while nude called the Super-M. This super small speaker can fit in your pants pocket, pocketbook, or anywhere else on your person. It produces big sound, thanks to an advanced Bluetooth 4.0 chipset. Also, it’s completely waterproof and sandproof. You know what that means. That’s right. Everybody lets pack it up and get to the local landfill! Wait a minute. No I meant beach! It can also be used as a speakerphone, in case you want to converse with sharks before they eat you. Finally, the battery life clocks in at a more than respectable eight hours on a single charge. Nice.

The Super-M isn’t available on super store shelves at the moment. It’s still in the funding phase. To that end, point your web browser to this little fundraising website we’ve never, ever mentioned before on this blog called Kickstarter. You can preorder your very own unit for around $79. Here’s a review of the not-so-super-but-still-cool regular M Bluetooth speaker.

Features: Bluetooth, Rugged
Technologies: Audio
Tags: NudeAudio, Super-M

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