This Cloak Will Make it so Your Phone Signal Cannot be Tracked 1

This Cloak Will Make it so Your Phone Signal Cannot be Tracked


It’s a crying shame that our wearable technology world doesn’t allow more room for the humble and majestic cloak. Aside from the occasional foray into the vaporware known as the invisibility cloak, we don’t seem to hear too much from these helpful and colorful pieces of knitted fabric. That may change soon, however, as inventors realize that the size and scope of the cloak means it can pretty much be or do anything you want.  Case in point? Here is a cloak that works to quite literally do its namesake on your phone signal. In other words, it cloaks your dang phone signal.

The CHBL Jammer Coat does exactly what its name surmises. It jams stuff. What does it jam? Well, it doesn’t do too much to turn signals, or peanut butter, but it does do a very handy job on phone signals. If you are making a call, or receiving a call, while underneath the gentle splendor of this cloak, you will be nearly impossible to track. That’s right. Neither friend nor foe will be able to track or listen in on that phone call. So, yeah, that’s when you should order those dirty magazines you’ve been eyeing at the local gas station(Come on, it’s 2014.)

It uses metallic fibers to stop said radio waves from coming and/or going(whichever you are more into.) Sadly, no matter which you are into you won’t be able to buy this anytime soon. The Jammer Coat is strictly a prototype item, albeit a rather nice looking one. We’ll let you know more on this as it develops.




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