Google Plans Gadget-Spanning Fitness Platform 1

Google Plans Gadget-Spanning Fitness Platform


At it’s last big press conference, Apple ‘shocked’ the world by announcing their inevitable fitness platform, which would one day hope to include their forthcoming smartwatch in addition to their pre-existing suite of phones and tablets. However, since then people have been wondering when Google would follow suit. After all, they already have invested heavily in wearable technology, kickstarting the entire craze pretty much with their oft-loved, oft-ridiculed Glass eyewear device. Well, guess what? You don’t have to wait any longer. Google Fit is coming and it is coming soon to whip you your paltry bod into shape.

The company hasn’t formally announced Google Fit yet, however the tea leaves are on the floor, as they say. The service will collect and aggregate information from Google-centric mobile devices. All of the information from a variety of third party applications will be combined into one centralized Google Fit application, which is extremely similar to how Apple’s fitness hub seems to work. This being Google, it’s also an open platform, meaning developers can easily change the information that is collated on the fly, giving the system a great amount of flexibility. Let’s here it for health. Viva la, uh, health? Ugh, never mind. I’m tired and am going to go eat a chimichanga pizza(that’s exactly what it sounds like.)

Forbes has announced that this service will be appearing soon, but being as how the big G hasn’t formally spoken out on the matter we are willing to bet “soon” constitutes a couple of months. Although, knowing Google, they’d like to get it into the hands of the public well before Apple has had a chance to drop their own.

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