This Big Ole Ring Uses Bluetooth to Connect to Your Smartphone


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If you liked it then, a wise lady once sang, you should have put a ring on it. If you liked it and you wanted it to use Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone in order to give you pertinent information, well then you my friend should have absolutely put a ring on it. In this world of smart watch domination, there are still niches left to fill for wearable products that interact with your phone in the same way as smartwatches but for people who just don’t like wearing a watch. If you are a lady and you happen to like gaudy costume jewelry,  then boy do we have the product for you.

It’s adorably called Ringly and, you guessed it, it is a ring that uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone in order to hand out pertinent information. Created by a former eBay designer, Ringly works with both Android and iOS(sorry Microsoft users.) What kind of information can it access? A whole bunch of it actually, from incoming texts, calls emails and other goodies. It lets you know you should probably check out your phone via a slight vibration and a flashing light on its side. It’ll be hard to miss considering you’ll be wearing it on your finger.

You can pre-order them starting today for $145. That goes for most of the colors although the emerald green version kicks the price up to $180. Emerald green why you so fancy? You think you better than us?!

Features: Bluetooth, Mobile Integration
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