Fitbit Turns Activity Trackers Into Snazzy Jewelry


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The main problem with this glut of activity trackers that keep coming out is they can’t be worn around our necks like fancy jewelry. What is an activity tracker that has to stay tethered our wrists? That’s right. It’s a prisoner! It’s about time some forward-thinking tech-company did something about this and used their considerable muscle to put the je’ne se quoi back in the world of fitness tracking. Luckily, one company is working on it and they just happen to be one of the luminaries of the fitness tracking industry.

Fitbit, who you may remember from making an absolute buttload of fitness trackers, are back with a rather unique spin on the entire trend. Their new line of accessories teams up with accessory manufacturer Tory Burch to put the fashion into vitals tracking. The line is called Tory Burch and contains everything from a dazzling looking necklace to a dazzling looking armband(that is more dazzling than your garden variety Fitbit armband.) The line includes a pendant, a necklace and an armband, or as fashionistas call it, a bracelet. As far as functionality goes, it uses the same technology as their usual trackers, so one can expect to have a fully featured experience.

Pricing and availability? You wanna talk about pricing and availability? OK, here goes. These snazzy little doodads will cost you around $195 and they are available right now. Go get em, tiger!



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